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  1. Eddard Scissorhands

    Was season 7 the off-season?

    I think for non-casual viewers it was an off season. Casual GoT viewers, who are quite invested if compared to other shows in general, were really more surprised by the type of twists and last minute rescues that are pretty common practice in modern movies. For example when Arya says "Are you sure you want to do this?" during the LF scene, that was textbook cue for a Hollywood twist.
  2. Eddard Scissorhands

    Tyrion doubling what was offered

    That scene didn't really make sense to me, as if Dany would have hired Bronn after he tried to shoot Dragon down. She would fire Tyrion if he proposed that, so he's in no position to offer Bronn any job nor extra money, .
  3. Eddard Scissorhands


    Maybe his remains were also blown up in the cave.
  4. Eddard Scissorhands


    Good questions. I think Viserion will be controlled because he died, so he has no agency anymore, and is nothing more than an empty vessel controlled by the NK. Sorry Beside the origins, the dragons being commanded in Valyrian....well it's like a magic spell, so it needs to sound cool. I wondered about CotF and wight Benjens too, but I don't think these things will be addressed in the show. I would like to think that at least the CotF are "immune" to that, but I think once dead, anything can be resurrected by the NK.
  5. Eddard Scissorhands


    Thank you. You're doing the right thing. Tone can ambiguous through text and easy to misinterpret. Also coming from a person who can relate.
  6. Eddard Scissorhands


  7. Eddard Scissorhands

    Tyrion is playing everybody

    Are you suggesting there are 3 Targs? The show isn't half as intelligent as it used to be. So I don't think Tyrion is being son of Tywin and Dany isn't playing anyone.
  8. Eddard Scissorhands

    White Walker armour effective or not

    Good observations, but the one Meera killed with the dragon glass spear also had armor on but it didn't seem to help.
  9. Eddard Scissorhands


    Viserion was dead, not undead. And we've never seen NK touch an undead creature in the show turning into a WW. Assuming you mean undead=wight and not undead=alive. Still Viserion was deceased before resurrection.
  10. Eddard Scissorhands

    White Walker armour effective or not

    True. I think somewhere it was mentioned that Craster had 99 sons?
  11. Eddard Scissorhands

    White Walker armour effective or not

    They made it look like Jon Snow took the WW out easily in this episode. The question is how many WW are there total and how to fight them isolated from the mass of wights.
  12. Eddard Scissorhands


    -I don't completely understand what you are implying here. Viserion was for certain dead. I understand you're implying they needed chains so the NK could touch him but what do the chains have to do with being alive or not? Are you suggesting Viserion would have flown away or something because you think he was alive? -You have a point there. -No, Craster's baby was alive and well when turned. So in case of the dragon it's a unique process and unprecedented in the show.
  13. Eddard Scissorhands

    White Walker armour effective or not

    Does the WW body armour protect against dragon glass or valerian steel at all? 4 WW were killed (?) relatively easy, once dragon glass/ valerian steel was in play. We don't know if they just shatter by touch or must be pierced/cut. I assume the latter. (Otherwise why not just use dragon glass glitter to sprinkle all over the place ) The armour must somehow be functional and not only decorative, but we haven't seen it be effective yet in three cases. The one Sam killed was just in his boxer shorts so that is understandable. Does anyone think they made the WW too vulnerable?
  14. Eddard Scissorhands


    I also believe so. I don't think the show will ever specify what type resurrection it was, WW or wight. It's a unique situation. See post just above. The touch may have been for dramatic effect, or maybe the dragon is a really powerful being that requires proximity and more enchantment. We will never now.
  15. Eddard Scissorhands


    The baby was alive when the NK touched him. Viserion was dead dead.