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  1. Interesting scenario, the most likely thing would be him coming back to Illyrio (I don’t see him surviving after Khal Drogo’s fall), but then I would guess that Varys would push Viserys to get an army and strike after the war of the 5 kings, low chances to succeed but once Viserys dies, Aegon would come with the excuse of avenging his uncle. Ofc the most interesting question is, would Daenerys support his brother claim and go to Pentos to try to retake the seven kingdoms with him? I don’t think so, Dany wants to stay for the slaves, maybe her brother being alive makes her actually want to stay in a Essos permanently as a liberator. Would Barristan support Viserys tho? Mmmm that’s even a better question
  2. Why would Jon Arryn lie to Robert? He just was a strategic man, Tywin was the most powerful lord at the time, who’s going to stop him from looking East and trying to crown Viserys, a child can be easily manipulated, look at how Tywin lies to Tyrion and tells him that he never intended for it to happen. Marrying Cersei to Robert wasn’t a gift for Tywin, the only gift Robert gave him was sparing Jaime from taking the black or cutting off his head.
  3. I think the answer lies in dragons being wild animals and not domesticated pets. I remember when I was young, I used to live in my grandma’s house with my mom and my aunt, and the latter got a parrot, her ex boyfriend gave it to her as a gift. The parrot bonded only with my aunt, even when my grandmother was the one who fed it, the only person it showed a real connection was my aunt. I really don’t know what’s the logical explanation, perhaps the characteristics she had was something the little bird could relate and assimilate to? And that’s not to say the bird was hostile to us, it clearly was ok with us living in the same place and wouldn’t bite us, but it never was close to us as the way it was with my aunt. Now talking about the dragon in context of the world, maybe the valyrians learned to act like a dragon and this make the fire creatures feel related and welcome them as partners? I think magic might have played a role, considering these dragons might be descendants of the dragon of the east?, but look how Dany tamed Drogon, clearly her actions played a big role.
  4. Wait, I didn’t mean this to be a Dany vs Jon vs Aegon race for the throne. But, it is quite interesting now that you think about it, perhaps it is meaningful that no black haired Targ was ever crowned, perhaps this will foreshadow who BR will support in the future
  5. There were many chances of it happening, but there has always been something that made a silver hair ruler take over instead. Is it supposed to mean something?
  6. According to some people Tywin is some saint that was the best father of Westeros. Tyrion and Cersei hating him? Foreshadowing of them actually being bastards, probably mad targaryen!
  7. Ashara probably faked her own death to support whatever cause Rhaegar had. It’s the only logical answer to me, her suicide story looks fishy and far too related to the lie of Jon being her son to be true. Also, George always avoids answering questions about her, so yeah, something happened that made her make up her death.
  8. Nymeria is going to try to take Taena’s spot as Cersei’s mistress, whatever happens, I don’t see one of the two surviving. Tyene will probably try to act like Varys and create chaos between Cersei, the faith and the Tyrells, I can see her trying to kill Margaery and blaming it on Cersei or otherwise. Overall, I think their motivations will deviate a little bit once they hold power, I know bastards aren’t looked down as much in Dorne but once they hold powerful positions, I can see them wanting to keep it. So it’s most likely they try to take all the big players to fulfill the Myrcella coronation plan and take over Westeros. Elia will probably die, and it will be something indirectly caused by Arianne. Idk about Obara and Sarella.
  9. Does anyone know then if all the Velaryons will be black in Hotd? If that’s the case then Angel Coulby would be perfect for the role of Laena Velaryon
  10. Just hit a good Japanese anime studio, HBO and make them do some sort of adaptation. Just look at how successful SNK has been, they have gold on their hands.
  11. Taena of Myr: Angel Coulby https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMPY-XqWqRRdkDvYGd5WxfDYll1Jta_7fw8w&usqp=CAU
  12. You can tell Martin’s feminism background while writing Cersei. She’s the embodiment of self hate, which makes her a tragic character in the end. She tries so hard to “act” and “be” like her father, but she can’t and will never be able to hold that rol. It’s quite amazing how Martin portrays the non conformity feminine struggle in Westeros, we have three different perspectives on it and all of them end up with a huge backlash by males around, also it’s quite funny how all of them start in a very similar spot, doing things or desiring to have the life categorized for men.
  13. Why would he? He just needs to kill Selyse and take her by his side. Shireen is a child, she can’t do much unless she has help, it’s literally the same scenario of Sansa after Ned dies.
  14. If Tyrion was a girl you know most of this forum would be screaming yes by now. Tyrion is just the average guy who has everything in life but has some flaws that society rejects. Can society be cruel to him sometimes? Yes. Does he get the worst from society? NO. Tyrion wants to believe he’s an underdog, but he’s no victim at all, it’s the people who he befriends/love who get hurt. I don’t think he’s “evil” but he’s definitely not as kind or “good” as he likes to believe he is.
  15. Let’s say for whatever reason, Tywin can’t get to KL in time and instead Ned reaches it first. What would have happened? I guess Aerys would still have wanted to blow up the city and Jaime would still have killed him. But what would have happened with Elia and the targaryen princes? What would Tywin do in order to join Robert or would he change his mind and go for Viserys?
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