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  1. They dont use month names, they just use dates. Daenerys name day is listed in European style 1/6/298. I added the month name to make it easier because the Euro date set up makes me look at as January.
  2. A timeline of the books put together shows the dates here:
  3. I think that the easiest explanation is that the 3 King's Guard had no idea that Aerys made Viserys his heir. It does not seem to be a widely talked about or known fact.
  4. Rhaegar left just before New Year 281 (so basically the beginning of 282) "The False Spring of 281 AC lasted less than two turns. As the year drew to a close, winter returned to Westeros with a vengeance. On the last day of the year, snow began to fall upon King's Landing, and a crust of ice formed atop the Blackwater Rush. The snowfall continued off and on for the best part of a fortnight, by which time the Blackwater was hard frozen, and icicles draped the roofs and gutters of every tower in the city. As cold winds hammered the city, King Aerys II turned to his pyromancers, charging them to drive the winter off with their magics. Huge green fires burned along the walls of the Red Keep for a moon's turn. Prince Rhaegar was not in the city to observe them, however. Nor could he be found in Dragonstone with Princess Elia and their young son, Aegon. With the coming of the new year, the crown prince had taken to the road with half a dozen of his closest friends and confidants, on a journey that would ultimately lead him back to the riverlands. Not ten leagues from Harrenhal, Rhaegar fell upon Lyanna Stark of Winterfell, and carried her off, lighting a fire that would consume his house and kin and all those he loved—and half the realm besides." Daenerys' 14th Name Day is in early June 298, meaning that she was born in June 284. We know that Daenerys was born @ 8 to 9 months after Jon according to GRRM, meaning Jon was born @ August/ September 283. So yes, there is technically enough time IF Rhaegar got Lyanna pregnant immediately and then did the same as soon as Jon was born.. But again, that would mean that Jon was actually born @ September 282. Meaning that by the time he arrived at Winterfell he would have had to be @ 15 months old. There is now way that any one is ever going to think that Jon was younger than Robb. And if Ned did have a 15 month old bastard that would mean Ned slept with a women BEFORE his marriage to Cat, and it not have been a dishonor to her or their marriage (yes, Ned would still see it as a dishonor but would Cat?)
  5. This depends on a few things and it changes a few things. One, does Tywin still suspect that Tyrion's true father might be Aerys? Two, does Tywin really blame Tyrion for the death of Joanna? Things could change as well. Does Aerys still name Jaime to the King's Guard if Tywin has a suitable heir in Tyrion? Part of the reason Aerys did this was to screw over Tywin, does he bother if it really is not that big a deal anymore? Is Jaime still as big as a hostage for Aerys if Tywin has an heir in Tyrion? Does he wait to join the Rebellion till he knows that Jaime can be saved from Aerys' grip? We know Cersei has a thing for blond haired Lannisters, does Cersei replace Jaime with Tyrion if Jaime leaves like she did with Lancel?
  6. Because Rhaegar and Lyanna were married and she was pregnant with his child. Aerys and Aegon were protected in the Capitol with another King's Guard, the Targaryen army and the cities Goldcloaks. They were safer than Lyanna was.
  7. For that to be true, Lyanna would had to been pregnant already at Harrenhal. Would need at least 18 months to give birth to two children, the war was not long enough for that to be true unless Lyanna was pregnant BEFORE she left with Rhaegar (meaning that her kid would be who's exactly?) Plus, then Jon would be considerably older than Robb, something that someone would have noticed when a toddler showed up at Winterfell next to infant Robb.
  8. The King's Guard would have needed to stay at the Tower to see if the baby was a boy or girl. If Lyanna's unborn child is a boy it is ahead of Viserys in the line of succession. So they had to stay till the baby was born. Lyanna died AFTER the birth due to infection/ fever (probably @ a week to 2 weeks later). If the baby had been a girl, most likely two of the guards would have left to be with Viserys and the third would have stayed with plans to escort Lyanna and the baby Targaryen Princess to Dragonstone when they were OK to travel.
  9. If Barristan knows anything about a secret Targaryen it is about Tyrion
  10. Manderly doesn't care about the Night's Watch, he is looking to restore the Starks due to a family debt. If Jon is a Stark, that is as far as he is going to care.
  11. I think that in the end Jon will end up with Lightbringer (Dark Sister or Dawn), and he will give Jorah is family sword back. Jorah will have Longclaw (with a new handle courtesy of Daenerys) and he will be the 1000th LC of the Night Watch (thought the Wall will be gone and the True North will be part of the Kingdom now, the Watch will move further North and guard the lands of Man, and protect the Free Men.)
  12. It is going to suck for you when it happens
  13. 1: Tyrion 2: Jon and Daenerys will rule from Harrenhal 3: They will rebuild because Jon will see to it 4:the Boltons will be long dead before any of this happens
  14. Rickon is a Shaggydog story, and only exists to get Jon to Skagos to wake the Dragon from Stone
  15. Jon (true born) and Tyrion (bastard)