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  1. PREQUEL FIGHT! PREQUEL FIGHT! PREQUEL FIGHT! This stuff must correspond to phases of the moon (or something) and I'm totally here for it. Canon. - I can take or leave new SW content at this point, but I gotta say, some of the reactions on this board are really depressing. I so want this one to be good. I'll check it out on the weekend.
  2. Yes it is. You can also find episodes on YouTube. Great stuff.
  3. Beat me to it. How fucking lucky! https://nordot.app/1067134530561115003?c=592622757532812385
  4. I hear tell that someone named "Trump Employee #4" has flipped. Here's what you do: Step #1: Make sure the plane has enough fuel to get to Moscow. Step #2: Tell the secret service you have to go take a shit. Step #3...
  5. Don't they measure height and weight as part of the booking process? When does that happen? I'm guessing a hair over 300 lbs. A 20 lbs. hair.
  6. Bone spurs notwithstanding, below the ankles, Mango Mussolini is a goddamn Vogue cover girl, and Putin knows it. Trump is going to get all the golf, crispy ketchup slathered steak, and Steven Segal movie cameos he can handle.
  7. I wouldn’t say it “left it out” as neither Oppenheimer or the Manhattan project had anything to do with procuring the ore. It would be an interesting story to tell though. Maybe a documentary or a dramatic feature of its own. i actually looked this up a little while ago. When Groves said they’d purchased “1200 tons” of uranium ore, the first thought I had was, “where did it come from?” I can’t remember when but I did look it up and sure enough, Congo. My next thought was, “It’s a virtual certainty that slave labor will as involved in acquiring that ore.” ETA: actually, Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States, episode 3 is on the bomb. I think the mention that the uranium came from the Belgian Congo. That might be the first place I heard it.
  8. Nuh uh. If Vladimir is giving him foot massages in some tsarist palace, he won’t be doing any jail time, smart guy.
  9. 100% more Anthony Hopkins and 200% more Daario Naharis than recent Star Wars by my calculations. And lightsabers only better The hand wasn’t running over the wheat, the robot was just standing very, very still. ETA: apparently this trailer contained footage from both instalments.
  10. FFFFFFUCK YES!!! @Tywin et al. you’re going down, son! A recent pronouncement from Trumps Truth Social acct.
  11. I love how the individual seasons are self contained, but effectively form an episode in a trilogy, and, if they do more seasons, a trilogy of trilogies. Incredibly well done. Some casting trivia: Arjun Avasarala (the husband) was recast in later seasons with Michael Benyaer, who did the voice of Bob on Reboot. Cara Gee, who plays Camina Drummer is Canadian. In your face, rest of the world.
  12. Yeah, about that… Here’s hoping it has legs. You think the 10 year old might want to see it again with like, 8 million friends? Those numbers aren’t going to raise themselves. Good thing WB has all those Barbie moneys. On the plus side, it seems like everyone has forgotten about Shazam! FotG.
  13. Just finished my Expanse binge. Season 4 was the weakest IMO, mostly because it drags a bit in the early episodes. Still really good, but not as strong as what came before. Season 5 and 6 are amazing. Goddamn does this show have great villains. I think this show will be a little like The Wire; A small-ish but dedicated following that grows over time as more and more people discover it. It would be nice if it didn’t take a decade for that to happen. I really hope we get more seasons. Amazing show.
  14. Wow. That’s um…. “Eager?” “Enthusiastic?” “Fill me up?” I don’t know the words exactly. Either way, well done. From the gown and headgear I’d say that was a bishop or a pope. They sure knew how to party. ETA: that carpenter must have carved that in-situ. High up, on a scaffold, in the dark. Eat my ass, Michelangelo.
  15. Wow. People really seem to like that show Meghan was on.
  16. Re: racism Anyone remember this rancid old chestnut?
  17. Yeah, it is ironic isn’t it? How about that Martin Branning?
  18. That same poster was looking for examples of racism in the British media and apparently didn’t get the subtleties. I feel like this similar conversations have taken place on these threads many, many times.
  19. What happened to the good old days when we were demanding precision in the language we used about child molesting princes? I’m just trying to understand. You mean people can say one thing while implying another? A “dog whistle”, if you will? I wonder if the English tabloids know about this rhetorical sleight of hand. No telling what they could do with it…
  20. I’m sorry, what’s wrong with calling someone “magnanimous”?
  21. I still remember election night in 2016. The first time I was literally nauseous because of an election result. I didn’t sleep until 3:00 am. Yup, right after he boards a plane to Russia.
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