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  1. Connor

    Mute = no tongue = no speaking
  2. Connor

    Rumor is he will be a mute aboard Euron Crow's Eye's ship, the Silence.
  3. Is Lightbringer (the first) Valyrian steel?

    Very nice analysis indeed. It seems so obvious how you put it. Count me in as a believer.
  4. Crackpot theories you like?

    Thanks, I was just correcting my mistake when you commented. Sounds possible to me!
  5. Where the dead danced

    I too think she was planning tot take Rhaego's life from the start but surely there must have been consequences for entering the tent? I just don't see any other than Rhaego's death and Dany being barren. I'm just wondering why Jorah and Dany never spoke of what happened inside the tent.
  6. Crackpot theories you like?

    You mean Balerion, warged by Princess Rhaenys I'm pretty sure the black tom cat and Rhaella's Balerion are one and the same but I've never heard of it being Rhaenys
  7. Where in the Seven Kingdoms would you live?

    Bear island sounds lovely to me, ignoring the fact that it's always cold and occasionally they have to deal with raiders. In the South I would go with Oldtown or the Arbor.
  8. Crackpot theories you like?

    Another one I like is Timett son of Timett of the Burned Men being the true heir to the vale, being the child of the 4th daughter of Elys Waynwood and Alys Arryn. Right here
  9. Crackpot theories you like?

    I really really like the idea that Lem Lemoncloak is actually Ser Richard Lonmouth, who used to be Rhaegar's squire. He could shed some light onto the events surrounding Lyanna's abduction etc. Also Olyvar being Rosby's ward appeals to me. Last one I can think of is the Sailor's wife in fact being Tysha.
  10. True or false?

    And the wildlings and deserters who were with Osha.
  11. Where the dead danced

    So I've been rewatching the show and in S1, ep9 Jorah, with Dany in his arms, walks into the tent where MMD was "dancing with the dead" to revive Khal Drogo. Did we ever learn what he saw there? Why weren't there consequences for him?
  12. This is why Varys did it

    My mind might be fogged by the show but I was indeed under the impression that Varys made the arrangements for the attack.
  13. This is why Varys did it

    But why take the risk? Why not just tell Robert the attempt failed? A lot could go wrong.
  14. This is why Varys did it

  15. This is why Varys did it

    I don't know if this has been stated before but maybe I've got an explanation why Varys seemingly plays along with Robert in the plan to assassinate Dany. Arya overhears Varys' and Illyrio's conversation in the dungeons (with the dragonskulls) and Varys says something like "Drogo will wait until his son is born, this delay may be a problem". When Robert hears of Dany's pregnancy he gets pretty pissed off and Varys, among others, agree with him that it's best if they had her killed. Maybe Varys saw an opportunity here to get rid of the delay (= Dany's pregnancy = Dany) and he thought Drogo would seek revenge on Robert, which is how Drogo, and Viserys with him, get to the 7K. Thoughts?