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Coldhands killed men from the nights watch

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When Coldhands and Bran and the rest of them were being chased, Coldhands refered to them as "enemies". We later learned in Brans dream inside Summer that they were men from the nights watch.

Coldhands called them enemies but Sam was called "Brother" by him.

I find this a little odd, and I thought they were far up in the lands beoynd the wall when this happened.

Was it just a normal raiding party that chased them, or were they sent by someone else? Someone like Benjen Stark?

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They were some of the Night's Watch members who killed Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. That's why Coldhands considered them enemies, I think. Also, Benjen Stark wouldn't have sent them because he was, you know, the one who killed them as Coldhands (imo). Oh, and you know that "pig" that Coldhands killed for the kids to eat? Well, I strongly suspect that wasn't actually "pig" *shudder* ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.