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Thousandfold Thought spoiler thread


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No (I was refering to inclusive generalizations) and no (I did not assert one).I noted on my neice's beautiful long lashes the other day. Doesn't make me a pedarist. Here's my point (again - just for you), gay men seek other men for relationships, sexual and emotional, straighties seek opposite gender individuals for the same. Cnaiur seeks individuals based on proximity for sexual and emotional abuse, dominance and torture. But because he thinks Conphas' eyelashes are pretty we should assume he's gay. :stunned: Which is more somehow more compelling than the fact that he has (more traditionaly) wives and children at home that he doesn't think of (like most straight men on business trips), but ultimately, equally unimportant.Whether Cnaiur is fantasizing about Conphas' lashes or not, there is no follow through to what he wants to do about it until he actually rapes him. There's the thing. Despite what homophobes fear, gay men don't actually rape people as part of seduction and conversion to the gay 'dark side'. Bakker puts shit like the eyelashes thing in so as to be suggestive and subversive, to disturb the reader. It ain't proof of anything, it's an opportunity for you to question the associations you draw.

Concerning your initial point, you're misinterpeting the definition of homo and heterosexual.

Online dictionary's definition of heterosexual: of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward the opposite sex.

To you're other points, I didn't assume anything, and I don't necessarily believe or care one way or the other. Though I am inclined to believe he's gay as it seems that's the general consensus.

To assume that Bakker put Cnauir's daydreaming scene in there for those reasons is absurd(even though that may be why). Honestly, a character widely believed to be gay and hasn't seemed to show sexual attraction to women(even though he has sex with them, as you stated it isn't based on his attraction), just as he's delerious and forgetting himself, daydreams of someone, than muses how nice there armor is, how pretty there eye lashes are - This scene was conceived of because Bakker was thinking of ways to make us question associations and not to further develop a character? This is all assuming that that's what even happened in the scene. And the entire book is largely intended to make us question our beliefs, so even if it was why couldn't it be both?

I do agree with you that him raping Conphas doesn't really mean much; even if he was attracted to him it didn't seem to me that had anything to do with why he did it. Even if we assume he's gay, he doesn't seem to act on his sexual desire.

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