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  1. I tend to think that is a trait present since the First Men, given that the Freefolk present it (albeit very rarely,) but also present and maybe a little more prevalent in the Andals. Instances of red hair are present all over Westeros: from the Redwynes to the Tullys (and therefore the Stark children), to the Dornish Marches (Anguy and Beric Dondarrion) to the Iron Islands; but the fact that the Free Folk consider it "lucky" and a beautyfing trait is a signal of its scarcity beyond the Wall.
  2. Jean Valjean = Jon Val Jon? I see what you did there. Other than the pun, I don't think there's anything to it.
  3. I think the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are inspired on the Heptarchy, but I don't think there's a correlation between the two.
  4. I wonder, if you can see the Sword of the Morning from (just north of) the Wall on the southern horizon, then it might be that this constellation is just on Starfall's zenith? I mean, at which latitude is the Wall, 65°-70°?
  5. Never mind, my mistake
  6. Congrats Cubs. Great World Series.
  7. @sweetsunray Thanks very much. This is a great read for a day like this, the Day of the Dead (or more formally, All Souls' Day)
  8. Bloodraven has been shaping the fate of Westeros for the past 100+ years, so he's pretty much the central character of the whole saga (novellas included). The rest are just puppets whose strings are being pulled by BR from his comfy root throne.
  9. Interpreting the visions seem to be equally important as deciphering the visions themselves. Melisandre is so self-righteous that it's no surprise that after convincing herself that Stannis is AA, nothing could change her mind, even if it burns right in front of her; there's no other valid interpretation for her, even when she thinks to herself that "I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R’hllor shows me only Snow." (Notice that "Snow" is capitalized, so is a reference to Jon, whom she had just glimpsed in the fire) Melisandre mentions "her order", which to me implies that there's a special branch of Red Priests dedicated to seeing fires and learning to interpret them. This might be relevant, in the sense that there could be different schools of reading and interpreting prophecy from the fires. I have mentioned before that Moqorro seems better at reading the fire than Melisandre, and this could be because of the different schools, although by the way she mentions "her order," it appears to be a prestigious one.
  10. Man, it's gonna be tough when we meet the Others and they start whining about grievances 8000 years past...
  11. Bolded. No, I'm not disputing that at all. I'm open to any theory or idea regarding that piece of information, as long as it makes sense (to me). In fact, the more convoluted and logical, the better .
  12. Edric was very clever in phrasing his oath to Arya. After carefully re-reading the scene is clear that GRRM (through little Ned) didn't want to spoil the news about Jon's parentage in such an inane conversation between two children, but maybe Edric knows some things that he isn't supposed to know (or, as you are getting convinced more and more, that is common knowledge in Starfall). I think that before GRRM scrapped the plan of the 5 years gap, Edric was supposed to become a leading figure in the roster of ASoIaF, but the later changes robbed him of a more grandiose and pivotal role. Still, I think we can expect great things from him and Starfall. Intimidated, surely? I agree that it was most certainly Brandon the one who slept with Ashara instead of Ned, but rather because Brandon was the one who made contact with her and his lusty personality, and Ned was very timid and had no game.
  13. Since we're on the topic of pronunciation of names, I'd like some suggestion to the pronunciation of "Chella" Ch as in German or Scottish "loch" [x]? Or Ch as in church, Chicago [tʃ]?
  14. I don't know if villain, but as antagonist of the main story I like Daemon Blackfyre (big surprise, huh?). Many people saw him as a worthy alternative for a liege, galvanizing the resentment toward the current king into the most dangerous threat to the Targaryens until Robert. In that line of thinking, then my favorite villain would be Bloodraven. He's the reason the Blackfyre Rebellions weren't successful and he's been pulling strings of the people in Westeros for the last 100+ years, making him IMHO the central character of ASoIaF.
  15. All of them TY. What's the point of etymology, then?