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Ukraine- War.

Ser Scot A Ellison

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1 minute ago, karaddin said:

Even if you assume he wants to lure the west into the war, they're far more likely to get drawn in if he's going for mass civilian casualties than by making it look like Ukraine might win on their own.

Even if he sees it as chess it needs to be a move that accomplishes a goal

As I said it was a terrible thought and I’m delighted to be wrong.  

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3 minutes ago, Free Northman Reborn said:

Come on man. Putin’s not omniscient. He is making a play with the hand he is dealt.

Things won’t go according to plan. But what he is good at is adapting to the latest realities on the fly, and extracting what he can from it.

What is good for Putin from how this has gone so far?

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