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  1. And the NK and wights having to wait till the hound throws a stone to know that the lake has frozen over again. The KING of ICE, the one that brings the cold!
  2. Eddard Scissorhands


    Thanks Honeyed Chicken! I Will check it out. The mighty King Tyrion I also refered me to the links. C u all soon there sometime. :D
  3. Eddard Scissorhands


    Thanks dude, that's a huge compliment! :D Cool, now I'm curious! I'm gonna check the links out. I definitely feel very welcomed by you guys too! :cheers: Edit: And not that it was an issue for any sec, but I'm a straight male too. Still blushing though ;-) :lol:
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    Cheers! :cheers: Thanks! :cheers: Thanks! \m/ :cheers: Flattered to hear that :blushing: (even though I'm a dude, hahah :rofl: ). And one extra cheer for music indeed!
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    Thanks mate! Here we go!
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    Hello you lovely bunch of people! Pretty new to the forum so I thought I'd say Hi! Originally from the Caribbean, currently residing in The Netherlands I'm a musician and book wurm, totally fascinated by this forum and its dedication. Let's rock 'n roll.
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    Official Testing Thread

    Testing 1,2,3