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  1. Who is this pairing?
  2. I'm fairly certain sure if this has been pointed out before, but here's my question: Many people think that the Daynes have Targaryen ancestry. Whether or not that is truly the case can be discussed to death, but there is one particular Dayne who is a bit of a mystery: Gerold Dayne. He is from a branch of Dayne that isn't at Starfall, but at High Hermitage. Gerold even refers to Arthur Dayne as his cousin, which signifies that he is a distant relative: We don't know who he descends from, but we do know that he looks a lot like the Targaryens, because he has the same hair and eye-colour, but there is one particular trait that seems to point to Targaryen ancestry: Gerold has silver hair, but there is a dark streak in it. You can argue that there's nothing really strange about it, but there are two other Targaryens who had an odd streak through their hair: Elaena Targaryen, who had silver hair with a golden streak to it, and Valarr Targaryen, who had brown hair with a silver-golden streak in it. Two Targaryens with a rather particular trait and one man with an unknown ancestry who displays not just this particular trait, but many other traits to a specific family. I know many people believe that Gerold could be a "secret Targaryen", but do you think that GRRM could be indrectly, but specifically, telling us that Gerold has Targaryen ancestry, maybe a descendent from Elaena Targaryen?
  3. No offence to the OP of that thread, but goodness...
  4. My most disliked theory. Who are these and how does the theory go?
  5. Well, to play Devil's advocate, we don't really know what occurred when Luthor fell off the cliff. For all we know he and his group could've walked close to a cliff's edge and his horse accidentally slipped and fell down, and that developed into the story that he was riding full speed without a care for where he was riding and just ran his horse off a cliff. Honestly, real stories change to seem more comical to the listener. I like this.
  6. Well, then please do explain Viserys, because he was born eight years before Dany. I'm personally conflicted with this theory; while it is very possible that a similar thing happened to Rhaella because of Summerhall, we have to remember that ASoIaF is based on medievel Europe. Babies, even royal babies, died all the time and queens had miscarriages for a number of reasons. Rhaella miscarrying so many times and her babies dying so often was not uncommon during that time. Or hell, if you believe the Maester Conspiracy Theory, Rhaella was either given something that could cause her to miscarry or her babies were deliberately killed.
  7. Pretty much this. The theory goes that Rhaella gave birth to a child, most likely a girl and she was swapped wih Dany because Dany is Rhaegar's daughter and she would, in theory, be safe from Robert with her uncle who would think she was his sister. Another theory is that the child that was swapped with Dany is actually Allyria Dayne. I personally think it is a very interesting theory and there are a few underlying hints of it (Ashara mentioned so many times Quaithe telling Dany that she isn't who she thinks she is, etc), but as of right now there is no reason to believe that Dany is not Aerys and Rhaella's child.
  8. Many people believe that Rhaella was indeed pregnant by Aerys' child and she did die from childbirth, but people can't agree on whether the child was spirited away or died with Rhaella.
  9. I don't think Varys, Jon or Stannis ever told anyone who Robert's bastards are, much less wrote down their names. Mya and Edric are the only ones that people officially know about and we can assume that the twins in Lannisport that Cersei killed are, as far as the people know, only a rumour.
  10. When I say she would benefit, I mean she would benefit with her customers; women can sell their virginity for a very high prize and maybe Bella would be able to get her customers to pay a little bit more and claim something like "have you ever f*****d a king's daughter or a princess?". Honestly, prostitutes can raise their prizes for a bunch of reasons.
  11. Well, when Aegon III said that he wanted to feed the smallfolk and keep them happy, he could very well have said this in a very melancholic tone. He could just have been like Roose Bolton in his policy: Roose is lord and not a king, but his policy is that as long as the smallfolk are fine, then things are fine. No one complains about anything, no one reports anything, justice gets served when needed and people are okay. Aegon III was a man who could spend days in his chamber and just not talk to anyone, so a rule where there is peace and the smallfolk have nothing to complain about sound like the ideal rule for Aegon III.
  12. Good point; in the appendix from Storm and onwards under the King on the Iron Throne and under "baseborn siblings", Mya, Gendry and Edric are listed, but Bella isn't. This could mean that GRRM is telling us that Bella isn't Robert's and why should Bella tell anyone that she isn't? She could just be some random prostitute who benefits greatly from people thinking that she's the late king's bastard. We don't know her age or even if Bella is her real name and Robert isn't the only man on Planetos who has black hair.
  13. Well, Robert was known to be very tall and handsome in his youth, so Gendry might have inherited more than Robert's black hair. Also, Gendry has been working as a blacksmith; being a blacksmith is a very physically demanding job, especially with the upper-body, and many blacksmiths are described as being very strong. If Gendry is tall and has muscled arms and chest, it should comeas no wonder why people think he is older than he truly is.
  14. Well, wasn't Gendry born in King's Landing after Robert's Rebellion? Granted, Robert could've fathered Gendry on his mother right after the Sacking of King's Landing, as Robert and his troops would naturally celebrate that the Rebellion was pretty much over that very night and would of course engage in sex with someone, which would place his conceivement after Daenerys'. It makes sense then, that Gendry is younger than Daenerys, which is to say 12-13 years old in Game.