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  1. The parallel between Sweetrobin, Myranda, Mya and Alayne and the Great Bastards is nicely noticed. But in regards to Melissa Blackwood's bastards and their names; many fans believe that Gwenys was given her name as a clue from GRRM that she favours her father's looks and not her mother's; in order to get this, you have to subscribe to the belief that whenever a Targaryen man has children with a non-Targaryen woman, the first child's looks always favours the mother and the subsequent children will favour the father. Examples of these weird genetics is Daeron II's sons, where his oldest son, Baelor, looked like his Dornish mother, Mariah Martell, and his other sons looked just like himself and Rhaegar's daughter and first child, Rhaenys, also favoured her Dornish mother and his son looked like himself. We don't really know much about Melissa's children other than Brynden was her youngest and he was an albino, which means that he would've had pale skin and white hair, but considering the fact that no matter where you read of her children the order always goes Mya, Gwenys and Brynden, which makes most fans believe that Mya is the oldest. This also causes some people to believe that Mya is named after Mya Stone by GRRM, because Mya Stone has blue eyes and black hair and when you read the name Mya, you instantly think of Mya Stone and what she looks like. But back to Gwenys; now that it is established that she is the second child of Melissa by Aegon IV and if the pattern for the inherited genetics applies to her children, Gwenys looks like a Targaryen. Gwen is Welsh and means 'white, fair, holy, blessed'. It is the 'white' part that you really notice, because many Targaryens have white or very pale hair and fair skin. Also there is the ending of her name; 'ys' is a common ending in the names for many Targaryens. So if you aply the theory of the Targaryen male/non-Targaryen female looks, a second child with a name that means 'white' and has the 'ys' ending in a family where white or pale hair is the norm, you get that theory. Mya and Gwenys could be GRRM hinting to us of the genetics of the Targaryens.
  2. Vaedys Targaryen

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    As someone already said, you've answered your own question; Jon's status, and treatment, as a bastard has given him reasons why he wouldn't want to father one himself and put his own child through the same thing. He has also taken vows as a member of the Night's Watch to never father any children and would be put to death if he broke that vow, which could cause anyone to feel shame and fear. And speaking of vows, Jon does seem to think very highly of Ned, who Jon associates with honour and duty and would therefore feel a lot of shame when he thinks that the only vow Ned ever broke was his marriage vow to Catelyn. But also, remember that Jon is only around 14-years-old; he is going through puberty and if my talking to postpubescent men has taught me anything then it is that puberty, specifically the sexual part of it, for boys is really not that fun (from my perspective).
  3. Vaedys Targaryen

    Fat Walda's Future

    I don't know how smart Fat Walda is, but these options seem reasonable though I doubt she seems to be the kind of person who would take the 3rd option.
  4. Vaedys Targaryen

    Is it allowed for women from Asshai to become shadowbinder?

    We don't know if Melisandre and Quaithe are Targaryens. That is pure fan speculation. And what makes you think that shadowbinding is only allowed to men? No craft is not allowed in Asshai, so I'm not sure where you got that impression.
  5. Vaedys Targaryen

    Secret Targ - possibly crackpot

    Lol at this entire post, but seriously in regards to the bolded part, her name was Daenys, not Daenerys.
  6. Vaedys Targaryen

    Cersei the 2nd Queen of Westeros.

    As others have stated, Cersei isn't officially the queen but her actions will most definately put her down in Westerosi history, maybe even as the ruling queen who caused the situation. It may just put the opinion that a woman should not sit on the throne even more out there, as she will be the second "queen" whose reign was short and chaotic, like Rhaenyra. I know it's a spelling mistake, but at least you made it look kind of cool and not awful. xD
  7. Vaedys Targaryen

    Unpopular Opinions?

    I like this.
  8. Vaedys Targaryen

    Outlandish Theories

    Nicely noticed!
  9. I'm skeptical about that; Queenscrown was not built by Alysanne, but is was already standing and the villagers changed the tower's name because Alysanne stayed there for a little while as she was travelling to the Wall. We don't know how long she stayed there though, could be anywhere from just one night or a few weeks. There's also no evidence that Alysanne ever went back to Queenscrown or that she repeatedly visited a certain area. I'm certain that it would've been noticed or documented.
  10. Vaedys Targaryen

    Idle Thoughts: Could Daario Be Euron's Son?

    I acknowledge that Euron and Daario have many similarities between each other, but not everyone who is similar in appearance and personality are related to each other. But Daario being Euron's bastard (maybe through the female Blackfyre line) is a much better possibility than Daario=Euron.
  11. Vaedys Targaryen

    Which kingdom would you let secede if you were king?

    Yronwoods or Daynes in Dorne, the Harlaws or Blacktydes on the Iron Islands and the Starks continue to be in the North. Must ask what possesed you to think they Freys should bein the North? They hate each other, especially after the Red Wedding.
  12. Vaedys Targaryen

    Do Brides change their surname in Westeros?

    I think that has to do with being born into the royal family; most queens were born Targaryens, but the women who married a Targaryen, like Alicent Hightower and Aemma Arryn, retained their maidenname because they did not have the right to have their royal husband's last name. As for the thing you said before the bolded part, there is no evidence whatsoever that the wives of a lord's younger brothers do not have the right to their husband's last name.
  13. Vaedys Targaryen

    Which kingdom would you let secede if you were king?

    The Westerlands, Riverlands, Crownlands and Stormlands seemingly don't even have real names for themselves, not like the Reach, Vale and Dorne, but they can all be one kingdom under one king. The trouble is Dorne and the Iron Islands; they are culturally different and they both have a history of being a pain for others (Dorne to the Reach and Stormlands, and everyone dislikes the Iron Islands). I personally wouldn't really like to have them in my kingdom, but their bad habits would make me feel forced to have them just so I could have a little bit of control over them and maybe change them a little bit. I think I'd let the North go; the North is huge and you can fit all the southern kingdoms in it and they're historically known to just do their thing with relatively little trouble. Compared to the other kingdoms, the North has seemingly never attacked any of the southern kingdoms unprovoked. The only recorded time they've ever attacked any one of the southern kingdoms were the Three Sisters but their motivation for doing so was because they were tired of the Sistermen pirating and pillaging their shores, so you can argue that they were provoked and thusly kind of justified.
  14. Vaedys Targaryen

    So where would you live ?

    Out of the Seven Kingdoms, I'd want to either live in the Reach or on an island in the Crownlands. The last place I'd want to live is in the Riverlands.
  15. Vaedys Targaryen

    What if Brandon Stark (Ned's Brother) had a bastard?

    I think Catelyn's reaction to the bastard would depend on whether Ned brought him or her home; Cat seems to accept that some men father bastards, but her main problem with Jon is that Ned brought him home to Winterfell and told everyone and their mother that Jon is his, which implies that Cat can accept that her husband has a bastard as long as said bastard is not around her and her own children and isn't a threat to her own children's inheritance.