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  1. Not at all! I think your spot on!
  2. Those were her last words to him.. One could have left the passage feeling she was being cruel and meaning him to die more slowly and painfully. But I agree that she did truly mean him mercy. That he would live on.
  3. I think they are building Sophie/Sansa up to an eventual fall. Making her seem important as a ruse. It is freedom to fill space that Martin has left them with his story in the books.
  4. Thanks. Very Interesting read. What POV chapters were you skimming that lead to your theory?
  5. Is the link to Martins outline still out there? Someone showed to me a year ago or so and I can't find the link. Interesting theory you brought up.
  6. The trailer on HBO now said it was only available until 4/14. That leaves time for something else to be released.
  7. I am with you. More Arya and less Sansa. Sansa is just Little Fingers pawn. That's all she will ever be. I too think this is the best oppurtunity for Arya to return
  8. Yes I was hoping to see blind Arya in season 5. But alas we had to wait for season 6. I too hope we get to see Arya smile!