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  1. I know that, but I am thinking that she must've tried to use one with Valyrian features because the Targaryens of old seemed to have been rather obsessed with "keeping the blood pure" and had previously only had children with Velaryons, another old Valyrian family. But it is not just because of "blood purity", but also because of features. Sure a fair-haired man might've been enough, but only "might". Even if Rhaenys could've found one with fair-hair and fair eyes, if the father had looked too much unlike Aegon, it could've been a dead giveaway. Rhaenys was an intelligent woman and if Aenys is indeed not Aegon's, then I think she must've thought that the best way to have a child without risking that the child looked too unlike Aegon, but still have the blood of Old Valyria, is to have the father be someone who belongs to a family from Valyria and the Velaryons are perfect for that role, because not only are they from Valyria, but they have also interbred with the Targaryens.
  2. I've been thinking a lot about the theory that Aegon the Conqueror might've been infertile and that Aenys and Maegor were not his biological children, which lead me to wonder who their fathers might've been. We know that Rhaenys was known to have many "special" male friends and many people believe that one of them, whoever they were, was the father of Aenys. It is my speculation, that in order to make sure that the child Rhaenys would have would not have their paternity questioned, she would have to be with someone who had Valyrian features. I quickly looked to the Velaryons, because Rhaenys' mother had been a Velaryon and Daemon Velaryon had helped them conquer the Seven Kingdoms and was now serving as Aegon's Master of Ships. As I looked a little into house Velaryon at this time, I found something rather interesting; as we all know, Valaena's mother was a Targaryen (which may have influenced why Valaena married Aerion in the first place), but we've never been told who she were. I think it' mostly just because we don't particularily care about pre-conquest Targaryens, but then I looked a little bit further; Alyssa Velaryon, who was the wife of Aenys I and mother of Jaehaerys I, also had a Targaryen mother. Alyssa was born in 7 AC, which places her birth after the Conquest, which means that Alyssa's Targaryen mother could've been around the age of Aegon the Conqueror. This here hints to that Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys were not the only living Targaryens living on Dragonstone at the time of the Conquering. I started to look into house Targaryen's family tree to get some information; unfortunately, there were no women that are mentioned, but there were three men who are also on the family tree, but are not written to have any offspring; Aegon the Conqueror's great great uncle, Maegon Targaryen, and two great uncles, Aelyx and Baelon Targaryen. They are on the family tree, but according to the tree, they didn't have any children. But what if they did? What if they did indeed have children that lived on Dragonstone, but they simply aren't mentioned anywhere, because they didn't partake in the conquering and thusly are not in the history book? That is usually how it goes in history; those who are not important, don't get to be in books.
  3. The seed is strong, but the son is not the father. If Gregor fathers a few bastards there is no guarantee that they will be like him personality-wise Has it been confirmed or is it still just a theory?
  4. Good question. He has raped many women and unless he is sterile, some of them must've gotten with child. "The seed is strong" is an often used phrase in the book, so maybe his children will be as tall as him. However, we know that he has been married twice and was apparently bethrothed to another woman before the War of the Five Kings broke out, and no one mentions him having any trueborn children by either of his wives, which I suppose opens up the opportunity that he is sterile (given what we know of his character, he likely killed his first two wives before he could have children with them, though we aren't told how long he was married to either of them).
  5. Well, we don't have it confirmed that they left Valyria together with the Targaryens or if they left earlier than them. Most people tend to believe that they both left years before the Targaryens did and only entered their service after they came to Dragonstone to make alliances (which kind of makes sense, since neither of them had dragons and servicing a family that did would be a huge advantage to them).
  6. I've always just kind of thought that the Celtigars and Velaryons were cadet branches or maybe even bastard houses from some dragonlord family and they were simply given enough wealth and maybe even position at Driftmark and Claw Isle to trade and/or keep track of what was happening in Westeros by the Freehold. They might've even have been one of the minor Valyrian families who were in the service of house Targaryen and left Valyria with them.
  7. I personally think Varys knows. He may not know all the details about what happened at the Tower of Joy, but he is an incredibly intelligent character and the fact that he could not piece two-and-two together (Ned going south to Dorne to get Lyanna, but comes home with Lyanna's corpse and a little boy whom he claims is his bastard), strikes me as rather odd. But one of the biggest reasons why I think it is Varys is because Ned and his friends seemingly knew where the Tower of Joy was. All of them were Northmen and had most likely never been to Dorne, but they found the tower seemingly effortlessly and without a guide? That to me seems unlikely and I think someone told them where the tower was and I think that that someone was Varys. But one thing that has always bothered me is that seemingly no one (other than Ned and Howland) knows how Lyanna died and no one seemed to have bothered asking how. If Lyanna did indeed die from childbirth, she wouldn't have had any visible scars that could be the cause of death and which could've caused anybody who was close to her ask how she died.
  8. Something that I think you misunderstand about the "Jon needs to marry a northern woman, not a wildling" point is that should Jon decide to marry Val and have children with her, the alliance/peace will be temporary. The Free Folk/wildlings follow whomever they want and usually choose them based on their strenght. Jon has allowed the Free Folk through the Wall and into the Gift, which could be cause for them to give him their allegiance and have him as their leader and if you've read up on the theory that Val is like a priestess of the Old Gods, she could garner a lot support for him. But the problem is that the Free Folk are a minority. If the northern lords disapprove of Jon marrying a wildling, the Free Folk would have very few means to fend them off as I get the impression that a lot of the Free Folk who could fight were killed in the Battle of Castle Black, which would diminish their numbers (there is also the issue with that, as Jon stated, they are very undisciplined, and "discipline defeats raw strenght every time"). If Jon is to be lord of Winterfell and King in the North, he has to have the support of the northern lords, so he has to marry at least one of their daughters (where, as stated, Wylla Manderly is a good marriage match because of the Manderly wealth). There is also huge cultural differences between the Northerners and Free Folk, which will inevitably lead to fighting, as the Free Folk will have a difficult time accepting officially being under a king and having to kneel to him and the Northerners will be forcing the Free Folk to bend the knee or they will kill them (they would most likely kill the men and make the women their wives, though). But even if Jon marries Val and everything is somehow okay, do remember that just because the Free Folk follow Jon and Val, that does not mean that they will follow their children. If their children are weak and cannot rule, the Free Folk will abandon them and will most likely break into different tribes under different leaders and fights all over the North are going to happen. When they finally decide to head further south, that will most likely be the end of them, as the Free Folk are not particularily technologically advanced and will most likely be defeated by the southerners.
  9. I personally do not find Sweetrobin creepy. He is very sheltered and spoiled because of his mother, but I do not find him creepy and I actually do hope he manages to live to adulthood.
  10. I personally think that what could help the Night's Watch is that the service could be temporary; instead of serving for life, they could, like in the sellsword companies in Essos, sign a contract and serve for a few years and, if they felt like it, renew the contract after the service is done and after each service (or after a major job has been done), they would get payment for it. This way, not only would the Watch be much more appealing to poor men who lack skills and money, but after each service, they would emerge from the Watch with a new skills which would allow them to get different jobs, and with the money, they would be able to buy some property and make them much more suitable for marriage. Young boys would be able to join the Watch for service in order to send some of the money they'd make back to their families. They would still have to keep some of their vows, like hold no crown, hold no land or titles, take no wife and father no children, but again, these will only be temporary and once their service would be over and they did not wish to renew their contract, they'd be free to go and marry and have children. I'm thinking that the crown should make sure that the Night's Watch has money, however, as the Night's Watch is legitimately keeping the Realm safe from wildlings and the Others, and keeping the Realm safe through them is in the interest of the king and the Realm itself.
  11. I like to think that he will as a matter of fact look at Jeyne Poole (now noseless) and think that she is the actual Arya.
  12. A rather interesting one I read was that Gerold "Darkstar" Dayne is actually Jaehaerys Targaryen, one of Aerys and Rhaella's many dead children (in case you're wondering, he is the one that was born and died before Viserys).
  13. I agree with these two; Viserys lost all the adults in his life and was then left to take care of a little baby at only 8-years-old. Imagine what that must've been like! While I agree that a lot of the reasons why Viserys was a total shit to Daenerys is not just because she might've been a rather frustrating child (remember, 8-year-old has to take care of a baby and through Daenerys' memories we do know that she had quite a bit of a sharp tongue and was most likely not the sweet and innocent little girl most of us think when we think of he as a child), but the biggest reason was because of his mother who died giving birth to Daenerys. By observing what Daenerys says about their mother's crown (the last happiness left Viserys when they sold their mother's crown), we can see that Viserys was very close to his mother, and why wouldn't he? Aerys was mad and if Barristan is an indicator, Rhaella sheltered Viserys from the worst of Aerys' madness and I don't exactly think that Viserys was too close to Rhaegar, Elia and their children, which leaves pretty much only Rhaella. Viserys' mistreatment of Daenerys, in my opinion, stems mostly from that he blames her for killing Rhaella. Cersei hates and blames Tyrion for killing their mother, Joanna, and that was more than 20 years ago, but her hatred is still strong (and has only grown stronger since she got the valonqar prophecy). Honestly, I kind of wish that Viserys had grown close to someone and had shared intimate thoughts and past feelings and experiences with whom we could've had a few POV chapters from. I suppose one such character could be Doreah, one of Daenerys' maids, whom Viserys had sex with multiple times, but alas.
  14. In regards to the ghosts not having the same hair and eye colour: Valyrians were famous for their silver, gold and platinum white hair, and although most of them had eyes who were various degrees of purple, they also did have other eye colours, like sky-blue, etc. So, maybe the ghosts are her ancestors.
  15. I suppose it could work for their Salt Children (the children conceived through their Salt Wives), but what about the bastards of Ironborn nobles?