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  1. I think LSH of the books needs to have some reason for being alive other than just killing Frey's. Although I do agree that Arya's arc in the books does not seem to be leading us to an Arya/LSH but the show's Arya is a completely different beast. D&D's Arya did not learn the lessons that GRRM's Arya learned in Bravos. And the only way I can see them bringing her back to where she should be in ASoIaF is this way. I mean, did you see that smile on her face in the last scene. I think Arya of the books has learned too much about death to be so gleeful about it. Even to someone on her list. And in the show, I am thinking D&D trying to live up to George's story, will not make it easy at all for the Stark kids left. And as per the books, if LSH did resurrect Arya, I don't think Arya would turn into LSH. I think that is just in the show. I think it would be Catlyn's redemption. Bringing her child back to life. Giving her "life" for her child's. I think that is a beautiful way for LSH to become Catlyn again. I am probably wrong but I do think this is the way for them (D&D) to make the story "work." Thank you for your thoughts!
  2. Thank you!!! I agee 100% that D&D's Arya is in real need of a redemption arc. Did you see that smile when she slit Walder's throat... Also, I do see a correlation between the Bran, Jon and possibly Arya. Bran's "death" (falling from the tower) brought on his powers. Jon's death (in the show) made him who he became in the season ending (not sure now to use the spoiler there) and I think Arya's death will prompt her to become something too. I think in the books their deaths bring out their respective warging powers but do not think D&D will give anyone else other than Bran that power. I'm afraid I don't think Sansa will make it. But I am basing that on Lady dying.... I can't wait till TwoW comes out!!!!!
  3. Oh I like the idea that if it is not Arya it could be Mel. And again I am only basing this on the show. But I still truly believe that it is the way to tie up the LSH story into GoT's story. And I can def see Arya leading BwB! I do think that if Arya (whether LSH or not) does not let go of all the hate and vengeance her arc can only lead to her death. Which I am hoping won't happen. And we still have yet to "see" Nymeria in the show again. Her story has been changed (as most of the stories in the show) so much. No wolf dreams. No wolf girl. No real lessons learned at the House of Black n White. The only way I can see it making sense that D&D changed and/or cut out all that, is for her to be resurrected as LSH. I am probably wrong, but in my head it would make sense in D&D's story.
  4. As we all know with 100% certainty Catlyn as LSH will not be in GoT. But as we've seen in season 6 Beric is still alive and TBwB is still a major plot. So based on the hints D&D have included in their story (I will not call it ASoIaF anymore) I think what will happen is that somehow Arya will be killed trying to get to the people on her list and Beric will give Arya his life as he did to Catlyn in the books. I think Arya will be LSH. Maybe in the books LSH will come upon Arya's body and give Arya her life as Beric had given his to her??? If someone else has already thought of this, please send me a link! Also if my theory holds ground what do you think Arya's nature will be once resurrected? Will she be full of vengeance as her mother was? She is pretty much full of vengeance now so what would be the difference if she becomes "LSH"????