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TWOW - Victarion I

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Hi, I have been away from the forums for an age, but have buried my head in some Winds chapters again recently.

Is there an official, complete chapter (or audio/video) anywhere out there of Victarion I?

In particular, the piece must contain what happens after Moqorro states:

Moqorro’s dark eyes seemed to shine. “I see dragons.”

I have read second hand accounts of further moments, where after being bled by the Dusky Woman, Victarion proceeds to rub his blood on Dragonbinder; however I have never read this as a full chapter or ever heard the words from GRRM himself.

I would just like to read/hear this for myself in its proper form, as it will help in a possible future post I am bringing together.



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There is a thread above in this forum that has collected together all of the chapters from Winds that have been made public up to now, including where to find them online.

The Victarion chapter can be found on reddit.  I believe it is a transcription from a reading of it by GRRM.


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