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  1. i know right?
  2. Jon snow is king in the north not robin. do you know what your talking about?
  3. arya will go to kill cersei, and the hound will go with her. if they have a reunion at winterfell.
  4. my predictions (not confirmed spoilers or anything leaked). they bring the wight to cersei and negotiate. somehow it leads to a trial by combat and clegane bowl. introduction of the golden company hopefully. Looks like dothraki/unsullied outside kingslanding? Im hoping we get a cool scene with littlefinger before his likely death from arya/sansa. Otherwise ill be disappointed. I think we will get another big death or 2. Not sure who. I could also see them killing off a more minor character thats been around for awhile like greyworm or even a character like brienne. Episode could be the end of cersei/jaime. to setup the next season as the final confrontation with the night king, and end of the story. Would be a bit disappointed as zombies/nightking are boring, very black and white good vs evil, and not what makes GOT interesting in the first place. I do hope cersei makes it to next season. As shes the only interesting villain left besides littlefinger.
  5. id also be down to put money on it that she wont get the iron throne in the end.
  6. wrong. qyburn is sexy af
  7. like shit, i have no expertise in film making, im a watcher on the walls. I would have done everything mostly similar until the beginning of season 6. Tyrion was a major POV character in the show but since season 5 he has largely faded into the background. Varys and littlefinger are also important characters for the show, id have more scenes with them to explore how they operate and leave little hints at there master plans. in other words id have more political/logistics game going on as it was in the first 4 seasons. Dany would take dragonstone then realize she cant support 100 thousand dothraki on a small rocky island with no crops. Ok let tyrion and varys help figure out the logistics, would only take one short 2 minute scene, and would satisfy most people watching. The eeyrie and harrenhal are both under littlefingers control, they are also somewhat close to dragonstone, surely littlefinger would know that there are 100 thousand dothraki on the borders of his land, perhaps factor in a plot with tyrion/littlefinger/varys playing politics against eachother in order to work out the logistics for dany's army. People might complain about littlefinger/varys teleporting, but it would not be nearly as unbelievable as the teleporting weve seen recently. id have to know the outlined ending for the show that GRRM told D&D. There are enough characters and back story going on to make a damn good tv show, we dont need more. Its more about the way they are doing the characters/plot that i have an issue with. I might have changed stannis just slightly to seem more like a guy that should be feared as the best military commander in westeros. While his only weakness is that he has to few allies, and Melisandre whispering things in his ear. The attack on mance/wildlings I wouldve shown a bit less horsemen, and give stannis something more to do rather then just come up on a horse.
  8. The same amount of time is going to go by whether or not you have 13 episodes or 20 episodes. The overall plot woudnt change, we would just have more time with other characters that have been ignored in favor of dany/jon. The dead have no way of getting past the wall, otherwise they wouldve attacked the wall by now.
  9. now the only thing left and only point of my life is to go around forums saying that the show sucks. we must all fulfil our destinies.
  10. you shouldnt get your hopes up, ive noticed getting my hopes up with this show is what causes me to continue watching, only to be let down by shit writing.
  11. 100% correct here. Both LF and Varys should have been more important characters in the show. Politics and Intrigue was what made things unique about the series and not just a typical fantasy where hero's kill bad guys and save the world. Now characters like LF/Varys/Tyrion have nothing to do and its all about a typical hero that fucks a beautiful dragon queen while they save the world.
  12. people act like GRRM could do no wrong and its always the show runners. it can be both. Show started going downhill at the start of season 7 due to pacing issues, they ran out of time to do the show. s7 + s6 only being 13 episodes in total. If they did full 20 episodes i feel like it would fit more in line with previous seasons. Right now its simply a race to finish the story arcs. Right now they will simply kill off all your favorite characters, then have a sex scene with jon/dany, followed by awesome cgi and dragons rawr rawr. THE END.
  13. sansa and arya cannot outplay littlefinger. only someone like varys/tyrion maybe could.
  14. waif isnt arya. but im saying they couldve done it that way and it would be a good twist.