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  1. Lann the Clever, the ancestor of the Lannister is believed to have been of First Men descent. You really should read more carefully. Its in the wiki It is disputed though
  2. Legend
  3. oooh nice makes a lot of sense
  4. Thank you sir.
  5. Yep
  6. Sarcasm or not? Its hard to tell these days on the web
  7. Targs burn bodies too don't they?
  8. This theory Is gold. I am a believer.
  9. So I read an interesting post by By Odin's Beard on the Norse Mythology Thread and was inspired to make this thread. Is there any symbolism relating to the gods/religions in ASOIAF and are there any relations between real world religions? A few of the religions: R'hllor The Seven Old Gods God of Death Drowned God
  10. This is a nice theory.
  11. ah ok Is it the Fossaway from Dunk and Egg?
  12. That would be the ultimate plot twist
  13. I have read the books a few times. How dare you accuse me of being a heathen But anyway thanks
  14. Brown?