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  1. Daenerys could've developed some kind of Stockholm Syndrome; I can't remember where, but I read once that teenagers who have been abused and/or mistreated for most of their lives tend to quickly develop a strong attachment to someone who is very nice and tender to them, because they are not used to someone treating them nicely. Because this person treated them nicely, the abused teen is willing to go to any length to make that person happy, even if it is detrimental for themselves. Unfortunately, this means that the abused teen is very easy to take advantage of and will put up with serious abuse. We see this in Daenerys; Viserys has been abusing Daenerys all her life and then suddenly Drogo comes along and isn't the brute she initially thought he was on their wedding night and actually cares about her consent. She is now his khaleesi, which is a very respected status. He is big and strong and can very effectively fight off anyone who wants to harm her and gives her courage to stand up to Viserys. But she also puts up with the fact that in the beginning of their marriage he ignores her most of the day and the only time he gives her attention is at night, when he rather brutally rapes her (I refuse to say it is anything other than that). She later comes to enjoy having sex with Drogo, even though we, the readers, are personally disgusted with what is going on. We very clearly see this pattern in Daenerys, which I personally think makes her very interesting.
  2. Well, Ellaria is said to be bisexual. Gaemon Palehair's mother, Essie, can also be considered to be a lesbian or at least bisexual, as she had Sylvenna Sand as a paramour, but she also worked in a brothel. Also: I completely agree with this.
  3. I suppose there is a slight chance that Quentyn is alive; when he was burned, the description of it was totally different from all the other dragon burnings that we've seen throughout the books. If the Tattered Prince is the person who died in Quentyn's stead and Quentyn is still alive but burned to near unrecognition, he could put on the tattered cloak and pretend to be the Tattered Prince, since we're told that the Prince looks like any other man without his cloak. I see many possibilities of this being the case: Quentyn's face will be almost unrecognisable, but he'll be wearing the Tattered Prince's cloak, which will distinquish him from everyone else. If he doesn't really know any of the commanders in the Windbown it can be blamed on disillusion because of his injuries. His voice might have taken some damage as well, either he needs to whisper or his voice is now raspy, which means his voice wouldn't give him away. Quentyn can also read and write High Valyrian (but has a bit of difficulty speaking it), which the Tattered Prince did too and High Valyrian is "the closest thing the Windblown have to a company tongue". If Quentyn can simply work on his High Valyrian, while wearing the tattered cloak, he can very easily pass as the Prince. While there is no reason to think that Quentyn isn't dead, if when one of our POVs see the Tattered Prince and describe him as seriously burnt and behaving strange, then the Prince actually being Quentyn is something that I'll keep in mind.
  4. Considering that Mance Rayder has been uniting the different tribes of the Free Folk, which would logically take years, it says that the Others have been active for quite a while, far before our story starts. I admit that I am a little bit confused over the "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell" line and what it could mean, but unless it is directly tied to the seasons, I'm unconvinced that the coming of the Others is anything other than the simple changing of the seasons.
  5. I think the only one of these significant to happen is Dany being unburnt and hatching three dragons. Robert dying, Ned beheaded for thinking about putting Stannis on the throne which leads to Robb crowning himself and declaring the North to be an independant kingdom, Joffrey crowned, Stannis (who in the Baratheon dynasty is the true heir) crowns himself, Renly crowns himself for being better liked and Balon crowning himself because he is oppertunistic. These are all things that could've happened regardless of whether the Other's are coming or not. The lords of Westeros have always been skirmishing amongst themselves and the War of the Five Kings is simply just a larger scale of that. There has just been a long summer and if some people are right, then after a long summer comes an even longer winter, which means that this summer will last around 100 years. The Others could just simply be oppertunists and the reason why they haven't come in over 8000 years is because no winter has been long enough for them. Remember, they melt in daylight and when it's too warm.
  6. First generation incest is actually not very likely to have birth defects. Amazingly, two siblings can actually have children together and chances of the children having birth defects vary from study to study, but most agree that birth defects in first generation incest in <5%. The problem begins when the incest continues for many generations, like with the Targaryens; you could argue that their blood is indeed magical and thusly they can be incestuous for many generations and only allow something new in every once in a while, but that is not reality. continuous incest, especially with siblings, will cause trouble the more generations they make.
  7. This is actually exactly what I'm thinking.
  8. The question is pretty straight forward; do the Asshai'i practise slavery? I know it says that no practise, be it magic or religion, is forbidden, but it doesn't mention slavery. And if slavery is legal there, how much would you think they would pay for a slave? They're known to give vast riches to people who simply sell them fresh food and drinkable water, so how much would they be willing to pay for a slave?
  9. Considering the fact that he did have sex with Dany and simply watched the women of his khalasar dance, your answer is right in front of you. A much older man wedding and bedding a young girl is not at all uncommon in the books, so I'm surprised that you're shocked by it. We repeatedly get descriptions of Dany that say that she is beautiful. Everywhere she goes, she is called beautiful and we really have no choice but to assume that she is a very beautiful girl. And also, you seem to conflate finding someone beautiful and finding someone sexy; I am a heterosexual woman and throughout my life, I have seen many women whom I have considered beautiful, but not sexy. I've also seen many animals, such as horses, dogs and cats, just to name a few, that I've also found beautiful, but not sexy. Thinking that someone is beautiful does not mean that you find them sexy.
  10. The Dothraki don't do money, they do things. Daenerys is (was) a beautiful, young and fertile girl, she wouldn't need to have gold in order to be a desirable bride. Viserys wanted an army so he could invade Westeros. The Dothraki don't care about what goes on in Westeros and Drogo was no exception. He would give Viserys the army he wanted (in his own time). I highly doubt Drogo would've joined Viserys on his conquest of Westeros, but would rather just have given Viserys what he wanted and then just continue his life doing whatever. We also read multiple times that Drogo saw Dany not as a bargaining chip to be used in war, which most women in ASOIAF are married off for, but as a gift. Just because they were brothers-in-law, that doesn't mean that Drogo was in any way, shape or from obligated to go and fight for Viserys. The Dothraki follow the strong, afterall.
  11. I don't hate the theory because of the "evidence". I have come to hate the theory because there are people who take it as the gospel truth, all because Aerys was attracted to Joanna (which I believe he actually truly wasn't, he only pretended to be attracted to her to spite Tywin even more) and Tyrion was born one year after Aerys' Anniversary Tourney, which was where Aerys and Joanna last saw each other, which is a pretty big one. This doesn't mean anything. Just because Tyrion was born one year after the Anniversary Tourney where Aerys and Joanna last saw each other doesn't mean that Aerys is Tyrion's father, but so many people take it as the gospel truth. It has become a nuisance. If Aerys truly is Tyrion's father, there is still way too little evidence for it.
  12. Not for nothing, but why Aerys and Rhaella? Is it because of the abuse?
  13. Everyone has already said what needed to be said, but pretty much the bolded part; Walder Frey simply has far to many descendants to be reliable and the fact that Genna wasn't going to marry his eldest son makes it all the more complicated. Since now Black Walder stands a chance to inherit, many Freys will find themselves in danger of being kicked out and receiving nothing or they might suffer "accidents". Genna, her children and grandchildren, Fat Walda, Gatehouse Ami and the relatives that they brought with them to their new castles are lucky, but the rest of the Frey are screwed (maybe not Fair Walda, if she can become Black Walder's mistress). Edit: In regards to what marriage is rather one-sided, I would say the marriage between Rhaegar and Elia. Elia was known to be physically weak and she only gave Rhaegar two children, one boy and one girl. If we are to look at it dynastically, this is rather bad as a queen needs to give the king many healthy heirs (although there has to be a limit). Elia almost died giving birth and two children was all she could muster. Assumingthat Rhaegar never kidnapped Lyanna and Robert's Rebellion never happened, it would've been disasterous if Rhaenys and/or Aegon were to die of natural causes. Also, Dorne: Dorne is by far the least populated of the Seven Kingdoms and they are thusly also weaker, military-wise, and have to resort to using guerilla tactics, which are useful in their own lands, but can prove to be diffult in other regions. Dornishmen are also not very-well liked and Rhaegar taking a Dornish wife could present problems to his heirs. Elia Martell is also a Salty-Dornishman and she gave birth to one daughter who looked just like her. The other Seven Kingdoms are not very well known to be very open to other races of people, with many people disliking Dornishmen and Summer Islanders.
  14. Lyanna was a trueborn daughter of the Lord Paramount in the North and was bethrothed to Robert, the Lord Paramount in the Stormlands, which are two kingdoms that frown upon female sexuality. Elia is the bastard daughter of the promiscuous second prince of Dorne, which is a kingdom (principality?) that doesn't frown upon female sexuality. These are two different women in completely different social standings (highborn and baseborn) from two different countries with completely different values. Sure, they both are similar in that they are not traditionally feminine, but one has a very important duty (marry a lord and create an alliance) and image to keep for not just herself, but also her family, while the other doesn't. Say what you will about Lyanna, but I believe that despite her being untraditionally feminine, she is still loyal to her family and would marry Robert because she was told. But also, what annoys me about some of the people on these forums is that just because a female character is not traditionally feminine, that means that she is promiscuous or at least, has had one sexual partner. Just because Lyanna wasn't traditional, that doesn't mean that she would go out and sleep with Rhaegar.
  15. That is what I'm saying. Sorry if I wasn't very clear, English isn't my first language and I have a very difficult time finding proper words to describe some things.