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  1. Imo a leader who let's thousands of people die to come back as wights and says LOL my sister is getting raped whatever isn't a guy I'd follow. Sure Jon broke a law but it's a shit one. Besides Mance (who's running from the danger), Stannis, and his red witch their is no one on Planetos actively trying to stop the Others.
  2. This. Jon has a pretty lengthy discussion with maester aemon as well about choosing. And LC Mormont tells Jon that Aemon could have been a king, but refused the crown. Pretty telling stuff
  3. Well we're told that autumn storms are the worst in-world, and that's proven true as OP laid out the ironborns difficulties. Dany is currently preoccupied though at the moment, and will still have things to settle in the east before she can make moves to westeros. I would assume we're looking at months passing before she's ready to set sail. Will it be winter by then? Are storms less common after autumn? How long does autumn even last? At a guess, I'd say they arrive with a higher percentage of ships than Victarion did. I also strongly assume her fleet comes from the ironborn, who certainly are the best sailors in westeros. I'm putting my money on 80%. No idea how many soldiers she brings with her or leaves in meereen though.
  4. No, I've actually never heard a theory of Mance being the reason for the Others awakening. I could see it being the Starks fault though. I still don't see any hint or evidence of Mance hurting women or children. It's never brought up. He's definitely broken laws but I don't know if that makes him immoral.
  5. It's true Mance isn't big on the laws south of the border, but unless I've missed it I haven't read him torturing or killing any women or children. What he wants is to save the entirety of his wildling host. He's the first leader in the series alerted to and properly responding to the threat of the Others.
  6. Hey guys, heard that some filthy rumors were being spread about me. I'm here to set the record straight. I'm not a secret Targ, a Darry, or anyone else associated with Rhaegar. I dislike but respect the Starks and would never murder a child. Littlefinger is a terrible, Stark hating human being and I have never even spoken to him. And lastly I'm alive and (not so) well at Winterfell.
  7. Of everything wrong with this, the Gendry wrongness irked me the most. Brienne almost shits herself the first time she meets him because he looks so much like Renly. Likewise, Catelyn and Ned remark on how similar Renly looks to Robert at that age. And it's time to buy in to R+L=J, whether you like it or not.
  8. Gendry, Dolorous Edd, Bran (in some shape or form), and Val. I don't feel confident in any Targ, Stark, Frey, Lannister, king, or POV (besides tree bran) living. Of course some or most of them surely will. Maybe. I dunno GRRM is wild
  9. For the watch.
  10. "We don't remember" - the Royces, probably. I thought of Jon when the wolf/flames text came up. Bloodraven/Bran works as well.
  11. Thanks for the responses. The runes part is pretty odd to me. It seems more than likely that some sort of magic is involved with the maegi, but Royce stumps me. IIRC from TWOIAF, countless Royces have died while wearing said suit, so obviously the runes don't work unless something else takes place. Nice catch regarding Leaf @Lollygag. She popped into my mind while reading, but wasn't sure how or if it fit.
  12. Currently doing a reread of AGOT, and I'm on the Daenerys chapter where the maegi uses blood magic on Drogo. When she calls for his horse to be be brought to his bath to have its throat slit, we encounter this passage: ...floated like one already dead, pus and blood seeping from his wound to stain the bathwaters. Mirri Maz Duur chanted words in a tongue that Dany did not know, and a knife appeared in her hand. Dany never saw where it came from. It looked old; hammered red bronze, leaf-shaped, its blade covered with ancient glyphs. We learn earlier on about "bronze" Yohn Royce and his ancestrual suit of armor, described very similarly to this knife. I never caught the connection before, and honestly have no idea what to make of it. Any theories already out there on this? I know many of you are good at this sort of thing, @Seams comes to mind in particular. I'm also pretty sure the Royces words are "we remember" or something close, and could have some connection.
  13. That gave me pause too, but I don't remember him having dinner with the LC, Aemon, and the bunch.
  14. Is Septon Cellador the one who married Tyrion and Tysha? Tyrion recalls having a drunk Septon do his nuptials, and the only other drunken Septon I recall resides at castle black. This probably can't truly be answered, but it seems possible to me that Tywin probably sent him away after the marriage.
  15. Every time I click a link I'm also getting annoying pop-ups and cannot go back to the page. Android user here. Started yesterday