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  1. Just a brief question on Harrenhal, I get that Harrenhal is still standing just as a monument, but why does the castle and whoever resides in it still have that much land? The castle is a huge ruin and a white elephant and no one really wants it, so why has no Targaryen king decided to render the castle a useless ruin, or at least a monument to the Targaryens, and taken the lands and split them to loyal vassals? Seems a lot more practical use of land.
  2. I don't think moontea is as widespread as some people tend to think; sure there are a few Maesters who know how to brew it and we know there are woodswitches who also know, but there's no way that moontea is as widespread as some people think. Maesters are only in castles and the commoners don't have access to them and I can't really bring myself to believe that there are just woodswitches all over the place who're willing to give just about anyone moontea for free. Not to mention also the ingredients; we don't really know what they are, other than tansy, mint and woodworm, but they seem to be regional, which means that not everyone has access to it. Arianne is a Princess of Dorne, so she could have access to the ingredients, but most women (and prostitutes) around Westeros don't seem to have easy access to either a woodswitch or the ingredients to moontea. Maybe she did take moontea and she's just like Lysa who has a difficult time conceiving and/or her children would be sickly and die very soon after birth?
  3. I agree with the first bolded part and disagree with the second bolded part.
  4. Stannis is still capable of fathering children. He seems to be open-minded about Shireen becoming queen, but if she dies before then, he can just make another children. The question is about Selyse; she isn't a particularily attractive woman and seeing her personality from other POVs, she's also rather unbearable to be around. Stannis apparently only bedded her twice a year and wasn't particularily fond of her. I think making another child would be difficult for him and he would probably need a new wife. Melisandre told Davos that she and Stannis "made a son" from the shadow and it had to be "born" from her womb, which really implies that she and Stannis had sex. So Stannis isn't incapable of having sex either. It could just be Selyse.
  5. Aerys had a complicated relationship with Tywin because it was well-known that he was the one who truly ruled the Seven Kingdoms and Aerys was just a puppet. Aerys was a proud man and to have it known that everyone around knew Tywin did most of the ruling must've stung. Aerys and Rhaegar's relationship probably also went south because of Aerys' incompetence and because he was abusive towards Rhaella. Think Aegon IV-Daeron II; the father is a bad king and abusive to the queen and the son is not about that. Naturally, their relationship falters.
  6. As others have pointed out, his first wife had three miscarriages, so he can't have been impotent or infertile. Jorah also told Dany that he had multiple women: This leaves the opportunity that Jorah may have a few bastards walking around Bear Isle. I also last year introduced the theory that Jorah and Lynesse had a child together. I'll try to find the thread. Found it:
  7. Good question; did he die like Myranda Royce's husband and Aelora blames herself for it, or maybe they were shooting arrows for sport and Aelora's accidentally hit Aelora? Who knows, maybe we will find out in Fire and Blood.
  8. That is nicely noticed!
  9. I suppose many people don't ship them as a love match, but as a political match. And that makes sense for those who want Jon to be King in the North; if R+L=J is true, then Jon has a claim to the North, but he is a bastard so his claim will be difficult, but he can make his claim stronger by marrying one of his legitimate female cousins from his mother's older brother. In this case, Jonsa is preferable, as Sansa is older than Arya and thusly has a stronger claim. Jonrya, on the other hand, I personally think is mostly a love match.
  10. Not convinced, but let's humour ourselves a bit: If Malora is truly Lemore, does that mean that the Hightowers are in bed with Varys and Illyrio? Did they help Varys spirit Aegon away? Part of it does make sense, since Lemore (Malora) is a Hightower and they are very influential with the Faith, so it's only natural that a Hightower would know a lot about the Faith and teach a certain someone about the Faith. Or what if Aegon is actually a Hightower? We know from the past that there are some Hightowers who did look like Targaryens, so what if Aegon is actually just a Hightower?
  11. Took the words straight out of my mouth.
  12. When Bran is in a coma, he dreams that he is falling, but right before he wakes up he flies. Bran is a warg and can thusly basically put his own mind/soul into another person or being temporarily, which can be thought of that his soul is "flying". It is possible that Patch is saying that the Valyrians were/are wargs? That is a theory that has been floating around for a while.
  13. To say that I hate the theory would be an overstatement. What I don't like is how so many people trod it around like been confirmed already. I get that there is a lot of evidence for it, but as of right now it is still only a theory and hasn't been confirmed to be true. That being said, the reason why I don't think it's true, is because if it is then it's too obvious; Lyanna gets kidnapped or elopes with prince Rhaegar, disappears for a year, dies for a strange reason and her older brother comes around with a little baby that he claims to be his, but he refuses to tell anyone who the mother is. Even without the "promise me, Ned", that is ridiculously suspicious and it really screams R+L=J. GRRM has throughout the series written prophecy where he indirectly tells the reader what's going to happen, so why on earth would he make Jon's true parentage so obvious? You don't need Dany's vision of blue roses on the ice wall or even "promise me, Ned" to see the possibility of R+L=J. I, again, dont hate the theory and I won't be angry or frustrated if it turns out to be true, but I would like people to stop acting like it's been confirmed.
  14. This is just a real quick question: Is polygamy legal in the Faith? We know that the Faith encourages marriages between a man and a woman, but does it specifically say that you absolutely can't be married to multiple people?
  15. Not quite sure if anyone can really answer that question; as of right now, we have never actually seen any Ironborn really fight. We see Asha in the forest, but there isn't a whole lot of detail about each individual's fighting skill. We have nothing but our POVs information to go by.