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  1. Vaedys Targaryen

    Could Aegon IV have been a clandestine bigamist?

    What's the difference between bigamy and polygami? Sorry for asking.. Also, yeah, I think the Faith is the biggest reason why Aegon IV didn't take more than one wife at a time. Maegor I had Balerion and was ruthless. Aegon IV might have a certain ruthlessness to him, but he doesn't have a dragon, which would make it impossible (or at least, very difficult) to hold the Faith off of him.
  2. Vaedys Targaryen

    Timett will steal Alayne

    I've been thinking this exact thing for a while now! We are constantly told that the Burned Men have better weapons now and that they're getting more brave and targeting more and stronger holdfasts. I don't think GRRM would be telling us this information if it won't become relevant later. Now, whether Sansa will marry Timett or he will help her in some way or anything else, we will have to see.
  3. Vaedys Targaryen

    R + L = X

    I agree with this; the biggest reason why I believe that Rhaegar is not Jon's father, is because it makes no sense that Lyanna would be unenthusiastic about marrying Robert for having fathered one child out of wedlock and then in the next breath run away with a married man with two trueborn children. I believe Lyanna is Jon's mother (they're both heavily associated with Blue Winter Roses), but someone else is Jon's father.
  4. The king who sits on the Iron Throne is always called King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. I just now read that the king can renounce one of the titles, which is what Daeron II did. This got me thinking, what if a king were to renounce two of his titles? Would there then be three rulers, or very powerful individuals, of the Seven Kingdoms? The Protector of the Realm title implies military, but do the other two titles imply another role, that is unique in regard to leadership? I've been thinking about it and if we go by what I suspect, it will go like this: Protector of the Realm - military focused Lord of the Seven Kingdoms - law and rule focused King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First men - spirituality?? Faith?? A person who is "among the people"?? It also got me thinking, what if these titles are the Three Heads of the Dragon? One for military, the second for rulership and lawmaking and then a third that might be "the people"? These are all things that are essential for governing a nation and they are nearly impossible for one person to embody. I'm sorry if this makes very little sense, because I can't properly articulate myself.
  5. Vaedys Targaryen

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    Hasn't GRRM said that Ned's fever dream about the ToJ isn't to be taken at face value? Think about it, Ned finds the ToJ seemingly with ease despite having never been to Dorne before and Lyanna just happened to have given birth at that exact moment? In Ned's dream, right as they're about to fight Ned hears Lyanna scream out his name, but in the very next moment, she is covered in blood, dying and can only whisper. That right there tells me, that Lyanna did not give birth until some time after the event at the ToJ.
  6. Vaedys Targaryen

    Noble names and late bastardry

    We see with Rhaenyra's and Cersei's case that the rightful heirs can lay claim to things that the bastards are set to inherit. What happened in both of these cases was that the mothers refused to let it even be spoken that their children are bastards, so proving that they are bastards seems to be the most difficult thing. Cersei goes so far as to kill any bastards Robert might have. But since Stannis fully intended to have Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella paraded around King's Landing along with Edric Storm to truly prove that they were not Robert's tells me that, yes, if an heir is proven to be a bastard because his or her mother cuckolded her husband, the husband's relatives can absolutely successfully claim lands and titles.
  7. Vaedys Targaryen


    While she is probably dead (she was just a toddler and a toddler taking care of herself in a forest during wartime is a recipe for catastrophe), I hope she is alive and being taken well care of by someone somewhere. Maybe she was taken in by the Heddles and now lives in the Inn at the Crossroads with the other orphans.
  8. Vaedys Targaryen

    What goes into making Valyrian Steel.

    The things you've mentioned I believe are in it, and my personal theory is also blood; Valyrian magic is known to include fire and blood, so it makes sense if their most famous steel would need it too. Also, there is only one person in Westeros (that we know of) who can rework Valyrian Steel. Tobho Mott is Qohorik, where they sacrifice to the Black Goat once a day and sometimes they even sacrifice children. It would not surprise me if Tobho Mott used the blood of some of his apprentices to rework Valyrian Steel. Some of them are probably orphans like Gendry, so who is going to miss them? Valyrian Steel is also described as having "red rippled patterns" across it. That could be the blood that was used to forge it?
  9. Is absolutely a possibility; Euron molested Aeron and Urrigon, so it wouldn't be too weird if he did the same to Theon. Theon also doesn't have a very positive opinion of Euron, going so far as being afraid of Mors Umber because of his eye patch because it reminded him of Euron. That is pretty strange, since Theon was sent away to Winterfell when he was ten and hasn't seen Euron in more than 10 years. Being ten years old and having a very negative opinion of someone - making them afraid of someone who simply reminds them of said person - even after not seeing them after 10 years can indicate that there is something very bad between them.
  10. Vaedys Targaryen

    Why “Wylla?” Meet Lyanna’s Dornish Doppelganger

    As always, you bring up points I have never considered. Thank you.
  11. Vaedys Targaryen


    I think it would depend on the size of the dragon and where people would sit.
  12. Vaedys Targaryen

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Yes. I think R+A=J is real.
  13. Vaedys Targaryen

    Greyscale spreading?

    This is a very simple question about Greyscale and how it spreads: We know that a simple touch can spread the disease, but does it spread if you touch an uninfected area? Say if a person is infected in their right hand, can you still touch the person everywhere else and still not catch the disease?
  14. Vaedys Targaryen

    Daenerys (very likely) has Stark ancestry

    Dany has Blackwood ancestry and multiple Blackwood women have married into house Stark, so it would not surprise me if many Stark women married into house Blackwood.
  15. Vaedys Targaryen

    Lollys Stokeworth's Rape

    Wouldn't it be a possibility to give Lollys moon tea and then simply say she miscarried?