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  1. Back as he
  2. I read the books when I was quite young, and I found they were at first hard to get into, but very rewarding. I also found that from CoK onwards it only became easier as you become accustomed to rapidly changing events and different POVs allow you to truly immerse yourself in the world. Enjoy!
  3. As a character, she is fascinating. As a person, she's somewhat standoffish and I personally find her difficult to relate to. So, I like her as a character in that she furthers the plot and proves to be a wildcard when she wants to be, but as a person I do not like her very much, no. At least not in SoS.
  4. Do you mean in the series as a whole, or just CoK specifically? Did you enjoy Jon's chapters in GoT? I personally enjoyed Jon's chapters. I found that I came to enjoy them more later in the series, but they were adequate at the outset. Bran's chapters, however, were the least interesting IMO. From the outset, I just had to will myself not to skip them, and on my first read through, I often did
  5. I personally started with the books, and would recommend doing the same. The books are brilliant, and contain a world far more rich and diverse than you will find in the show, IMO. I would caution you against the one book, one season method. It would work out for the first few books/seasons but the chronology and indeed the canon of the two gets quite jumbled along the way, with plot lines from later books appearing in earlier seasons, and thus you could end up having some aspects of later books spoiled for you. That said, I assume you'll be getting through both the books and shows quite quickly, so it might not be a huge deal for you, just something I thought worth mentioning. I also just noticed that the post date for the thread is well over a year and a half ago I'm unsure as to why it is one of the most recent threads, but do let me know what you ended up doing.
  6. Daenerys is young, attractive, just at the right age for marriage and whether her Targaryen blood is a pro or con for those considering marrying her, she's a pretty decent bride for many in Essos. Viserys is less desirable considering his political status is more baggage than Daenerys' as he is actively seeking the throne. He is unlikely to attain a marriage befitting his rank in Essos, and has little to no hope of marriage in Westeros.
  7. Regardless of how much of the show you have or have not seen, I would highly recommend reading the series in its entirety. George R R Martin really is a phenomenal writer. I agree with previous posters that Season I followed the book pretty well, but I find reading the books such a rewarding experience in itself I would advise starting from the beginning. That, and the fact that the show could not possibly pack in the overwhelmingly large content of the books (characters, backstory etc) into its one hour slots, and GoT is certainly no exception to that. The book will have a lot to offer you even if you're already familiar with the main plot.
  8. I was in sixth class (final year of middle school), it was late 2011/early 2012. I was twelve or thirteen. A classmate recommended the books, and while I was deemed too young to be allowed watch the show, I quickly became obsessed with the books. Have re-read them several times since, and have now turned eighteen and I am hoping to re-read them again this summer following completion of my exams, once I have the time. I feel as though some of the finer details of the plot and indeed the writing style would have been lost on me at a younger age, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity to re-discover them.