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  1. "where are my niece and nephew? Let's go murder them"
  2. Robert knew he was a shit king so he employed the best people to run the kingdom for him and this resulted in years of peace. This makes him better than Cersei as she thinks shes a good ruler but she clearly is not.
  3. I fully expect Jon and Dany's son to have the Habsburg Jaw. Hail King Charles II Targaryen.
  4. Out of interest who are the uncles and nieces that have been married? I have never heard that before. I think Jon should find any incest unacceptable as it is a pretty big no no in the old gods faith, right up there with violating guest rights. Look at how he reacts to Craster and how it lowers his opinion of Jeor Mormont a bit when he finds out the watch knows what Craster was up to.
  5. It'll be the same situation that the Mormonts are in. Maege Mormont is the current ruler and her daughter Alysane is of house Mormont and is the heir. Alysane Mormont has two children who are also of house Mormont. It's been done in the past and is currently happening in some families so I don't see a problem with either Sansa or Arya continuing the Stark family. Also to the above I took it that Jon is the king in the north operating out of Winterfell but Winterfell is still owned by the Starks and is currently ruled by Sansa.
  6. Sansa will continue house Stark. This has happened in the past with Bael the bard and a Stark daughter, their son continued the Stark line. The Lannisters are also descended from a woman. Joffery Lydden married Gerold III Lannister's daughter and took the Lannister name and their children continued the Lannisters line. I'm guessing that most great families have had a female continue the line at some point due to most of these families being thousands of years old.
  7. The White Walkers may go south and Winterfell could still be standing. The first long night gives the impression that the White Walkers were everywhere in Westeros, not just the north. It could be the same this time, there may be fighting at different locations all over Westeros.
  8. Yeah she took the Baratheon name. It's the same as cat stark. If Cat had more children after Ned died they wouldn't be Starks because she's not a Stark by blood. I think she's the queen because she would have been Tommen's heir as she's the only person left related to him.
  9. The banners are Lannister because it is now a Lannister throne. House Baratheon is extinct and any children Cersei has will be of house Lannister since she is now the queen.
  10. This is the best post I have read about Cat and think it sums up her character nicely. She made some mistakes just like every other character in the books.
  11. Hopefully better than he did against the Dornish.
  12. Im pretty sure that the majority of Westeros is still under the impression that Rhaegar kidnaped her. We have more information than most characters in the books and can come to the conclusion that she possibly went willingly. However, most lords and smallfolk assume the story that Robert believed (rightfully so) to be true. I still like to think that Littlefinger had something to do with it though lol. I also think that if Aerys had not been his usual nutcase self then the rebellion would have been avoided. I think the main reason was the burning of the Starks and demanding Ned and Robert from Jon.
  13. I think this might be in the Pros for Daenerys
  14. The Targaryens warred with the three daughters and launched a conquest of the stepstones between the Faith Militant and the Dance. There was also the conquest of Dorne after the dance and before the first blackfyre rebellion and the war of the nine penny kings after the fourth blackfyre rebellion and before Robert's Rebellion. So not that much peace. I agree though that there was still alot of fighting before Aegon, just that the way the OP states #4 makes it sound as if Westeros after Aegon was a much better place. It wasn't.