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  1. In regards to a prospective fur trade, do we know how many kinds of animals are in the North and what their population is? The Wolfswood is called so for a reason, but if hunted too much, that could easily lead to their extinction, which will not only ruin their prospective trade, but it will also mess up their ecosystem.
  2. Is there anything about the Black Brides? We know something about Rhaena, but what about Elinor and Jeyne? How did they react to their forced marriages? How was the wedding; did they cry during it? How did Maegor treat them (and their children, if they were there)? Jeyne died, but does it say anything about Elinor and her whereabouts after Maegor's death?
  3. Well that screws up my theory. We know that dragons can seemingly change their sex, so I thought that maybe their sex was determined by the sex of their last rider. Like, maybe they just mimicked their riders' sex just because that it what they were used to.
  4. You could say that the Blackfyres inspired her concern, but we can look at real-life history; noble women, and queens, generally disliked mistresses, not because their husband was unfaithful, but because any and all children a mistress had with a married man could stake a claim into his inheritance. Bastards didn't have an automatic claim, but if their father favoured them over his children with his wife, he could actually give them a nice sum of wealth or even make them his successor. History is filled with instances where this occurred. Catelyn dislikes Jon in part because he is proof that Ned was unfaithful to her, which stings because she does genuinely love him, but it is mostly because Jon is a legitimate threat to her own children's claim to the North, because of his looks (he looks more like Ned than any of Catelyn's children) and because everyone and their mother knows that Jon is "of Ned's blood", so few would question his paternity. If Jon was only a little bit more popular among the other lords and really wanted Winterfell, he could very well just have tried to gain allies in taking Winterfell and might've been successful.
  5. Death comes out of their mouths in the form of flames, but life comes out of their butt in the shape of poop. But seriously, what I'm more concerned with how much do dragons eat? They're massive and would in theory need a lot of food. Since they're reptile-like and are most likely cold-blooded, they would need a lot less food for their size, but dragons are described as very hot, which implies that they're hot-blooded and their massive size would mean that they would need to eat their own weight just to live for one day. Honestly, their eating habits mess me up.
  6. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but here goes: The wargs/skinchangers have three "laws" that they mustn't break: Don't warg into something and mate with another animal. Don't eat human flesh when warging. Don't warg into another human being. Aside from the warging into another human, what's so bad about the other two? Why can't a warg eat a human when he is inside an animal, if he is hungry for example? What if he really needs this animal and the human is dead anyway? Does that mean that wargs who have their second life in, say, a wolf, can never ever eat a human, even if the warg is starving and found the human dead? Varamyr Sixskins has eaten humans at least once and it doesn't seem to have changed him, so why the fuss? And why can't a warg mate with another animal while he is warging? Is it like with Harry Potter, where if two werewolves mate while in their werewolf form, they will produce very smart wolves that may have human intelligence? Will the possible offspring of the coupling have near human intelligence or maybe a (partial) human soul? That also brings forth the question, if this is indeed the case, does the intelligence differ if the warg is inside the sire or inside the dam? And what happens if/when a warg gets caught? What's going to happen to him? The Free Folk don't have any real laws, so what are they going to do if a warg breaks these "laws"?
  7. I personally wouldn't think too much about it. 1. Sometimes in real life, these things happen; some couples will have an even number of sons and daughters, some will have more girls than boys, some will have more boys than girls, some will have only girls and some only boys. These things happen and there is nothing strange about it. 2. GRRM is the author of the series and he can make Old Walder have as many sons and daughters as he likes. Maybe it's for plot convenience or maybe he just straight up wants to make it so. Nothing strange about it.
  8. As others in this thread have pointed out, beauty is subjective in this series. While some characters are deemed universally beautiful (Daenerys, Cersei, Sansa, Loras, etc.), there are some characters whose looks can range from beautiful, plain or downright ugly depending on who is talking. And a character's opinion of another character's looks can change, depending on their actions; Sansa at first thought Joffrey was handsome, but after he killed her father she begins to think of him as ugly and wonders how she ever thought him handsome.
  9. Lyanna is known as the She-wolf for her fiery temper and she is also known as being the possible mother of Jon Snow, but there has been a theory that goes around that fAegon might actually have been her other son (twin of Jon). It's a pretty good question of where this theory comes from, but I've been thinking of the possibility that maybe Lyanna did indeed have twins at ToJ: Lyanna's nickname, the She-wolf, could be a possible reference to the She-wolf of Roman Mythology. The She-wolf was the wolf who found, nursed and cared for twins Romulus and Remus until they were discovered by shepherds. The two brothers grow up and decide to build Rome, but they can't quite agree on anything and Romulus decided to kill Remus and built and ran Rome himself. Considering that GRRM is very inspired by history and mythology, and Lyanna's nickname, could it indeed be true that Lyanna did give birth to twins and the myth of Romulus and Remus could be a very good indicator/foreshadowing about what is about to happen? Sorry it's poorly written.
  10. I don't recall ever getting a proper description of Sweetrobin's eyes, but his hair is dark-brown and he is short, similarily to Littlefinger. And personalities can't just be passed down like genetics. Sure, many sons in the series are like their fathers, but that's because they spent time with their fathers and began to internalize their behaviours and thoughts. Sweetrobin, if he is Littlefinger's son, was born sickly due to no fault of his own, but he was sheltered and spoiled by Lysa and spending little to no time with Littlefinger, or Jon Arryn for that matter, so there really isn't anything Sweetrobin can internalize.
  11. I personally like to think that Loras Tyrell planted the idea in his head. I believe there are two reasons for this: 1. It would make Margaery queen and it would improve house Tyrell's standing in not only in court, but also in the kingdom as a whole. (While I don't doubt that Loras truly loved and cared for Renly, he is a Tyrell and Olenna's grandson and not without a little bit of cunning.) 2. It would give him an excuse to join the Kingsguard; Renly was in the Small Council and because he is Robert's younger brother (and a little good at what he's doing), he's not going to be dismissed easily. Loras, however, is at court on borrowed time and can be dismissed whenever, however if he joined the Kingsguard, that would make it difficult to dismiss him (plus he would get to protect Margaery against Cersei).
  12. I like these two, especially since Drogon is (assumed to be) male and can actually be ridden by someone! And because the prophecy of the Stallion who Mounts the World goes like this: The bolded part kind of suggests a dragon, doesn't it?
  13. Well, in their defense, the oldest Blackfyre sons, Aegon and Aemon, were twelve-years-old when the First Blackfyre Rebellion happened and they both died in battle and the second oldest son, Daemon II, was only around ten or nine-years-old during the Blackfyre Rebellion. We don't know precisely how old Daemon I's other sons were, but they were all born after 189AC (the approximate year of Daemon II's birth) and since we don't know how many daughters Daemon I's had we have no idea of knowing if they did commit incest or not. Personally, I think the Blackfyre's would've continued the incest; after the dragons died out, incest in order to keep their looks was the defining thing for the Targaryens and since Daemon was a Targaryen on both his father's side and his mother's side and was seemingly in love with his half-sister, Daenerys, I believe he would've made his children continue the incest. It is what sets them apart from everyone else.
  14. I actually for a while subscribed to the theory that Jeyne Westerling had run away with the Blackfish and the girl Jaime met was Eleyna and added a little bit more to it; Jeyne is not pregnant, but she will try to get pregnant with the Blackfish. Her mother gave her potions so that she wouldn't get pregnant with Robb, but she isn't drinking these potions anymore, which means that she can now freely have children. She will want vengeance for Robb, but she will need the support of the North for that and she can't really do it all on her own and would need one of Robb's children. Enter the Blackfish; Brynden Tully has blue eyes and his grey hair was formerly auburn red, the Tully features. Robb took after his mother and also had the Tully features. If Jeyne can get pregnant with Brynden and the child will have at least some of the Tully features, then she will be able to pass the child as Robb's and receive support from the North. This was just my theory, though.
  15. Rhaegar Targaryen crowned Lyanna as Queen of Love and Beauty at the Tourney of Harrenhal and the flower crown was made with winter roses, her favourite flower. Winter roses are said to be very rare and, as the name implies, only grow in the winter. How did the people who organised the tourney have time to not only find winter roses, but also make them into a crown for the Queen of Love and Beauty? We know Rhaegar was an okay jouster, but he won the biggest joust in the series, where he crowns Lyanna Queen of Love and Beauty and it just happens to be her favourite flower. Seems a little bit too convenient. Did Rhaegar set this up? Did he and/or someone else pay the other jousters to let him win so he could specifically win for Lyanna?