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  1. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    Rights to use that with or without attribution as time, space and memory allows is hereby granted in perpetuity
  2. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    Well it's book-canon - but in the sense of an "in-world" history book. In other words, it's an unreliable source (even if it's probably better than most). It's the same as if Maester Aemon had stated those things, but there are many things Maester Aemon didn't know or understand fully, or even at all.
  3. Mikkel

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    Rhaegar the Hollow-Chested... if you know what I mean...
  4. This is the only part that surprised me, I mean someone (other than redshirts) had to die but I would've thought Viserion might be enough. On the other hand they have been shedding non-essentials a lot lately (or shredding, in Thoros' case, heh!).
  5. Well, there's a reason neither Kit Harington or Emilia Clarke has managed much of a career outside GoT despite it's phenomenal popularity, and it's not just a scheduling issue. I suppose we'll see what happens when GoT finally wraps, but outside of coasting on their fame from this for a bit, I don't foresee either of them having a stellar career. I'm sure they're lovely people though.
  6. Tormund's Member, obviously. More than enough for a dozen campfires.
  7. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    The Frozen North was unfortunately unable to keep paying their upkeep of shrubberies, so they left for other lands, presumably 1970s Britain.
  8. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    Night Kings, Night's King, Knights' King and Nyan Kings - we have them all!
  9. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    I am a proud Grumpkin oppressor, and I don't care what happened in the past! Make Westeros great again, join the Night's King now!
  10. Well that explains it. I am not sure I want to delve too deeply into what a teenage boy with access to a few thousand years' worth of re-livable porn is doing, but all of a sudden his complete disappearance from the story and apparent apathy to everything around him makes sense.
  11. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    Surely that belongs in the realms of antiquity along with Grumkins and Snarks at this point Before people jump down my throat: I still enjoy the show. It's still good. It's just fallen a long, long way from the early seasons, where it was among the best shows ever.
  12. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    It's still complete guesswork - it's not without merit and may well turn out to be true, it's certainly a common enough trope, used with anything from robots to demons to the undead, all of whom deactivate when the Master is killed. Still, Beric is, by his own confession, totally guessing about just about everything. In fact, maybe we should start saying "you know nothing, Beric Dondarrion!"
  13. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    I don't remember that from the show, but maybe. The history book is neither show nor book though.
  14. Mikkel

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    This is one of the big questions that neither show nor book has addressed, much less answered, because the Walkers, at the very least, are clearly intelligent, individual creatures with an agenda of their own, whatever that turns out to be.
  15. Ain't that the truth...