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  1. I think the Japanese have had an Earthquake warning system on those lines for quite some time. It’s only a few seconds warning but enough to get to slightly safer location than you were when you got the warning.
  2. The problem is the Texas Statute, HB 3979(h-2)(1-2), is vague as to what constitutes a “widely debated or currently controversial issue”. The author of the bill claims this isn’t what he ment. But, if you leave words or phrases undefined or if the phrasing you use is vague whether you mean it to be vague or not it opens these teachers to potential liability. Which is what I really believe this statute was intended to do. It’s insidious: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/pdf/HB03979I.pdf
  3. All I can figure is that they wanted something they could recover from the wreckage of the imperial jumpship.
  4. I don’t have Paramount+. I’ll be waiting for the DVD release.
  5. What does Cetaceans Ops… do? They’re in blue which suggests science officers…
  6. Given the recent Supreme Court Ruling will the Illinois or National Republican Party challenge this new map?
  7. I hope not. Rosy O’Donnell has never seen a blacksmith in action given her dengration of fire’s ability to melt steel.
  8. The reporter misspoke and reported a likely collapse as a collapse that had already happened. 9/11/2001 was crazy and reporters getting confused is completely unsurprising.
  9. Dude, it was a crazy day and I’m not buying into any conspiracy Kool aid. 7 WTC was severely damaged by the collapse of the other two big towers. It wasn’t anything beyond that. The damage coupled with unrestrained fires because getting fire equipment into the environs around the collapsed twin towers was near impossible makes 7 WTC collapse unremarkable in the context of that horrible day.
  10. Have we ever observed a Quasar that is younger than 690 million years old?
  11. Are you positing that wormholes travel through time… as well as space?
  12. Are we supposed to be incredibly confused by what’s going on? Because… I’m just confused.
  13. Nitpick: Quasars are not only incredibly distant. They also only exist, to the best of our knowledge, in the distant past. So… finding a quasar is highly… unlikely.
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