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  1. I agree that Alys Karstark is not the girl in grey. She is obviously a distraction. Apart from other reasons, the girl in grey was riding a dying horse beside an endless lake. That does not fit Alys. Alys arrived at or near Castle Black on a dying horse. Dying horses do not carry riders for hundreds of miles.
  2. "Melony. Lot 6". This part of her vision is voices calling to her out of the past. Most assume these voices are about Melisandre's past. Which may be correct. However, Mel wasn't looking in the flames for information about herself. She was looking for information about the girl in grey.
  3. One thing she said, that you did not mention, is that she believes the girl she saw was Snow's "little sister": "What is her name, this little sister that you do not have?" Curious that she believes it was a little sister, without knowing much if anything about Jon's family history. Jon Snow does not have a little sister, unless R+L=J is wrong. Jon had an older sister, Rhaenys, but the evidence that she is dead is pretty tight. Or unless .... ... come to think of it, Jon Snow is, from all the evidence, too old to have been born at the time Ned arrived at the Tower of Joy, which was also when Lyanna died in a bed of blood. This is a huge problem with standard R+L=J that the theorists just brush over, by ascribing it to careless plotting on GRRM's part. Lyanna's "abduction" seems to have taken place over a fairly long time. What if Jon Snow has an "Irish Twin", Jon being the older child, and the other born later (say, 10 months later), at the time of Ned's arrival. Rhaegar said that there must be one more (for the 3 heads), but with the death of Rhaenys, there must be two more, or else that prophesy is foiled and unfulfilled.
  4. If it works for you, go with it.
  5. Rhaegar is dead. If the point is that "the joke's on him", he's going to miss the joke.
  6. Prophesy should be treacherous, not anticlimactic.
  7. Viserys was no dragon. He was less than the shadow of a snake. That may well have been evident to Rhaegar. Meanwhile, a string of miscarriages and sickly dying babes showed that Viserys was the best result the direct union of Aerys & Rhaella could achieve. The prophesy never said that the first person to unite the lines of Aerys & Rhaella would necessarily be TPTWP.
  8. I'll give you the short version; just listing the arguable "hints" without undue elucidation: (1) Targ history is a realistic portrait of ill effects of inbreeding, mitigated by semi-regular outbreeding. (2) E.g., the Great Bastards tend to be more vigorous & gifted than their more inbred royal kin. (3) E.g., Aegon V ("Egg") studies Targ history, & concludes that incest is bad. (4) Aerys & Rhaella are born of sibling parents & already show ill effects; further inbreeding should be disastrous. (5) Rhaella's string of reproductive failures & Viserys are the fitting result of such a union. (6) Rhaegar breaks the pattern; he's too healthy & gifted (the same goes for Dany). (7) Bonifer & Rhaella had an early affair of the heart, broken by Rhaella’s forced marriage. (8) GRRM is awful coy about #7, forcing the reader to combine 2 widely separated clues. (9) Rhaegar is born very early in Rhaella’s marriage, possibly within 1 year. (10) Rhaegar & Bonifer are both tall, and top-level tournament fighters. (11) Bonifer’s turn to piety is hinted to result from some hidden shame. (12) Aerys’ mad suspicion that Rhaella’s sickly children are not his, could be an ironic hint. (13) The Aerys/Rhaella/Bonifer situation closely parallels the Aegon4/Naerys/Dragonknight situation; it is hinted Dragonknight may have sired Naerys’ firstborn. (14) Jahaerys forces his kids Aerys & Rhaella to marry because of the prophesy. (15) Prophesy is treacherous; it never means what you think; ask Gorghan of Old Ghis. (16) Would GRRM justify forced marriage, thereby saving the world, by having Jahaerys be right? (17) If Jahaerys is wrong, it might mean that TPTWP will not result from Aerys & Rhaella’s direct union, but from the union of their (separate) children. (18) Rhaegar initially believed he was TPTWP, but changed his mind. (Possibly, he realized he did not unite the lines of Aerys & Rhaella). (19) Aerys had a randy period where he preyed on married Ladies of the Court. (20) Elia’s mom served as a Lady of the Court under Aerys. (21) Elia was allegedly born “a month early”, in Sunspear. (22) Rhaegar’s choice of Elia, as his bride, was evidently based neither on her beauty, her health, nor the approval of King Aerys. (23) Rhaegar believed his children by Elia would be TPTWP and/or the 3 heads of the dragon.
  9. It was Bran Vras back in 2011, who first proposed that Quentyn had been baby-swapped. But the originator of the Quentyn/Aegon version, is yours truly, AFAIK. It seems that the (f)Aegon conspiracy, via Illyrio at least, was at least PRETENDING to be working with Viserys. You can ask why, but since this is appears true regardless of (f)Aegon's true identity, I don't think it is something that any particular theory of his identity needs to address. It arguably makes sense for Doran to have multiple eggs in multiple baskets when planning a generation in the future. Children don't always work out like you hope they will. Also, the trade-a-princess-for-an-army scheme might have borne fruit, and then the invaders would have a whole extra army. It makes sense that Doran would want a Targ claimant like Viserys to at least THINK Doran was on his side. And if Viserys manages to raise an army, all well and good. These forces will likely shift their loyalty to Visery's Targ nephew, if it ever Viserys is removed from the picture (or even if he is NOT removed from the picture). And there might be any number of ways of quietly removing Viserys from the picture. It also occurs to me that using the Dothraki to invade Westeros is not likely to be popular. So why not do it anyway, and have Viserys take the blame? Meanwhile, the son of the popular and talented Rhaegar waits in the wings to save everyone. But these are just random thoughts. Truth is, I despair of unraveling the complex schemes of plotters like Littlefinger, Varys and/or Doran. Sometimes I wonder even if GRRM knows what they're up to.
  10. You're really straining at the sarcasm there, while scolding my "attitude". Sounds like we've hit an impasse, yes. I am sorry to have offended you by refusing to admit that you are right and I am wrong. Have a nice day.
  11. "... never happens in GRRMth": We're going to have to agree to disagree on this. Best as I can recall, fair-haired children are never described as darkening with age in Dickens' novels either, but that does not mean that the Dickensverse is an alternate reality wherein no brown haired adult was ever a blond haired toddler. "... would have been telegraphed": Why? An author who wants to surprise his readers can be subtle. He is no obligation to hammer in what ought to be common knowledge, to make sure nobody will be misled by what might mislead the careless. Maybe he thinks the fire and blood dreams, and other clues, are sufficient, without piling it on. "... rAegon's hair was fair:" Yes, and this fully explains the SSM. If Aegon was fair and Rhaenys was dark, then Aegon looked "more Targaryen" than Rhaenys. To speculate that GRRM meant more than that is only speculation. "... plenty of people would know what he looked like:" Well, most people would have known he had fair hair. Very few people would spent any time staring into his eyes and pondering his eye color. Many of the few who might have done so (Elia, Ashara, Rhaegar, e.g.) are dead and gone. In any event, eye color can change with age as well. It is probably more important to the conspirators that (f)Aegon "look the part" of a generic Targ, based on preconceived notions of what Rhaegar's son would look like, than that he actually resemble the precise details of the real infant Aegon. It's not about what's actually true; it's about what most people will believe. And most people have never seen Baby Aegon at all, not even at a distance. I don't want to get into the Quentyn Death Fakeout. Sorry.
  12. I saw this edit after my original response. I think I have already covered much of it, more or less. But Yandry and Ysilla do suggest a Dornish component to the (f)Aegon plot, and is not something I had considered before. So thanks for that.
  13. I don't see any particular need to prove anything, because I don't see any particular need to convince anybody. But since you seem so nice, here's a point or two: - Quentyn "the frog" Martell has dreams of fire and blood. - Mellario is a noblewoman from Norvos. Norvos started as a colony of the Valyrian freehold, suggesting that some noblewomen of Norvos may have the Targ coloring. But this would not be common knowledge because (in a curious detail from the World Book) Norvosi noblewomen always shave their heads and wear wigs. Thus, if Young Griff is Mellario and Doran's son, he may be merely taking after his Norvoshi mom, rather than his Dornish dad. This would make Baby Quentyn and Baby Aegon ideal for a swap, being roughly the same age, and both being of a Valyrian-Martell mix. - Mellario is allegedly estranged from Doran. Why? Apparently because she is mad at him for sending Quentyn to the Yronwoods. As a result, she spends most of her time in Essos, apparently separated from ALL her children, including Quentyn. Does this make sense? - "Mellario" and "Lemore" is close to being the same name with the sounds rearranged. Lemore is a mysterious character, who invites speculation as to her identity. She has given birth in the past, as Tyrion observed. And what would her interest in Young Griff be? Might Young Griff not be her son? - I've long been convinced by the theory that Quentyn is Alive (that he survived Rhaegal's attack in ADWD). Not because I wanted him to be alive, but because the evidence of his death is so suggestive of a fakeout. A major objection to the Quentyn is Alive theory is the rhetorical question "what is the point of Quentyn being alive?". Here's a possible answer: He is the real baby Aegon. But I did not really want to open that whole can of worms, since I know the very idea of Quentyn being alive invites major outrage. - I am not the first person to suspect that Quentyn "the frog" Martell is not the "real" Quentyn - in the sense of not actually being Doran's son. There's an old theory about that with various reasons given. But I am (to my knowledge) the first to make the Baby Aegon connection. Now that took me a lot more than 2 seconds, and it's not a complete writeup either. Now I've probably opened a huge can of worms, against my better judgment.
  14. And apparently, blue eyed babies can have their eyes turn brown later. And apparently it's very common: https://www.livescience.com/13564-babies-eyes-start-blue-change-color.html
  15. Okay. Now you are attacking my "attitude". You call me "uncivil". You accuse me of lacking a "sense of humor." All because I declined to pay due homage to a theory that (in your opinion) deserves to be taken seriously. And yet I never insulted the theory. I tried to pay it its due. I said that the theory may be on to something. Apparently that wasn't enough. Thank you for the link. I know you thought I might be interested. I'm sorry, but I did not find it interesting. I'm not trying to be offensive. Just honest. And I think that, if you want to be civil yourself (not only to me, but to others as well), then you just have to accept that others don't HAVE to be interested in the theories that interest you. I'm sorry, but you're still wrong about GRRM's SSM. He did not say that Aegon looked "Targaryen". He said he looked "more Targaryen". More than what? Unclear. But the context suggests that Rhaenys looked more Martell than Aegon; and Aegon looked more Targaryen than Rhaenys. That's relative, not absolute. It may just refer to blond hair, which is always more noticeable than eyes anyhow. But I don't know what this means. It COULD mean, as you suppose, that Aegon had silver blonde hair and purple eyes, and moreover, retained this coloring after puberty. But that's not airtight. I'm willing to consider a theory that questions these assumptions. And you don't have to take that theory seriously, any more than I have to take your theories seriously.