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  1. Ned had just helped put Robert on the throne, subsequent falling-out/reconciliation notwithstanding. He couldn't very well turn around and declare independence immediately afterward - nor would he, they were friends after all. Nor does anything suggest that sentiment for a "free North" was particularly rife at the time, that only came later, when "the crown" started making power plays (imprisoning Ned, etc).
  2. Let's see. We'll start at 5 out of 10 and go from there. Inexplicable numbers of Unsullied and Dothraki: -1 Tyrion's reaction to his dead siblings, tells Dany her shit stinks: +1 Jon is as thickheaded as ever, but Tyrion finally shows there's a brain in that head of his: it's a wash, +/- 0 "Yi wil alwis bi mi kwiin!" Shink! murglblurghldurghl +3 (fairly weak, but hey Dany dies, and at Jon's hand to boot, can't complain) Drogon turns into SuperSmartDragon.png and melts the throne: -1 fanfic writers everywhere have multiple shittily written orgasms as Drogon flies off with Danys dead body: -2 Fast-forward to a council meeting, didn't feel well explained that this long had gone by but we're used to it, so: 0 Grey Worm gets to say anything instead of getting his head cut off: -½ (yeah yeah they're holding Jon hostage, so only minus half a point) Edmure being Edmure: +½ (just can't hate the guy) Tyrion finally being Tyrion again: +1 King Bran the Broken (say it three times in a mirror and he'll run you over in his wheelchair): +1 A Free North: 0 (Felt a little too easy/contrived even if it's perhaps well-deserved). Captain Arya: +1 (what the fuck else was she ever going to do that makes her remotely happy?) Jon the Wildling: +1 (I don't get why people are saying he "deserved better", he never wanted to be King, or Lord Commander, or any of that). And who's going to stop him going to Winterfell to visit, should he feel like it? Grey fuckin' Worm? Nah, he's off catching butterflies or something. Final Result: 9/10. Okay. Well, I wasn't unhappy with it, considering it was the final episode.
  3. This is the only part that surprised me, I mean someone (other than redshirts) had to die but I would've thought Viserion might be enough. On the other hand they have been shedding non-essentials a lot lately (or shredding, in Thoros' case, heh!).
  4. Well, there's a reason neither Kit Harington or Emilia Clarke has managed much of a career outside GoT despite it's phenomenal popularity, and it's not just a scheduling issue. I suppose we'll see what happens when GoT finally wraps, but outside of coasting on their fame from this for a bit, I don't foresee either of them having a stellar career. I'm sure they're lovely people though.
  5. Tormund's Member, obviously. More than enough for a dozen campfires.
  6. Well that explains it. I am not sure I want to delve too deeply into what a teenage boy with access to a few thousand years' worth of re-livable porn is doing, but all of a sudden his complete disappearance from the story and apparent apathy to everything around him makes sense.
  7. ...is the fact that she would have no reason to do so whatsoever I completely agree. A lot of people these days are capable only of two states though: hate it or love it. It's a Facebook-style binary choice: You like it, in which case you MUST (apparently) rate it a 10, or you don't.
  8. Best thing in this episode was this: Jaime: Lord Rickon.. Billy Bones. Dick-on Bronn: *snort*
  9. More staff doesn't help with running a website during a peak period though, better server hardware does. Either costs a lot of money though.
  10. It was definitely about Varys, since Varys starts mouthing off at Melisandre for her previous allegiance to Stannis, and Dany decides she doesn't want to hear it. As for why Dragonstone is empty, well... I guess show-Stannis was (even more) of an idiot than they already made him and emptied his castle when he went north.
  11. Risky for the Maester, and probably a lot of people in the vicinity, too. He doesn't care (much) whether the patient would risk it. Loving Jim Broadbent in this role by the way, almost makes up for all the cringe. Almost.
  12. your avatars are just pure win these days. Cheers!

  13. Great photo... :)

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