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Daenerys's Crown

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Two minor things.

Maybe the moderators have asked David Benioff and D. B. Weiss these:

(1) Do the dragons get their names in season 3?

Seems a silly question since it's part of the story right off.

But strange that D and D did not use the names in season 2.

Drogon get's call 'he' once.

(2)She got the 'dragon' crown in Qarth.

She does wear it SoS.

GRRM mentions it in passing several times.

Makes little difference to the teleplay, but I am aways a looking for the florish of a detail.

I have seen some artistic representations of it on the web, two of which I like a lot.... some not so good.

I would be something very elegant that could be made.

Various video and snaps of season 3 do not show her wearing it.

I figure I will up... season 4?

Just wondering?

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We, as mods, don't necessarily ask D&D questions.

Someone may have, though. Perhaps they'll let you know. :)

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In the show I guess crowns are more cerimonial instead of like the books where the kings are always wearing their crown (or maybe that's the excuse the producers have in store to avoid having to make six different crowns. Joffrey isn't wearing a crown most of the time and Renly probably wore his the whole time to look kingly, as he was a man of appearances and cared a lot about his looks. Balon, Robb and Stannis are not very cerimonial and probably don't care about a crown. I think Dany will only start wearing a crown when she gets to Meereen.

I still hope they give Dany, Stannis, Robb and Balon their crowns some day.

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