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  1. Mikkel


    There's no curse. Being the Hand of the King is just a fairly dangerous position, doubly so under Aerys (who accounts for most of those unfortunate hands). Jon Arryn had fifteen years or so of being the Hand, years in which there was no sign of a curse. Saying the Tower of the Hand is cursed is akin to "you're cursed... to die (eventually)!!!", I mean yeah d'uh!
  2. Forum was created by magic too, duh!
  3. Mikkel

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    You just summarized this forum in its entirety mate
  4. Mikkel

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    What do you base this highly unlikely scenario on? Please don't tell me it's the old "well all Dornish women are promiscuous because Arianne" thing.
  5. Mikkel

    Best lines of 707

    LOL, yes, because fairness played such a large role in everything Littlefinger did.
  6. There is a multiquote function (the plus symbol right next to the regular Quote button) - just FYI. Might make it easier to see what's going on instead of quadruple posts in a row of the same two people quoting each other
  7. In places. In others, it's muddy and broken (near the Neck for example). Though I don't remember if they ever showed that on the show. It's certainly not a stone highway from King's Landing to the Wall.
  8. That's just 'cause Jerome Flynn (Bronn) and Lena Headey (Cersei) hate each other's guts and simply will not do a scene together
  9. Mikkel

    Future of the dothraki

    Chaosh ish a laddah, Sansha! I wuv you Sansha!
  10. I don't think so. Maybe that's what Cersei sarcastically refers to with her "that's all", but really bending the knee was never on the table here.
  11. Yes, breaking the wheel is a bigger job than it may seem
  12. Mikkel

    Future of the dothraki

    The Dothraki are to the Mongols what the Ironborn are to the Vikings: A gross caricature with very little connection to the real-life thing.
  13. I can only imagine that the people who come up with this kind of thing are trolling. Of course, every first, second and even twentieth-tier theory has already been brought up and discussed to death a long time ago, so to come up with something new, you have to go into the realms of completely unsupported idiocy (aka bad fan fiction).
  14. Mikkel

    Jon's female ancestors

    True. A bit blunt, but true. See above. They don't play a role. You're overthinking it.
  15. Mikkel

    The Dragon Pit

    I agree it felt very small. I also thought it was supposed to be within the city limits, and it didn't feel like it was in this case.