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  1. If SanSan isn't going to happen.......... I wouldn't mind Tyrion X>
  2. I believe Milisandre was wanting to serve Jon since she believes him to be Azor Ahai (and a bunch of us do too), but since he sent her away, how would she get back? I think she'll take off the choker she has, and disguise herself that way, but does anyone have any other ideas?
  3. I think Jon will offer marriage to her to cement her claim in exchange for her help in the war against the WW, and The North being made independent after said war. If both live, we'll be left open to whether or not it was a happy and loving marriage, or a bitter distorted one in the years after the shows end.
  4. I think if Sansa was pregnant, that we would have found out in season 6. I think if she was though that she'd keep it personally, whether or not you agree with terminating a pregnancy or not if she aborted it, that would probably create a controversy, and Making Sansa an epic mom or something (possibly through an epilogue scene in the last episode or something) would probably be a lot easier to do than having viewers that are pro life forget that she had an abortion. I think we could get a possible parallel to Catelyn. Even though the child is legitimate, Sansa would probably look at it as something similar to how one would usually see a bastard child; an inconvenience, just like Catelyn saw Jon as a reminder that her husband was unfaithful (or she thought that at least), Sansa would see it as a reminder of Ramsay of course. I think she'd think about it, but perhaps think to herself that while Ramsay Bolton was the father, she, a Stark is the mother, and she could possibly raise it to be a great Stark (in values if not in name) man or woman. So while Catelyn couldn't love a child who couldn't control who it's mother was (and even wondered if her family was cursed because of it), Sansa could love a child who couldn't control who it's father was. That could symbolically be the turn around for the Stark family, and she would have an heir to boot. This being said I think it's been too long for her to be pregnant. It wouldn't be good writing to have it show up on the tail end of the series. That's just my opinion on what she would do. I like to think the Dreadfort is given as a gift to some supporting character. Perhaps Lord Tormund, and Lady Brienne type scenario like some other people on here are suggesting.
  5. I think characters also lost any real personality. They all seem to be one of two things; a depressing brooding dark individual, or a cocky over confident arrogant individual. Take Jon for the first example, and Dany for the second.
  6. Green is the color of envy. Pretty sure Cersei was envious of Margaery.
  7. serpentine lol
  8. that's fantastic
  9. S6 was a lot better than S5, but I've read of several things that fans (mostly of the books, but not all) have complained about. So what was everyone's favorite disappointment? Mine is probably the Tower of Joy scene. It was entertaining, but I think it missed the mark on how great and powerful of a scene it could have been. Let's hear everyone else though.
  10. did he not abandon that plot?
  11. Shadow dragon.
  12. Jorah joins the faith of Rhillor to cure his greyscale, he comes back, Dany sleeps with him, and she dies giving birth to a shadow dragon. The End.
  13. Yeah. Hound didn't seem to learn anything. Could have asked yellow cloak why he did what he did. I really wished we had more satisfying deaths honestly.
  14. I'd personally like it if Tormund at least tried to talk to her, cause even if they don't get together, I'd hate to just be left hanging with it.
  15. He was a fantastic example, but he had to be in the show just like the Sparrows. Both were in the books (if you believe the Hound is with the monks in book 4). The other parts are just fabricated.