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  1. I like this a lot, but why didn't Ashara just drink moontea? If she were to marry Rhaegar and possibly be queen, wouldn't it be smart for her to get "rid of the problem"? I know there is a slight risk of it damaging a woman's fertility like Lysa, but Asha and Arianne imply that they haven taken moontea many times and their fertility doesn't seem to have been affected, so if the title as queen and a prophecy are at stake why wouldn't Ashara just drink moontea?
  2. Vaedys Targaryen

    Shae was a Sandsnake?

    The Order of the Greenhand made a video about the very theory that you're talking about, that Shae is actually Sarella. Their video can be summerised as such (not chronologically): Sarella is described as always asking into things and places she doesn't belong to (a common habit of Shae) and because of that she is not very well-liked. Alleras is doesn't do that (Sam just tells him what he knows with no pressure from Alleras) and is actually very well-liked by (almost) everyone. Alleras is (apparently) very popular with the ladies, which makes it odd, since he would most likely have slept with a few of them. How on earth would Sarella/Shae go about actually impersonating as Alleras, a man, for months, maybe years and no one would find out? Sarella is said to be somewhere where she can't be reached to be brought back to Sunspear, but Alleras pointed out to Sam that an apprentice of the Citadel can disappear for a while from the Citadel and no one will ask questions, so it's weird that the Martells and Sandsnakes can't reach her if she is Alleras. But Shae is at a place where she can't be reached and taken away. Just because someone is a Summer Islander, that does not necessarily mean that they have black skin; the people of the Isle of Women, the island where some of the Rhoynar women who followed Nymeria but settled on the island when they reached the Summer Isles, may have brown skin, rather than black skin. They'd still be Summer Islanders. Edit: Also, one of the characters says that Alleras has bathed with them. Even if he were to turn his back to them, you would still be able to tell whether or not someone is a woman. You should really just watch their video regarding it. I am very skeptical, but I always love what they give out.
  3. I agree with this; I give Robert the benefit of the doubt and say that he might've been somewhat faithful to Lyanna had they married. He was very young when Mya was born (mid to maybe early teens), and I'm of the personal opinion that you can't really judge an adult for something they did when they were a teenager or a child (depending the seriousness of it, of course). Robert wasn't even bethrothed to her or anyone when he was with Mya's mother, so was Lyanna really in a position to say what he was going to be like in their marriage? Lords are also famously unfaithful to their wives and their wives just ignore it, so I find it strange that Lyanna had seemingly not been raised to think it no big deal if her future husband were to have one or multiple women on the side. As for the marriage being unhappy, why does everyone assume that? If you ask me, Robert and Lyanna seem to be good matches for one another; they both love horse riding, hunting and exploring, and Lyanna would have loved to learn how to fight with a sword, which I personally think Robert would allow her to do, for one because I believe he would've been fascinated by a woman who could fight with swords, but also because he loved her very fiercely and would let her do that. Common interests and common personalities seem to be the recipe for a happy marriage, and looking as an outsider, Robert and Lyanna have both.
  4. Vaedys Targaryen

    What Would Robert Have Done Had He Acknowledged The Truth?

    I've always thought that Robert would've just killed Jaime and Cersei and their children, but since you mentioned the Crown's debt and that he needs the Lannisters, I think maybe it would've turned out very differently; I don't for a second think that Tywin would accept that Jaime and Cersei, his two golden children, would be killed for incest. It would be a stain on not just them, but house Lannister as a whole, and he would probably deny it to the end of his days. If he wouldn't start a war over it, he would want to make a few deals with Robert; Jaime would be made to exit the Kingsguard and be reestablished as the heir to Casterly Rock and he would probably still want Cersei to be married to Robert, but since they would now be seperated, Cersei would have to have Robert's children from then on. I don't know what would be done to Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella. They can't be disinherited or killed off, as it would imply that the rumours are true and that's not something Tywin would want. If they were to be disinherited, it would be for a very vague reason and they would just be sent somewhere far away, maybe Essos, or be locked up in Casterly Rock, away from prying eyes.
  5. There's also something I've noticed while reading this thread: There are many Rhaegar characters for different Stark Maids: Baelish - Sansa. Beric/Brotherhood without Banners - Arya. Sandor - Arya. Ygritte - Jon. Mance - Jon. All of these "Rhaegars" happened upon their Stark Maid by accident, but decided to keep them hidden in plain sight under an alias and use them for their own gain. All of these "Rhaegars", with the exception of Baelish, died, either literally or metaphorically, after the Stark Maid ran away: Beric died for the last time when he breathed life into Catelyn, which was after Arya ran away. The BWB is now different from when it was under Beric; under Beric it was about bringing the king's justice to those who harmed others, but under Lady Stoneheart it is about personal (albeit mostly Lady Stoneheart's) revenge, making the BWB metaphorically dead as they now do the exact opposite of what they set out to do (similar to the Night's Watch and Kingsguard, two once honourable and noble orders, but now corrupt and dishonourable). After Arya ran away from Sandor, he died because of his wounds, however there is a possibility that he is still alive, but the brutal Sandor that we know no longer exists, making him metaphorically dead, but maybe he is actually dead. Ygritte was killed after Jon ran away, actually dead. Mance was taken and "killed" by Stannis and Melisandre, but was given a different identity, which would make him metaphorically dead, but he may now be actually dead because of Ramsay. Not only did these "Rhaegars" die after their Stark Maid ran away, but the Stark Maids took on new identities/roles after they ran away; Arya went from a bunch of different aliases, but now she is training to become a Faceless Man, and Jon went from being a steward of the Lord Commander to a wildling to the Lord Commander himself. The Stark Maids also learned quite a few things about their captors and began to become sympathetic towards them. All of these "Rhaegars" lost their lives after their Stark Maid ran away from them. Did maybe Lyanna successfully run away from Rhaegar and his Kingsguard, but take on a new identity? Did she also become sympathetic towards her captor/s? Can we learn anything from this? Baelish is still alive, but Sansa is still around him and learning from him. Will she maybe run away and take on a new identity? Anything of this that can be used?
  6. Except Lysa didn't just "fall"; she didn't jump out the Moon Door because of a lost love, that's the story Sansa is told by Baelish to tell. Lysa was pushed out to her death. Was Ashara maybe murdered and Lyanna a witness to it? Was it she (and someone else) who spread the tale that Ashara jumped out of the tower and killed herself to avoid justice? Because when you think about Rhaegar taking Lyanna, Ashara's reaction may be similar to Lysa's: Rhaegar (Baelish) takes Lyanna (Sansa) with him for absolutely no reason to attend his weird thing (wedding) with Ashara (Lysa) at a tower in the middle of no where, but they then go to a castle where they stay. Ashara begins to suspect that her lover/husband is unfaithful to her and maybe she sees them be a little bit too affectionate with each other (Baelish kisses Sansa) and confronts Lyanna about it and things escalate and Ashara threatens Lyanna that she will throw her out of the tower. Someone then comes and comforts Ashara, but then decides to push her out of the tower to her death, with Lyanna as a witness. If that is indeed so, who killed Ashara? I highly doubt Rhaegar was even present when this must've occurred and even if he was, I don't think hewould kill the woman who was pregnant with his child.
  7. I love this, but are you then suggesting that Rhaegar+Asharra=baby?
  8. Vaedys Targaryen

    Will Daenerys turn to any religion?

    Maybe they work in mysterious ways? Jokes aside, the Seven are huge advocates against slavery and they seem to do a lot of charity work, like orphanages and houses for the poor and sick. R'hllor doesn't do any of that; there is no real knowledge about what he may say about slavery, but considering that the temples are known to buy children and raise them to be loyal followers, it can be assumed that he may just be ok with it. There is also no mention of any orphanages or houses for the poor and sick opened by his followers in his name, so that's a huge blow against him. Also, his followers burn people alive in his name! I don't think I would worship a god like that, even if there was some proof that he was real! If anything, I can almost see a lot of people in Essos, more specifically slaves and freedmen, converting to the Seven if some King on the Iron Throne decided to conquer some Essosi land and convert people.
  9. Vaedys Targaryen

    Will Daenerys turn to any religion?

    All of these, especially the bolded parts; whether she stays in Slaver's Bay, goes with the Dothraki or goes to Westeros, she will (at least) pretend to be a believer of whatever god/gods the majority believes. That does seem to be a common theme with her; she, someone who has never really had a permanent home, but tries to make herself at home with different cultures, but no matter where she goes she has to conform/pretend to be one of them, even if she doesn't like it.
  10. Vaedys Targaryen

    Harrenhal--Better Suited as Westerosi Parliament/Congress Building?

    Agree with this; tear the thing down and use the remains to build a smaller castle and maybe even other structures around it (maybe be kind to the common people and build houses, or maybe a harbour by this new castle, for ships and boats to dock and finally get some better trade in the Riverlands?)
  11. Vaedys Targaryen

    Alternate Varys theories ?

    I once brought up the theory that Varys isn't actally a eunuch; eunuchs are famous for having highpitched voices and that can easily be faked, as we see in Game of Thrones: Pyp is a pretty good mummer and "lives his tales", which makes me almost believe that GRRM may indirectly be telling us that Varys is lying (Pyp is even desrcibed as a "mummer's boy"). Eunuchs are also pretty famous for being much taller than their non-castrated peers, but Varys isn't described as such.
  12. Vaedys Targaryen

    Dothraki effective around dragons?

    It is very often assumed that Daenerys will have a huge Dothraki army, but I have noticed that not many people seem to have truly considered a very big flaw in that theory: Her dragons will frighten the horses. Historically, war horses proved to be not very effective around war elephants because the horses would be terrified of the elephants, rendering them not very useful against the elephants or with the elephants. Now imagine the horses are going against giant flying, firebreathing and roaring beasts. That would not work. It probably wouldn't work either if said horses were on the dragons' side. If GRRM has included this huge detail into the story, the Dothraki won't be an effective army for Daenerys, as almost all of their fighting involves being on horseback, but the dragons will render the horses completely useless in battle.
  13. Vaedys Targaryen

    Rhaella Targaryen -> Alicent Hightower?

    It's possible; Jaehaerys I confused Alicent for his runaway daughter, Saera. You can say that he was just simply senile, but some people have pointed out that maybe the reason why he confused Alicent for Saera was because of Alicent's hair, which may have been platinum-blonde because of Targaryen ancestry. The Targaryens also seem to have had a habit of marrying daughters away and then marrying said daughters' daughters back into the family (think Aemma Arryn and Jocelyn Baratheon), so it would not really surprise me that maybe Alicent's possible Targaryen ancestry played a major role in her marriage to Viserys and her father's influence in court as well.
  14. The parallel between Sweetrobin, Myranda, Mya and Alayne and the Great Bastards is nicely noticed. But in regards to Melissa Blackwood's bastards and their names; many fans believe that Gwenys was given her name as a clue from GRRM that she favours her father's looks and not her mother's; in order to get this, you have to subscribe to the belief that whenever a Targaryen man has children with a non-Targaryen woman, the first child's looks always favours the mother and the subsequent children will favour the father. Examples of these weird genetics is Daeron II's sons, where his oldest son, Baelor, looked like his Dornish mother, Mariah Martell, and his other sons looked just like himself and Rhaegar's daughter and first child, Rhaenys, also favoured her Dornish mother and his son looked like himself. We don't really know much about Melissa's children other than Brynden was her youngest and he was an albino, which means that he would've had pale skin and white hair, but considering the fact that no matter where you read of her children the order always goes Mya, Gwenys and Brynden, which makes most fans believe that Mya is the oldest. This also causes some people to believe that Mya is named after Mya Stone by GRRM, because Mya Stone has blue eyes and black hair and when you read the name Mya, you instantly think of Mya Stone and what she looks like. But back to Gwenys; now that it is established that she is the second child of Melissa by Aegon IV and if the pattern for the inherited genetics applies to her children, Gwenys looks like a Targaryen. Gwen is Welsh and means 'white, fair, holy, blessed'. It is the 'white' part that you really notice, because many Targaryens have white or very pale hair and fair skin. Also there is the ending of her name; 'ys' is a common ending in the names for many Targaryens. So if you aply the theory of the Targaryen male/non-Targaryen female looks, a second child with a name that means 'white' and has the 'ys' ending in a family where white or pale hair is the norm, you get that theory. Mya and Gwenys could be GRRM hinting to us of the genetics of the Targaryens.
  15. Vaedys Targaryen

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    As someone already said, you've answered your own question; Jon's status, and treatment, as a bastard has given him reasons why he wouldn't want to father one himself and put his own child through the same thing. He has also taken vows as a member of the Night's Watch to never father any children and would be put to death if he broke that vow, which could cause anyone to feel shame and fear. And speaking of vows, Jon does seem to think very highly of Ned, who Jon associates with honour and duty and would therefore feel a lot of shame when he thinks that the only vow Ned ever broke was his marriage vow to Catelyn. But also, remember that Jon is only around 14-years-old; he is going through puberty and if my talking to postpubescent men has taught me anything then it is that puberty, specifically the sexual part of it, for boys is really not that fun (from my perspective).