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  1. Finished The White March last night at around 3 AM, and it was totally worth it. I'm very curious what my ending slides are going to be - I certainly made a few sub-optimal choices... I found the storyline to The White March to be a lot better than the main game, probably because it was so much shorter and more focused. There was nothing wrong with the main game's story, but you end up spending so much time on side quests and Cad Nua that it tends to get lost. There's just not much to tie you in emotinally with the past life until near the endgame. In TWM, however, the cause, effect, and consequences of the main plot points all tie together much more tightly. The 'villains' felt much more human and understandable than the ones in the main game - which is really ironic if you know what I'm referring to.
  2. After burning myself out on the game a year ago, I purchased the expansion packs for Pillars of Eternity, and am now regularly forgoing sleep to play during the busiest time of year for me at work. 1. It's amazing how much fun I'm having after such a long hiatus. Plus, I notice they rebalanced quite a lot since I last played. 2. Were monks always this awesome? I never played one before, and now Zahua is just wrecking the crap out of people. 3. Between simply forgetting most of what I'd previously known, gameplay tweaks with the expansion, and just trying out different builds, I'm astounded at how many viable tactical choices you can make, and still have it be rewarding. This game definitely gets better on a re-play.
  3. Raaaaacist!
  4. Andy Reid and Mike Shanahan are the only guys I can think of that have been able to consistently squeeze good performance out of mediocre QBs, and Shanahan's the only one that has been able to consistently ID talent in the first place. How much of an arrogant jerk do you have to be where nobody wants you even though you've got the NFL equivalent of super powers?
  5. That's a fair point, and I agree on the low odds of finding a viable backup in the mid rounds in any given year. I'm just advocating the Walsh theory of taking a chance on a QB every year and hoping one of them turns out ok, even if you've already got a starter. Speaking of Cousins, can we give a little credit to Shanahan here? For all his many faults, the guy has proven absolutely brilliant at two of the most difficult tasks in football: identifying and training up QB talent. He got Pro Bowl level seasons out of Jake Plummer and Brian Griese. Jay Cutler was a rising star under his tutelage. Pre-injury/Snyderized RG3 was a force to be reckoned with. There's got to be someplace in the league that can use him...
  6. Terrible backups? Weeden was their designated backup since last season; the other guys were acquired and thrown in out of desperation. While there's something to be said about a veteran backup, Weeden is terrible. The only reason he's still around is that Mike Holmgren panicked after getting outbid for RG3 and reached for a QB (bringing us full circle), so he still gets '1st round pick' cred in the league the way Trent Richardson does. That's not to say other teams don't also have poor backups, but Romo is 35 with a moderate injury history. This is a good time to look for the next McCown brother.
  7. It's wise not to reach at any draft position, even the 'safe' ones (remember the run on offensive tackles a few years ago?), but the cost is mitigated a bit by the current CBA; it's the opportunity cost of the all-pro you passed up that hurts. That said, Dallas might have made the playoffs this year had they picked a mediocre backup in the 3rd or 4th round sometime in the last three years. I don't follow college ball, so I have no idea how strong this draft class is.
  8. Why is it that I always felt sorry for Todd Marinovich, but feel nothing but contempt for Manziel? It's not (just) the domestic violence, either; I hated Manziel long before I ever heard about that.
  9. Whichever PR flack came up with that one deserves a pay raise.
  10. The only reason I can think of to cover it up is if you still believe in him as a prospect and want to retain him. Come to think of it, this is the Browns, so it actually seems rather likely. Factory of Sadness.
  11. WTF is the point of even covering it up? It gives you the perfect excuse to cut bait on a 1st round pick. The Machiavellian move would have been to publicize it, cut him, then recover as much of his bonus as you can with cause since he violated his conduct clauses.
  12. I thought it was incomplete because the ball came loose after he rolled over. If any part of the ball had touched the ground in that process, it's incomplete because he clearly didn't maintain control throughout the play, and it's dead when the ball touches the ground. There was not enough evidence to overturn - you could see the hand under the ball, but you couldn't see if the end touched during the roll. You have to let the call on the field stand at that point.
  13. Have you ever watched Eli during a game? Same damned expression, all the time.
  14. That's a guy who needs help. Agree, except in this case I define 'help' as a lengthy stretch in prison.
  15. I thought Newton played as well as could be expected up until the 4th, when he started pressing. He missed a couple throws early, but every QB misses a few, especially deep. The Cotchery drop that was reviewed shouldn't have been bobbled in the first place. Later, he couldn't get separation on Von Miller(!) on the sideline (!!). Ginn was the one who really ticked me off - on one long completion, he had space but jogged out the sideline instead of turning upfield and getting at least another 5-10 yards in a game where every yard counted. Then he alligator-armed the throw that was intercepted. In it wasn't until the 4th that I felt like Newton really collapsed mentally, but by then he'd had the tar beat out of him for for 45 minutes. He wasn't the only one, either; how many false starts did the offense have at the end of the game? The Denver D had their number, and the entire offense knew it.