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  1. 9 Kilometers in 12 hours is a fairly significant rate of advance. Hope it is accurate and continues:
  2. Legally seizure of existing legally purchased arms is much more difficult than a prospective ban. I wonder if a ban moving forward is one that gun lovers could stomach so long they keep their beloved security firearms.
  3. Abbott and Patrick canceled on the NRA? That’s surprising.
  4. While preventing other parents from doing the same:
  5. Police were too busy getting their own kids out of harms way: https://twitter.com/move2strike/status/1529812042500169730?s=21&t=tOp3cBrD0U-xM-wO7y3C3w
  6. Officers went in and got their own kids out while restraining other parents from going after their children:
  7. I appreciate that Law Enforcement inaction may appear to distract from issues regarding Gun Control. However, it highlights the insane degrees to which Law Enforcement in the US has been empowered and empowered with little or no accountability for that empowerment.
  8. Just saw this. There may be another shooting going on near Austin:
  9. Can’t we put AWACS over the Black Sea and cover the Donbas from there?
  10. Here is the coward Ted Cruz running from hard questions:
  11. The video linked below is how law enforcement was equipped while doing crowd control and “waiting for the tactical team”: for 40 minutes to an hour. I’m particularly incensed by the officer with his tazer out while pushing back parents desperately trying to save their kids.
  12. And the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (my very own) is known as a “Conservative Circuit”.
  13. I just heard a reporter on NPR refering to the “Georgia Democrat Primary”. Is this really taking hold. It is the “Democratic Party” not the “Democrat Party”. My Dad says that just to irritate me.
  14. Unless they are defending the US Capitol… of course.
  15. The No fly zone is off the table, in part, to leave room for reasonable escalation if Russia uses WMDs. Chomsky is doing more than that. He wants Ukraine to agree to cede territory in exchange for “peace”. While he should be well aware that Russia is kidnapping Ukrainians from areas under Russian control.
  16. If the United States were to attack and take military control of the Southern third of British Columbia… before Canadians stopped the American advance into Canada. Are you saying Canada ceding the portions of British Columbia seized by the hypothetical American invasion would simply be the price of peace? How does that not encourage another seizure later after US Forces have time to recover and re-requip?
  17. Are they saying Russian speaking Ukrainians are supporting the Russians or that most Russian speaking Ukrainians are supporting Kyiv? I believe it is the latter. Zelenskyy is a native Russian speaking Ukrainian. I do see your point about worrying that Ukraine, when it sees its power may not stop. That said. It seems to me that the only alternative is to stop supporting Ukraine and let the Russians steamroll and annex them… again. Which, as @Zorral points out simply emboldens the Russians to push for control of other former imperial territories. How would you prevent that potential problem?
  18. Are all Russian speaking Ukrainians supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Are most Russian speaking Ukrainians supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
  19. @Rippounet, Can you please engage? You come in every other week saying we’re all crazy warmongers for wanting to see Russia pushed out of Ukraine. Then you disappear for two weeks. Please address the points we make in response to your comment.
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