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  1. With my entire heart, all of this.
  2. Still makes no sense to me on why he would send one of his children out to possibly die. Doran doesn't strike me as a parent who would willingly sacrifice his own children for a cause that has so little chance of success. Even if he has some grand plan, he doesn't tell any of his children what they're supposed to do to help him succeed in his plan and seemingly relies solely on their impulses to do what he wants them to. If he does have some kind of plan, I think it's bound to fail. Littlefinger has the advantage of originally being a no one and has to everyone's misconception achieved his position through hard work and Cersei thinks that he is loyal. Hell, most people don't even suspect that he is up to something. He has sacrificed his own cronies and even a wife whom he did not love. Doran however is the Prince of Dorne, he has had beef with the Lannisters since Elia's death and that rift has only widened since Oberyn died. Cersei also mistrusts him greatly, which is not good. Sacrificing cronies and a spouse you dislike is one thing, sacrificing your own children is a completely different matter all together, and while I personally think that Doran would have no problem sacrificing cronies if he thought that they would betray him, he doesn't seem like a person who would sacrifice his own children, even if they would foil his plans. I think he would much rather just put them somewhere where they're safe, but still in his control and within his sights, which was the reason why he locked Arianne up in a tower after she attempted to crown Myrcella. As for the bolded part, why would he do that? If his plan is for Quentyn to "fail safely" that is something that could massively backfire; if the orders were "don't kill the prince", how would the corsairs know who was who? if the orders were "don't kill the Dornish-looking guy", then what if they accidently killed Quentyn instead of Kedry? What if the corairs decided that maybe they could get more money from Doran by holding Quentyn ransom and killing him if Doran didn't oblige? This plan is rather messed up.
  3. I see a lot of people have been watching Preston Jacobs' "Deeper Dorne" videos. While I admit that he makes a lot of points that make me think are a little good, most of the points are just... No... I don't Doran is as clever as everyone makes him out to be. He sent his son out on a dangerous mission where he could absolutely not just fail, but also die, which he did. Now he sends his daughter out to a young claimant to the Iron Throne who may or may not be his nephew and puts her in position where she could be in danger. For someone who is seemingly incredibly sentimental, he seems to have no problem throwing his children in harms way. As for why Doran would support the Targaryens, he has no real reason to, unless it is revealed that Aegon truly is Elia's son. Aegon will need support from pretty much anyone he can get and logically his own uncle would be one of the first people he would go to. Aegon truly being Elia's son and might even marry Arianne would be great for house Martell and Dorne. So if you look at it from that perspective, why wouldn't Doran support Aegon (after it was proven that he was Elia's)
  4. I beg to differ; the Riverlands are smack in the middle of Westeros, which means that any army who has to go to their enemies will almost certainly have to cross the Riverlands to get to them. We are also told in the history of the Riverlands that barely a generation would go by without two, sometimes three, of the kingdoms being at war with one another. The Targaryen dynasty of Westeros put an end to royal houses fighting over territory (the biggest motivator for war) and instead reduced the fighting to between the Targaryens, which admittedly, there was not that much of. The World Book also tells us that the Targaryen rule has, compared to prior to their rule, been the most peaceful time in recorded Westerosi history. And 12 wars in 300 years is actually not a lot, considering Westeros' massive size (that's actually a lot fewer wars than U.S. has been in since its founding)
  5. Isn't it possible that Darkstar dyed his hair that way? We know dying your hair is possible in aSoIaF, so isn't it possible that he did so too? Because how on earth is a "midnight streak" possible on silver hair?
  6. Perhaps she was raped and wants her son to avenge her?
  7. We have never had it confirmed that Aerys' and Rhaella's stillborns were the monsterous ones like Maegor's offspring or Rhaego. In fact, most of their children lived for a little while before they died, which suggests that they were perfectly healthy and if you believe the Maester Theory, they were actually killed and Rhaella's miscarriages were most likely because of poison given to Rhaella. Tyanna of the Tower, one of Maegor's wives, allegedly confessed to Maegor that she had poisoned his pregnant wives, which caused his children to become the way they were.
  8. I suppose it also kept the Game of Thrones small for almost three centuries. Seriously, if the nobles of Westeros have not changed much in the nearly three centuries of the Targaryen dynasty as they are during the Baratheon dynasty, imagine the fighting that would've happened if the Targaryens married outside their family (especially when they had dragons).
  9. So you're suggesting that humans got the ability to warg/skin change by breeding with the Others and not Children of the Forest? I actually kind of like that theory. I've always had the theory that they simply have too few females, or none at all, to reproduce naturally with and no one is sacrificing girls to them. And I actually began to wonder whether or not that was intentional on the First Men's part; if the First Men were selective in which boys they chose to sacrifice, they could give the Others their weak sons only and save their strong sons for future fighting and reproduction (similarily to Sparta). The Free Folk know that incest makes children weak and there is no way Craster is unaware of this fact. Perhaps he is sacrificing his sons by his daughters to the Others on purpose?
  10. In Bran's defense, he is a small child and is also unaware of these "laws" that skinchangers have. And even if he did know about them, he would need to be taught why it's bad to break these rules. So far he has only warged into Summer, a raven and Hodor. Summer and the raven were okay with Bran warging into them, but Hodor has only been very scared and didn't put up much of a fight when Bran warged into him, which could mean that Bran didn't think much of it. Varamyr on the other hand, is aware of the "laws" and breaks them anyway. He has warged into both animals and humans who have resisted him, but he doesn't care. I personally like to think that warging symbolically represents sex, rape and consent. We know GRRM is very familiar with feminist issues, so he would of course know a lot about this particular topic.
  11. You've brought forth a very good analysis here and I like it very much. (I still ship it, though)
  12. There is a theory that Darkstar is actually Jaehaerys Targaryen, Aerys II's and Rhaella's sixth child and fourth son.
  13. A Silent Sister and a Faceless Man, both servants of Death, without names or faces and completely unknown to the world. I totally ship it.
  14. One thing I most definately would do is make the Riverlands and the Crownlands one region. There are quite a few reasons why I would do it: 1. During times of war, the Riverlands are usually the first region to be affected by it because of their location. Armies have to travel and because the Riverlands in the dead-center of Westeros, they will have to pass through the region, which more often than not brings bad things for the people living there. If I made the two regions into one region and I moved my castle and the capital further into the Riverlands and thusly more central in Westeros, I like to think that not only would wars be a lot less likely to happen because I, the king, would be in the region and thusly people would think twice before they make their armies come through (I could be wrong about this, though), but I also think that if bandit groups were in the area, my army would be much faster to respond to it. 2. The magnitude of the Riverlands would increase the number of the Royal Army, since currently the Crown only had the Crownlands, which is the smallest region in Westeros. 3. I just really dislike seeing the Crownlands on the map. I mean really, the Crownlands are so small and seem so insignificant. It would look so much better if the Crownlands and the Riverlands became one region, map-wise. For their treason in the Red Wedding, I would take the Twins away from the Freys. I would instead set up my own men there and work as guardians of the Twins, all of them employed (I would allow the Freys to be employed as well) and I would be the one setting the payments for the people who wish to cross pay. I believe this here will give people jobs, as they will be guarding the Twins and it will also increase the Royal Treasury, as I will take most of the money people pay go through for my own treasury. The odds of two towns popping up on either side of the Twins might also be a possibility, so should that be the case I would allow the residents on either side to pay less than a merchant crossing over with one or more vans with goods. While I am there, I should also consider building two other "twins" at the other forks. This will allow for easier passage and better trade in the Riverlands. I would negotiate with the High Septon (High Sparrow?) and have terms that we an both agree on. Although I admittedly haven't thought this one out properly (I might edit a bit later), one thing will certainly be negotiated: The Faith Militant will be restored, if their main purpose is to protect septs, the people who work in said septs and to protect the followers of the Faith of the Seven. To ensure that the Faith keeps its bargain, I might just make an extra seat on the Small Council for a representative for the Faith. This, I believe, will give me a better relationship with the Faith and it would also give me more credibility as a faithful ruler among the religious commoners. I would do a lot more to prevent Ironborn reaving. I would make harsher punishments for the Ironborn, both the captains and their recruits, if they would be reaving and taking thralls and saltwives. I would also put some kind of consul on the Iron Islands with fully armed soldiers, to ensure that they should they still decide to take thralls and/or saltwives, they could be discovered sooner and justice could be served faster. The Drowned God encourages the Ironborn to do as they do, so although I will not outright ban the religion (although I just might if things don't go as planned), I will have septs, septries and motherhouses be built on the Islands and septons and septas will preach the Faith of the Seven, which could convert quite a few people. If the negotiation with the High Sparrow doesn't go through and the Faith Militant is not restored, the septons, septas and septs will be protected by the consul and his soldiers, should the Drowned Priests preach against them. I would do a lot more for the Night's Watch. The Crown would ensure that the Night's Watch is properly supplied and I would also obligate the Warden of the North to supply them as well (it is afterall his duty to ensure the North's safety against the Wildlings, so supplying the Night's Watch, who also have that duty, is in his duty's best interest). Since the Starks are usually the Wardens of the North, to make them a little happy I would give them the New Gift back. While I am there, I would discuss things through with the Night's Watch; instead of serving for life, the men of the Night's Watch would instead sign a contract where they would swear to serve for a certain amount of years, similar to how sellsword companies do. After their years of service, they would receive a payment from the Crown, also similar to how sellsword companies do. This here would make the Night's Watch a lot more appealing to the average man, as he would only serve for a few years and would only have to follow the Night's Watch vows for a certain amount of time and would also get a payment after his service. (This here would however mean that the only ones who can serve as Lord Commanders are those who have either signed a contract that says they will serve for life or they've joined the Night's Watch "the Old Way".) Although I am not quite sure how much success I would have with this part, I would have the Maesters not just serve castles and the people who live in them, but to also serve cities and towns. They are good healers and they would be able to work as doctors in towns and cities, which I believe would drastically improve the overall health of the population of towns and cities. A lot of these are admittedly not very well-thought out and are more fanfiction than anything, but I personally do not think they're too unreasonable.
  15. Now THIS theory, I actually really like!