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Great Council with most Lords of the Realm

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What do you think sudden possible deaths of pretenders deciding into Great Council to decide of heir to the throne?

Let say Cersei, Euron die, along with Ramsey, LF, Mace, Loras, and FAegon and Dany contest their claim in front of lords of the realm?

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Aegon and Dany will dance, there'll be a Great Council to decide the king after them. Aegon takes the throne, the dance happens and Dany kills him, Dany takes the throne, the people revolt against Dany and she's ousted.

After TWOT5Ks and the second dance, a large portion of the competence and ambition in the realm will be dead and people won't have much of a stomach left for more war. The Faith will step into the leadership void, but a king to rule will be desired just through precedence, and there will be no obvious, viable, desired and willing candidates. Cersei will be screaming some claim that would bring her to power again, but no-one will want that.

A Great Council will be called, and so comes the payoff to Sansa's political education, having political connections to many a great house in Westeros as well as being personally bad with numbers before her arc (either she gets good and it's an indication of her progressing to a calculating schemer, or she has to rely on Arya to do her counting for her, indicating that they're capable of great things if they can work together).

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