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  1. I had the feeling Theon was asking Jon's forgiveness because Theon is about to die... Saving Yara but dying in the process
  2. I think Cersei and Littlefinger are goners, perhaps Jaime as well. The last season will be about the threat of the WW, so I don't think Jon and Dany will have the Lannisters in their way. I can see some minors fan faves like Edd, Pod, Beric etc get killed as well. I just hope Tormund survives!
  3. I read somewhere it were chains used for a "ferry" to get a boat across the lake, for when it wasn't frozen.
  4. So I was just wondering which Gods in Planetos seem legit and which not. I think there's no point denying the existence of Rhllor, that SOB has pulled of some heavy sh*t already. So if one acknowledges Rhllor's existence, the Great Other must be legit as well. Then there's the Drowned God: His fanatics (Aeron e.g.) believe in their God because he can "bring back people" a.k.a. the process of making Drowned Men. IMO this is just a medieval form of resuscitation. Never has he given any sign of "life", except for Aeron claiming to have been in his halls (reliable source) Next up are the Seven. These gods have given us absolutely no reason to think they exist as far as I remember. They're the weakest, most absent gods in Westeros, yet those with the most believers. They don't even have special powers ffs. Last but not least are the Old Gods. I get why people would have faith in white trees with red faces carved in them, but they have been proven to be nothing but old Greenseers. So no gods at all. What do you guys think? Which gods are legit and which are a scam?
  5. I'll just call Ragnar and he'll fix all my problems
  6. Maester Aemon? Jory Cassel as far as we knew him I think Brienne counts as a good person as well
  7. Jorah Mormont for sure and I think this is certainly going to happen. Also: Ser Addam Marbrand the Blackfish the Hound Darkstar Ser Bonifer and the Holy Hundred (yep, all of them) Maybe some of the squires Barristan is training?
  8. I seem to recall Arianne once tried to seduce Renly when visiting Storm's End, as well as Edmure in RR. Could've created some nice alliances.
  9. It's a shame we'll never know for sure though, I don't think GRRM will ever further explain the circumstances of Tywin's death. Although in my head it's almost a given that Oberyn poisoned him, eventually with Hemlock Water Dropwort.
  10. Thanks
  11. I see no need to sum up the endless evidence that Oberyn poisoned Tywin because obviously you've all read them over and over again. I would just like to add 1 new piece of evidence which I've seen nowhere. Tywin's mysterious smile during Jamie's wake is something that made me wonder if it had any significance towards his cause of death. As a result I searched the forums and the internet to find some sort of explanation but I've never found one. Until now. I stumbled upon a poisonous plant (in the real world) called "The Hemlock Water Dropwort'. This plant apparently leaves the victim with a smile on their face. Could this be the poison Oberyn used?
  12. Mute = no tongue = no speaking
  13. Rumor is he will be a mute aboard Euron Crow's Eye's ship, the Silence.
  14. Very nice analysis indeed. It seems so obvious how you put it. Count me in as a believer.
  15. Thanks, I was just correcting my mistake when you commented. Sounds possible to me!