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  1. The direwolf section needs to be updated. It says in the opening blurb: If you actually follow the link to the reference it says this: So according to Martin, direwolves are supposed to be extinct north of the Wall, not south of the wall as the wiki says.
  2. This isn't really the place for it as it's more or less the complete opposite, but has anybody read the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks? I'm doing a re-read of the series right now and Weeks seems to have been influenced by GRRM. - Duke Regnus Gyre is one of the most powerful men in the country. He's also one of the most honourable men, and refuses to stage a coup to take the throne when the old king dies, despite knowing that he would be a better ruler than the king's son who is set to succeed him. This references Ned refusing to take the throne after the Sack and instead letting Robert have it - Gyre is sent to garrison Screaming Winds, the northernmost post in the country by the new king. Screaming Winds reminds me heavily of the Wall, and Ned was supposed to be sent there for trying to crown Stannis - Unlike Ned though, Gyre makes it there and ends up serving there for 10 years IIRC. But then upon his return he is murdered. So in both series the powerful honourable man is sentenced to the northernmost outpost and murdered. - King Aleine IX is almost exactly like Aerys. He's paranoid, weak, mad, stupid, generous to his allies, and his family has been weakening for generations like the Targaryens did - There's a king, but the real power rests with the Sa'Kage, the city's underworld. Much like how Littlefinger and Varys controlled a lot of the real power in King's Landing - The mad king is murdered during a coup by his commander (Lord General Agon vs Ser Jaime Lannister) I thought of a bunch more last night as I started my re-read (I'm only like 100 pages into the first book), but I can't remember them at the moment. But there's tons of parallels that leads me to believe that Weeks was definitely influenced by Martin
  3. Barbara Hambly's Winterlands series, in particular the Northlands and Lord John Aversin, seem to have influenced Martin. - Northern culture that's always somewhat wintery (Northlands vs North) - Said northern culture is full of "barbarians" and is seen as less civilized than the south - There's a northern lord who dispenses justice for a far away king (John Aversin vs Ned Stark) - Said northern lord never wanted the job (John Aversin would rather read books and be an engineer, Ned Stark was the second son who wasn't supposed to rule) - Nonetheless, both northern lords do their duty despite taking no joy in it - The northern lord committed a notable, impossible deed years ago (John Aversin slayed a dragon 10 years ago and is the only living person to have done so vs Ned killing Arthur Dayne, the best fighter in Westoros 14 years ago) - The northern lord is called to the south (John to slay another dragon vs Ned to become Hand) - Upon arriving south, the northern lord doesn't try and blend into the southern decadence and politics (John pretends to be a complete fool vs Ned remaining aloof and honourable) - Reality is not what the songs say it is (Sansa Stark's love of knights vs Gareth's love of songs about Dragonbanes) - Upon learning that things aren't like in the songs, the innocent characters are forced to grow up and accept their lot (Sansa has to first be betrothed to a monster in Joffrey, then a dwarf in Tyrion vs Gareth eventually becoming king) - the king, a former noted warrior, is ruled through his queen (Robert/Cersei vs Uriens/Zyerne In particular, I especially see parallels between these passages about dragon slaying: The stories say to do something impressive and honourable when trying to kill a dragon. Doing so only gets you killed. Someone's probably pointed all of this out though, but if not then yay for being the first :)
  4. This bolded isn't right: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/History_of_tourneys_in_Westeros#The_Great_Harrenhal_tourney - Gerold Hightower never competed in anything as far as we know. He was just there. - Oswell Whent competed in the joust. He was one of the original 5 champions. - Robert Baratheon competed in the melee, not the joust. - Richard Lonmouth never competed as far we know. He was just there. So I would either strike Richard and Gerold out of there or include them in a list of attendees. I would add Whent to the list of jouster and say he was defeated by an unknown jouster (as he would have had to have been for Rhaegar and Barristan to be the finalists), and I would either add a separate section for melee participants and put Robert in that, or simply strike him off as well
  5. Eddard really doesn't display any negative emotion in the series, other than to the Lannisters. He never says anything bad about Aerys who definitely killed his father and brother, so I don't really see the importance of saying that he doesn't feel anything towards Rhaegar who might have raped his sister. For him, the matter was settled when both died.
  6. I really dont think this should be on Rhaegars page: The citation that its based off of are these: The first reveals nothing about Neds feelings towards Rhaegar except that he didnt think that he went to brothels, and neither does the second as it only reveals that Robert never feared Rhaegar. So theres no basis for saying that Ned thinks about Rhaegar in a neutral manner, except for the fact that he doesnt ever think of him in any particular way. In which case, theres then no reason to be pointing out that he doesnt have any particular feelings towards Rhaegar as you can do that for every character in the books. So I would remove that sentence as it does nothing and its citations do not show this.
  7. Now that I'm thinking it, I think Jeor might have been in the NW by that point. Jorah remembers Rhaegar fighting Robert. Ned does as well. So they were together in the battle. Then we have Roose Bolton being present with Ned and Robert when Barristan was brought before them. That places Roose in the same place as Jorah and Ned. Roose was presumably Lord of the Dreadfort by this point seeing as he had an heir in Domeric who was between 2-4, and he seems to have been a part of Ned and Robert's inner counsel. So if Roose was a Lord and was fighting beside Ned and Robert, then Jorah being there also would seem to indicate that he was a Lord too.
  8. In Jeor Mormont's History it says: "Presumably, Jeor, as Lord of Bear Island, marched to war under Lord Eddard Stark's banner during Robert's Rebellion" We know that Jorah was at the Trident so I'd say it's safe to say that Bear Island marched with Ned.
  9. Well Joffrey was the one who bestowed cloaks on Swann and Osmund, I know that. Swann got his for his bravery during the riot so it was a sign of the king thanking him I thought. Same as Barristan receiving his for killing Maelys. But Jaime had his cloak given to him by Hightower, And we're told that Aerys made a huge deal of Jaime's entrance to the KG by doing it in front of half the realm and with every KG present. Yet Hightower put the cloak on him, and then Aerys promptly sent him away. So it seemed to me that Aerys wanted to make a big deal of having the youngest KG ever, but didn't want to give him favour as we know he was trying to slight Tywin.
  10. I think Barristan's Early Life section needs to be changed a bit. It currently reads: Barristan was named to the KG by Hightower yes. And Hightower heard his vows But Jaehaerys is the one who gave him the cloak I'm not sure if it's just currently awkwardly worded but I think it should be noted somewhere in there that Jaehaerys himself gave Barristan the cloak. Because my reading of what's written down currently makes it sound like Hightower did everything and Barristan was only accepted into the KG during Jaehaerys reign, whereas Jaehaerys actually bestowed him the cloak that made him a KG due to him personally having done a service to the realm.
  11. Robert Baratheon's Appearance and Character needs to be changed. It says He became overweight after the Greyjoy Rebellion. Not after winning the crown.
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