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  1. to be fair, it was more 'Wow India', that was great bowling. This is going to be a thrilling finish; you're never in on this wicket.
  2. I'm pretty sure it will be an alrounder, most likely Morris on his home ground.
  3. I'd be sure to steer clear of Loras, he seems the jealous type.
  4. Sisters feel that way about brothers though, especially twins. There's still a bridge to cross to get to incest. Ned got there very quickly, didn't even consider other suitors. Went' straight to incest. It's interesting, probably just a logic flaw from GRRM, but if it's not, I have to wonder why?
  5. A more interesting question: why did Eddard jump straight to Jaime as the father?
  6. Will you be citing the forum when you hand in your assignment?
  7. Agree 100%.
  8. The problem with this argument is that it assumes there are men out there who will only give unwanted attention if the clothing/lack thereof the woman is wearing falls under some threshold. As in "I won't grab a butt in jeans but I will if it's in a mini skirt." That argument doesn't hold up to scrutiny. It's also, still, very subtly, turning the blame on the victim.
  9. This has always felt like a misconception to me. The monarchy was deposed, but Robert was chosen as king because he had Targaryen blood, not because he won.
  10. 5 Kings were fighting each other. 2 were in rebellion against the crown, with 3 claiming the crown. The 2 in rebellion were actively at war as well. None were allied with the other. The War of 5 Kings. QED.
  11. He didn't engage with any of the other kings until after the war essentially ended (only Stannis was left). There were 6 kings, but only 5 were fighting each other.
  12. Bad wording; I mean she can't trust the loyalty of all three dragons. Drogon is the only one that is 100% hers. The other two could go to anyone, even her enemies.
  13. I still feel that it points to the fact that Dany can't have three dragons. What I mean is: she's bonded to Drogon, but she's feeding the other two. They stay because she's 'Nettled' them. If they bond with someone like she has with Drogon, then she loses them.
  14. Ah, it's the chromosome theory you are talking about (I can't see Youtube links on my network). Yes, the genetics is a huge assumption, but a) no one in the story would really have much to say on it as it's not the most genetically aware society but besides that, b ) genetics does play a huge role in the story already (See the Jon Arryn / 'Black of hair' investigation). Also, given the fact that Targaryens are big on inbreeding, it doesn't take much to assume that genetics must have something to do with it. On Nettles - his idea is that you can ride a dragon without the right genes - you just can't bond with it. A dragon lured by meat can just as easily be lured away. This doesn't bode well for Viserion and Rhaegal, who don't seem bonded to Dany like Drogon.
  15. As far as I recall, he says the exact opposite. He refers to 'Nettling' a lot, which is to say, snaring a dragon by feeding it.