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  1. It will, yes.
  2. Maybe something like this: "My ideal ending was to have Proyas, Mimara and some others take on mean old Kellhus and defeat him and the Consult. Then he would marry Mimara and they would simply rebuild what is left of the world. And then a rainbow, gold bunny with ruby eyes flew out of my ass."
  3. All I remember is that there were these bodies that Shae was speaking through. Akka said that Shae was "doubly damned". I don't remember what Shae said to him.
  4. Possessing the Dunsult is just a theory, but he's done it before and I can see Shae doing it again. I personally don't buy simply being "killed offscreen."
  5. He managed to stay alive as long as he did by possessing semi-conscious people. He's the one who spoke to Nau-Cayuti.
  6. You still have Shaeonanra. Some say that he possessed the Dunsult and I recently wondered if maybe he possessed Kellhus at some time. He could be possessing the No-God too. You might want to speak for yourself there.
  7. Oh man. Killing off Akka would guarantee that I wouldn't be bothering with the next trilogy. He's the only character who matters to me now that Proyas is gone.
  8. He wasn't dead at that point, but he was certainly not in the best of shape. I do, however, agree that if Akka DID manage to save him, then he would have survived. Or died a better death--in AKKA's arms, but that would make literary sense and I guess we can't have that in the Bakkerverse. Mercy!? HAH! It's bullshit! If he REALLY wanted Proyas to be spared of hell, then he would have handed him over to Achamian and/or done whatever it took to ensure his survival even if it mean ending up like Malowabi, but NOOO! Proyas was chattel to Kellhus and he would rather destroy Proyas than let someone else have him. And the morale thing? I think that's BS too. It STILL bothers me too and I STILL get angry thinking about it. I firmly believe that Proyas's fate served no purpose except to be subversive for the sake of being subversive. There were so many possibilities and expectations (at least on my end) raised for him and ALL of them were subverted/averted. Like, WOW. "I figured there would be an ultimate point to Proyas, that he was being conditioned to serve as N. Cauytas or whatever (engine for the NG that Kellhus would then yoke). As it is, it's both horrible and somewhat underwhelming, like most of TUC." Yea, pretty much this. I honestly thought so too. I also thought a whole lot of things, including Kelmomas being the battery with Proyas being the "Unholy Steersman" after being the one to salt Kellhus. because why not? He was betrayed by Kellhus. Might as well become literally part of the Consult >:(
  9. Well, if it's not reported, then how are people supposed to do anything? And honestly, people in say the US are a bit more concerned with their own problems in their own country then in Yemen. Even if they DID care a great deal, what would the US in general do?
  10. Actually, I think people do freak out, but more in a general sense. If people cared about MANY the same way they cared about those closest to them, then people would go crazy.
  11. The Unholy Consult was straight up painful for me and rage inducing despite being very well written(at least in some parts). Whether or not I read the third series depends on what happens. So, pretty much how it's ALWAYS been. Horray!
  12. HP Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, H Beam Piper, and Terry Pratchett.
  13. Yikes. That would be longer than "quite some time", imo. At any rate, my concern would be WHEN they get published.
  14. Yea. He has writings with characters, outlines and has been working on it since the spring, I think. I don't know how much has been done though.
  15. From what I've heard, he's been working on the third trilogy for quite some time. The question is how it will end up published. He claims that the first book will focus on the Boy. TBH, I don't know if I will bother.