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[Spoilers Season 8] Was Jaime's fate planned?

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So a lot of us were disappointed that Jaime didn't kill Cersei and fulfill the valonqar part of the prophecy. But I think this was something that was genuinely planned for more than three years and not an ass-pull like Sansa's wedding night or Arya killing the Night King. When Maggy's prophecy is heard in Season 5, the part about the "valonqar" choking the life from Cersei is omitted, which means they weren't intending for Cersei to be killed by any of her brothers.


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I once read a really good piece about why Jaime being the valonqar would throw away his character development, rather than complete it, and it fundamentally changed my opinion on the valonqar. Jaime killing Cersei would be him reverting to anger and violence, and essentially taking on the role of a spurned lover who attacks his girlfriend after she tries to leave him. Now that we know what happens between Jon and Dany, I'm much more certain that Jaime won't kill Cersei, since I don't think George would use that plot point twice. (I'm still not sold on them dying together, however).

If Tyrion is the valonqar, I'm wondering if the prophecy is a lot more symbolic than we had realized. For instance, maybe Tyrion urges Dany to burn King's Landing in the books, and Cersei suffocates on the smoke, which would be the equivalent of him "wrapping his hand around her throat and choking her."

Here's the essay I was talking about: https://weirwoodleviathan.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/fear-and-loathing-in-house-lannister/

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