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The Rise of the Dragons

Sea Snake

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I just find about the new illustrated book The Rise of the Dragons that is coming in October.

Results on amazon.de are confusing:

There are two books with the same: name, authors, page count... everything except for a price.

One version has more expensive hardcover and another has more expensive Kindle edition.

So, what is the difference (beside the color of the cover)?

Green book:


Red book:


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Yes, the green one is from HarperCollins.

They should be essentially the same, text and art-wise. It's a big, illustrated book with 180 new pieces of art from a variety of artists, while condensing Fire and Blood to be more manageable in size for those who found its ~700 pages of Targaryen history a bit too daunting. If you know F&B and don't care about the art, there's very, very little new information and I would not worry about it. But if you do like the artwork and want something that sits besides The World of Ice and Fire (it is the same dimensions), check it out.

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