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  1. Given China’s explicit security guarantees for Kazakstan I have a feeling that a Russian “refocus” on Eurasia is likely to go as badly or worse than the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia is spent. It is a nuclear terrorist state. A large North Korea. It is now a Chinese Satellite at best. A failed State doomed to collapse at worst.
  2. After the fucking shit fit they threw when Texas Democrats fled Texas to deny the Texas legislature a quorum to restrict voting…
  3. It’s not “normal”… but it is America. I see the hypocrisy. I’m not denying it. Hell I’m arguing with people in another venue that it’s incredibly inaccurate and stupid to claim Washington and Jefferson were “opposed to slavery”… while owning slaves. The full body contortions some will go through to justify that contradiction is just bizarre.
  4. Do you think the US could engage in a serious and intensive critical examination of its past without empowering the same shit we are seeing from “America Firsters” like Ron “the Bad Samaritan” DeSantis with his attacks against “Critical Race Theory” and academic freedom in Florida? I’m not saying this is good. I’m saying this is very bad.
  5. QAnon had next to no political influence before Trump’s election.
  6. Yes… and now they have significant political power, a significant political following, and the tacit endorsement of a major political party. That wasn’t true before 2016.
  7. Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012. Pre-Trump and the fascist swing of the Republican Party. We are in a different world in the US than we were in 6 years ago.
  8. Because “America First” will pull the US out of all international comitments. And the US will only engage internationally to lash out in anger and aggression. That is much worse.
  9. Incrementally. My point is that what is at play in the US and Russia are the same tendencies. To overlook out absolutely real and significant failures of morals and integrity. You are saying, if I understand you correctly, that a political realist should recognize that US moral failings have, rightly or wrongly, given Putin political capital he can spend to retain political support from the Russian people and that realism should temper US actions moving forward and create a desire to recognize and account for US failings and evils of the past. I get that. What I’m saying is that doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That US domestic politics create difficulties for such a process. That US domestic politics make it dangerous to walk that road and that the benefits from such a journey may not outweigh the liabilities. That losing the US to “America First” is worse than any benefit a profound and serious national introspection will bring and I don’t see how the former can be accomplished without the latter being the end result. It is a cynical and sad state of affairs, but, so is Putin claiming US evils justify and excuse his evils.
  10. You are saying Putin’s home rhetoric is aided by US actions in Iraq. That he is able, at home, to claim a moral high ground because “American did it first” Is that correct?
  11. That’s not true. Plenty of Veterans who tend right get apoplectic about “stolen valor”. This will hurt Majewski a lot.
  12. The Russian dictator doesn’t seem to care. I think he’s pissed he’s not allowed to treat Ukraine like a “rogue province” the way China treats Taiwan.
  13. Yes… I get that. Do you want the “America First” crowd in control of the US? This is a sincere question. You keep asking us to look at the facts on the ground in Russia regarding the Horseshit rationalizations Putin is offering and the consequences that flow therefrom. Why isn’t that logic just as cutting and cogent regarding the political facts on the ground in the US? I would be ecstatic if the US could take a rational and eyes open hard look at our history of intervention and white supremacy. Can (I use “can” deliberately) that be done without empowering the very forces we seek to remove from positions of power in the US?
  14. Not what I said. I’m saying it does, in a small way, help Russia when their “whatabout” defense or “wife beater” defense is given credence.
  15. You think big things aren’t made up of small things?
  16. Because it would cause political turmoil in the US likely freezing up aid as Republicans call anyone attempting to recognize the US as anything but the “shining city on a hill”… traitors. It would feed the “America First” monster that is already growing in the US turning the US inward. It would give aid and comfort to the Paul Gorsuch assholes who claim what Russia does to Ukraine is none of our business. He would say “look at those people trying to punish the US for ‘helping’.” The America First asswipes would be delighted if you pushed this into American politics.
  17. I’m well aware. What I cannot fathom is anyone amplying and creating any sort of rhetorical leverage for the Russian “whatabout warrior” horseshit.
  18. I get very tired of what I call the “international diplomacy wife beater defense”. “I love you so much… why do you make me so mad… why do you make me do this to you.” It is Russia’s argument in Ukraine.
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