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  1. That dragon would have been better off saying "I like turtles!"
  2. Actually, as much as I actually loved the Gay Cannibal Holocaust, it was a bit much. Yes, there is a dumb "Cunny" dragon, but Serwa takes care of him. Yes, it's a cliffhanger. The review is not off, but they clearly disliked it far more than I did.
  3. Yea, it was in the AMA. I should let this nice lady know:
  4. I was not happy with what happened to Sorweel, but at least he's with Yatwer. As for Serwa, I'm pretty sure she's still alive and will be alright. You have that going for you.
  5. (a little late here, I know). Anyway, I would have missed something, but that's just me. As for why some much time was spent on Proyas, I think it was to basically set people up into believing that certain things would happen only to have them dashed and then to draw it out for him be killed in a way that no one would have seen coming. Like I said before, subversive for the sake of being subversive. Proyas could have been scapegoated without having to die. If Kellhus really needed to him to bear witness, then he would have done whatever it took to keep him alive even if it meant getting the Malowabi treatment. How hard was it to hand Proyas over to Achamian? It's not like anyone had to know and really, to mutiny over something like that when Proyas was already punished would have been galatically stupid. I am STILL angry over this. Brrr...I have to say that Bakker is quite effective. As for the other character arcs, well, if they're still alive, then they'll be dealt with in the No God. The only problem is that, at this point, Achamian is the only one who matters now.
  6. It really depends on who you ask. You either liked it or you didn't. It also depends on how many characters you were attached to.
  7. Or you're willing to hand them over to an insane, violent, tortured man. Or send her to basically take advantage of Achamian. Love...suuuure. I think it was more shock than anything. I agree with the sentiment that Kellhus didn't love anyone. He just used them.
  8. Can't say I blame her.
  9. Yea, Kellhus will say pretty much anything to have the desired effect.
  10. According to the reddit AMA, Bakker claimed that she was basically an anomaly of "some consequence" and nothing more.
  11. FTR, I actually liked the gay cannibal orgy(that should be a band name) as I thought it was beautifully written, but I will admit that it did drag quite a bit. The purpose the whole thing served was to show how every one was desperate and acted accordingly. I was mostly interested in the Proyas scenes, but even then they involved the flashbacks with Achamian and scenes with Kayutas. The only aspect of Proyas's cannibalism that mattered was with Sibuwal. I think the rest of it could have been eliminated. As for his death, I'l put it very simply: I firmly believe that it had absolutely NO purpose except to be subversive for the sake of being subversive. So, really, I agree with you. At least Zsoronga's death, while unfortunate, served a purpose: It got Sorweel off his ass and he became the White Luck Warrior. Other people stopped readin TUC too, but for different reasons. One got sick of the gay cannibal holocaust(another band name) while Luke (reviewer) continued on but he skimmed over the battle scenes and every thing else as he only seemed to care about Proyas and Sorweel, mostly the latter.
  12. Oh please do because I know exactly how I'll answer.
  13. Guess I'm not that loyal as I stopped after a certain point in TUC. lolol
  14. From what I've heard, the First Trilogy is rather weak, despite my plurk friends singing praises of it. You either like it or you don't, so it's a risk and doubt I'll ever read them. I know nothing of the second set of books, but Broken Earth? OH MY LORD. That one, I think, is a safe bet.
  15. It is the Survivor's son and both his hands look like crab hands.