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[No Spoilers] EP109 Discussion


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Pretty much the perfect episode.

On first watch I thought the first 20 minutes or so moved pretty slowly, probably because I was expecting them to fit the battles in after watching the promo - So was really looking forward to those. But on the rewatch I think it went at the right pace, some great performances in it aswell. Especially Sean Bean's and Maisie Williams at the end.

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It'll be my least favorite episode of the series, save for maybe one of them. However, to be fair, there were certain things it did well:

1) Jorah's duel -- went exactly as it was written in the books. Well done on that.

2) The cinematography -- Shots of The Crossing and the Dothraki sea were excellent in this episode, especially.

3) Walder Frey -- Portrayed fairly well.

4) The blood magic in the tent -- the howling voices were ominous, eerie -- it couldn't have been done better.

However, my gripes with this episode seem irreparable:

1) The Battle at the Fork -- The ultimate cop-out. Tyrion is supposed to develop and acquit himself well here. In the series, no such luck -- a lot of fans were upset about it, and the people in charge should have been able to predict that.

2) The Whispering Wood -- I wouldn't have minded seeing this skipped so much, had the rest of the episode not been so under-done in terms of action-conflict. But with Tyrion's own battle being skipped, this was a double-blow.

3) Severe differences in character portrayal -- I know I said this as 1, but it bears repeating -- Tyrion seems quite the fool in this battle, when he's supposed to be portrayed as a character who overcomes sizable disadvantages. I can't stress this enough -- the Green Fork had better be replaced -- not just "made up for" by the Blackwater, but replaced by a scene that shows him beginning to find his strength. At this point in the series, the Tyrion of the books is leaps and bounds beyond the Tyrion of the series. Peter Dinklage plays him well, but the script is doing a real disservice to his fans.

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