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The winds of winter predictions

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The wall

1) Jon Snow stays dead, castle black falls into anarchy crasters keep style. Chaos at castle black

2) Mel flees to the Nightfort with shireen and her court. 

3) Bran continues his training beyond the wall. He goes further north than anyone and finds out the secret of the others. 

4) Bran flees the cave as the others attack and goes to the nightfort to warn the defenders. 

5) The wall falls, Mel flees South. Deaths of shireen bran etc. 

The north

1) Stannis executes theon , wins winterfell finds mance rayder in it. Chaos at winterfell. 

2) Davos arrives at winterfell with rickon. Further chaos at winterfell. 

3) Mel arrives at winterfell to warn whoever is is in charge.but he do not heed her warning. She flees further south to kings landing. 

4) Fall of winterfell. Deaths of asha, rickon davos.etc.

The riverlands and the vale

1) Jaime is dead, killed bby stoneheart. Brienne is again serving her. 

2) Arya gets an assingment with the bwb at harrenhall. She goes to meet them there. 

3) Littlefinger gets sansad married to harry the heir at harrenhall. The brotherhood and arya attack there.

4) Red wedding 2.0, deaths of brienne, sansa stoneheart, arya littlefinger etc. Chaos in the riverlands

5) The others invade, enough said. 

Kings landing

1) Cersei gets back in power continues her catastrophic reign. 

2) The sand snakes arrive with myrcella and immediately start plotting. 

3) Aegon, now married to arianne arrives at kings landing and captures it. Jon(The only pov who is named Jon now) goes insane after the bells are rung. 

4) Sack of kings landing. Margaery is killed. Myrcella is stabbed half a hundred times. Tommen's head is thrown against a wall and smashed as cersei watches before being raped and murdered. Chaos at kings landing. 

5) The other invade fall of kings landing. Deaths of aegon, arianne, Jon etc



1) Sam finds out and keeps studying in the citadel finding out about the alchemists true motives. 

2) Eurons attack on oldtown turns out to be a feint and he captures highgarden instead. Chaos in the reach. 


1) Barristan, vicatrion and the shavepate win the battle. 

Rest is unpredictable what do you think

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