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  1. Regular John Umber

    Cricket 33: ODIs Still Aren’t Proper Cricket Edition

    Given what's been happening with David Warner lately, this is just a bit ironic. Those 'values' are utterly shocking.
  2. Regular John Umber

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Not sure if someone else has mentioned it, but one of my favourite ASOIAF blogs called this Kinds Landing thing exactly a year ago: https://weirwoodleviathan.wordpress.com/2017/10/26/lightbringer-a-theoretical-outline-of-season-8-episode-3/
  3. Regular John Umber


    While the tidbit about Silverwing not wanting to fly over the wall is interesting, it doesn't quite rule out flying around the wall...
  4. Regular John Umber

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    Well what else are you supposed to do in such a street?
  5. Regular John Umber

    International News Thread

    That's the weird unique thing about South Africa - thanks to apartheid, white people hung on to political power through oppression (on the level of evil genius) for decades longer than anywhere else. It was so effective that it still lingers, 20 years later. White people are still in power, it's just economic instead of political. A lot of concessions were made to ensure a peaceful end to apartheid. Now that there are feelers being put out to more aggressively level the playing fields, those that are clinging to their power are causing the above issues - touring the world crying 'genocide'. It's not off the table yet - they need to do this; the issue will be navigating the political minefield that come with it.
  6. Regular John Umber

    Participation Trophies Are A Good Thing

    I think the whole 'participation trophy' thing has been badly misunderstood. With little kids, confidence is incredibly important. Being recognised and encouraged at that age gives them that confidence. Saying "well done for trying" is not a bad thing.
  7. Regular John Umber

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    He's since deleted it, apparently. But not before it got all the way to the South African presidency. It's a diplomatic issue now.
  8. Regular John Umber

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    Please tell me what you know about the South African land situation?
  9. Regular John Umber

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    As a non-American, who as a child watched World War 2 movies with Americans saving the world, and saw the live coverage of Gulf 1 as an America-led coalition bravely saved the small country being bullied by the big country, I am at a loss right now. I feel like my hero has died and come back to life as a brain-eating zombie. Please tell me you guys can come back from this.
  10. Regular John Umber

    Why Asha such a terminator?

    What's the size difference between The Mountain and Oberyn Martell again?
  11. Regular John Umber

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Marrying Jeyne was a perfect illustration of Robb's character, based on his view of his father, honour, raising bastards, etc. It was rash but made sense according to Robb's character. Marrying Talisa was nonsensical - he didn't marry her because he'd "dishonoured" her, she wasn't even from a culture where that would be relevant. Also, they didn't quite end the same, did they? Jeyne's alive, and she may be pregnant.
  12. Regular John Umber

    Unpopular opinions

    I don't like either of them. And while I love a handful of Zepelin songs, I can't say I like them as a whole. I also love Ewoks. I've never understood the Ewok and RotJ hate. It was the first SW movie I ever saw (I was young), and I've always loved it.
  13. Regular John Umber

    Unpopular opinions

    Agree 100% on both of the above.
  14. Regular John Umber

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Yes, that's the point. They're stuck in the past, because they had their lands (the Riverlands) taken from them by Aegon. The way they got those lands? By acting like they're trying to act now. It's a normal thing to cling to the past when the present sucks. We don't know everything about Euron yet, but it seems to me that there's a lot of 'cautionary tales' about the use of Magic in ASOIAF. Euron has been corrupted by magic, (I think it will turn out that it's been happening since he was very young, but that's all speculation). Much of the villainy in this story - the worst of the worst - are about corruption by power or magic (or both, as they seem linked). Take Ramsay - he's a genuine psychopath, and if he wasn't such a useful tool for Roose, would not have any power. But, he is, and he does, so we get to see a genuinely psychotic human being in power because his father's need for power is so great. Who is the true villain - the man who hunts women and skins men alive, or the leader who lets him? That's why the Ramsay story is intriguing. Well that statement makes it seem as though you know what the Others are even doing. Are you assuming that they're just making their way to the wall? You don't know that. You don't know what they're doing and why. to say they're moving slowly is ludicrous because you don't know the end goal. Remember that this is a universe where the predominant (only?) magical power is the ability to control things with your mind. It's completely consistent that there should seem to be not just one external control on people but many. In ASOIAF there are no gods. There's just people with an ability to control the actions (thoughts) of others. It's literally the whole point. Has everything gone Littlefinger's way? Of course not. If it had, he wouldn't be sitting having to appease the Lords Declarant, literally gambling with his life, right now.
  15. Regular John Umber

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    The bolded is absolutely not true. Not all Ironborn are raiders. That's like saying all Northerners marched South with Robb. And anyway, raiding is the only form of resource gathering available to them after being beaten back from the Riverland strongholds after crossing Aegon. They had lands before, and many want lands again (think of Asha's idea for peace and wanting Sea Dragon Point.) They're also not all bloody minded (think of the Harlaws). (In fact It would be correct to think of the Ironborn more like Scandinavians, and their army like Vikings. ) And if anything, AFFC introduces complexity to their society, because before that, all we saw was Balon Greyjoy's need for the 'Old Way', which is really just a rallying cry of those disillusioned by the way they had power removed from them 3 centuries earlier.