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  1. I always doubted that Brandon went to KL and demanded Rhaegar to face him. Does anyone else believes that the Come out and die is utter bs? There are two ways for Jaime to know what Brandon did. One, Brandon was allowed to ender Red Keep armed along with his entourage or he went to KL and screamed outside of the Walls and Jaime happened to be there to hear him. If Jaime wasn’t present when Brandon said it he couldn’t know what happened and it could had been created from someone who had something to gain from a civil war that brings chaos and death. Maybe someone like Varys.
  2. A new fun and easy game, just like in Cast the Actor we are casting for the characters in GRRTH, but we cast ourselves. How it works: easy just say which role could the poster above you could play in GRRTH universe from what you have seen from his or hers posts.
  3. Since the Christmas episode is the first episode of the Tenth Series and is just 5 days away I thought that we should had a brand new thread. Therefore I hereby declare the opening of the new Doctor Who thread.
  4. He is what? Seriously? I like him as an actor but you think that he is better looking than Chris Hemsworth? He is too strapping to be Rhaegar. Again, seriously?
  5. The Tyrells would had given Jon to Tywin. Dany was married with someone far worse than Robert and at the end of the day there is no reason why Ned should helped her. Cat could not be trusted. In any case I don't understand the question. You basically ask for ideas about something? Your question isn't clear.
  6. Wasn't Saxon erased from history after Last of the Time Lords? If he was how could Bill recognize him?
  7. And her story will end something like: So now, the wage of sin is paid, The blade is still, the black steed worm grazes. The only sound across the glade, is Edmund Barri pushing up the daisies. Black Adder,Dany Black Adder! Ew Dany! A shame about the plan. Black Adder,Dany Black Adder! Ew Dany! farewell you horrid man lass. Paraphrasing Blackadder of course.
  8. I might had said it before but anyway. Imnsho JRRT's famous poem "All that is gold does not glitter" fits Jon and his storyline perfectly. All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king.
  9. So when the Master became Razor? I am confused. After the End of Time? It would be funny if he did because that would mean that Moffat’s final story and RTD’s final story were somehow connected and the same Master was in both. Maybe Missy saves the Doctor like what the Master did?
  10. And the minds of their fans. Why do you bother tho? Haven't you seen that it is speaking with close minded haters is fruitless?
  11. That is a lie. Rhaegar wasn't around Brandon so he never tried to kill him.
  12. I always thought that Barri was just jealous that Ashara prefered a Stark. I am not so sure about the dishonoring part. I do think that she had sex with a Stark, imnsho Ned, but it was Barri who was thinking that it as dishonoring
  13. That is true. A King comes before anyone else. That is why the KG never helped Rhaella and had allowed the King to harm her. That is why Aemon the Dragonknight allowed Aegon to do whatever he wanted with Naerys. True. People in Westeros will see Dany and a kinslayer or the next best thing too. chapter at TWOW Again true. Dany is just as much of an usurper as Robert or even worse since as a woman after the Targ laws in the eyes of the many as a woman, she never had a right to the Throne to begin with.
  14. Pff what does a Westerosi knows about how right of conquest works in Westeros?
  15. True. Kill the cowards and let those who can actually fight and know the enemy taking care of the situation. Bowen and his men can be the new sentinels to decorate the Wall. If Westeros is lucky enough to have a Wall after was Bowen and his supporters did.
  16. She not only supported Viserys’ murder, making her a kinslayer or the next best thing at the eyes of the Westerosi, but she also was planning to usurp Viserys’ Throne before that, she was planning to make her son the King when the rightful King for the Targ supporters would had been Viserys and his descendants.
  17. Someone annoying. Maybe Cat during Balon's rebellion. John Simm.
  18. I will kill you in your sleep dearie.
  19. It will be magnificent! They not only helped Jon to transform in his Super Saiyan God mode but they also arranged their own death sentences. It’s a win-win situation, at least for Jon.
  20. Chocolate is chocolate and is always ok. Walrus?
  21. Against my better judgment I was thinking that talking with you it would lead somewhere. It didn't. I am sorry but from what you say about how the right of conquest works proves that you either don't know what you are talking about, which would be fine you could read about it and see how it really works, or that you are willfully ignorant and you chose to close your eyes. In either case it’s not funny or interesting anymore and I am bored. Since I don’t care about your opinion and you are just a hater ignore list is the best choice, I would asked you to never quote or mention me again in any way but I know that you will never do it. So ignore list. A small advice tho, before you claim to say that others don’t know and you know best read something to know what you are talking about and don’t conduct yourself like some kind of expert when the others are always wrong, the fact that you are a biased hater and fan it’s clear enough and by behaving like an arrogant expert predispose the others to not take you seriously.
  22. I do agree that she wasn't unbiased, I am just saying that we don't know if he wanted her or not. @The Fattest Leech and @kissdbyfire serious question guys. Why do you bother? Can't you see that is a hater and there is no way of a reasoned talk about causes and facts. The only fact is that we don't know what really happened and we only know what Jaime claimed that happened.
  23. You tend to win or lose terrotory through wars is a span of thousands of years, you don't lose people and power in 12 wars in less than 300 years solely because of one house. That is the difference. I don't think that anyone claimed that it was a peaceful time, just that the Targ peace is an exaggerate and never really happened.
  24. If the child is totally different from Dany how Dany's birth would still happen?
  25. *Male macho honor* it would had been in 21st century. In Medieval it would had been more than that. By allowing Petyr to live he proved to be just but also strong and generous. He wouldn’t had something to gain from a dead LF but a living LF would had been an example of what happens when you cross the next Lord of WF.