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  1. So what I've read, it seems that this theory is basically about the Night King and his undead "generals" formerly the Last Hero with his 12 companions. It sounds nice. And the undead companions would be anyone or anything at this point.
  2. I've always wondered about this, but what's one of the more popular theories the readers/fans thought about?
  3. I hope that Jon takes his parentage well. About Jon/Dany happening in the show, I really hope not. I think it's too stereotypical for them to get together like some of the Jon/Dany shippers from the book. And the incest Aunt/Nephew bothers me on so many levels like really? But that's my two cents. I wonder if he'll go full Stark or Targaryen mode or try his best to become both? It's up the air right now. And at least Dany will know that she's not alone with her nephew alive and kicking.
  4. I'm still skeptical about the spoilers, but it seems a bit off for Rhaegar or Lyanna to suddenly name Jon --> Aegon when he already has a true born son Aegon from Elia. Suddenly Jon Targ is "legit" It's almost like the show creators are erasing Aegon VI from the show (when he's Young Griff in the books) It bothers me so much. But that's what happens when you adapt a 4-thousand page book and make it into a series. Things are bound to change or rewrite to fit the tv series.
  5. Honestly, I hope there's not a chance at a Jon/Dany marriage. It's too tightly stitched together in a nice bundle for shippers to gobble up and say that their ship was "canon" from the start. It's another Rhaegar/Lyanna mesh up but without the death by childbirth and tragic romance most RxL romanticize. I hope they at the very least form an alliance with one another without a marriage pact. It would be nice to see how they interact with one another and both of them later on knowing that they are very well related as Aunt & Nephew.
  6. I've always wondered about this but since Elia Martell was from Dorne, would she have agreed to Rheagar's "plan" to have a third child by a mistress (Lyanna)? Especially since Lyanna was from a very well-known and powerful noble Stark house from the North. Personally, I don't think she would have since if Rhaegar had another child (a son no less), it would have caused some strife within the succession crisis from her own trueborn children. But since Lyanna and Rhaegar had a son, (Jon) what would have happened to Rhaegar picking his heir? P.S. I'm sorry if this seems so off topic. And if you guys have replied/talked about this in previous pages in this thread, I would love to read them.
  7. That would be pretty awesome! Having a warg still live on long after their physical body has been gone. It would be odd if it didn't come up again later on in the books. maybe there are more wargs than we were shown and are still in hiding or abiding their time until the Others come and break open the wall.
  8. Kinda disappointed that Lady Stoneheart and Aegon V aren't going to be in the series, *sighs*
  9. Dear god, everything about this episode: Rickon and Shaggydog were the one of the worse ones. I screamed,"OH MY GOD NOT THEM. PLEASE GOD!" And Jon leaving the Nightwatch was a wow factor for me. I can see fanfictions in the making right now with Jon leaving and somehow meeting up with various characters. And Arya finally leaving her identity as a Stark and becoming a No One. It's heartbreaking. And is it just me that the Starks have horrible timing with meeting up with one another!? Sansa leaving and heading towards the North just as Jon leaves and Rickon and his companions getting into Winterfell just a few days later after Sansa leaves? What the fuck? I think not.
  10. Well, until we see something in the TV show or in the series, I personally think that Ned's promise was to take care of Jon (Despite the fact I dislike the R + L = J theory) It just makes more sense and understandable since Lyanna was in the pool of her own blood (during her horrific childbirth since she was very young at the time 15-16 yrs old). I just kinda wished that George made it less predictable? Nearly everyone and their own mother can tell that Jon might be their son. It's too obvious and even if Jon was their son he really couldn't do much about it since he's in the Nightwatch... But that's my two cents to the story. It's so sad that Rhaegar had to do what he did (prophecy or not) and everyone suffered the consequences because of it. Seriously, whether it was true luv! like everyone expects their romance to be (I highly dislike it when people romanticize their relationship considering the fact there are HUGE consent issues abound in it) it still killed the Stark family leaving only Ned to pass on the torch so to speak. Fucked up alliances (like Elia and her children's fucked up deaths at the hands of Tyrwin's men) with Dorne and a Mad King that wanted to murder everyone in King's Landing just because he wanted to be reborn as a dragon.