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  1. The North Forgot

    What if Tommen and Myrcella died?

    From a legal perspective, considering Tommen gets his claim from being a "legal" son of Robert, after him and Myrcella, the crown should pass to Stannis, but since he's a rebel I'd say he's out of the line of succession. Now I don't remember how far back you have to go in Robert's family, but actually the next in line is Cercei. Or actually Tyrion, but you know, crossbows. All things considered though, I don't think anyone would care about blood right after Myrcella, then it'd be war of conquest.
  2. The North Forgot

    Old Nissa Nissa theory with new evidence

    Not sure if I believe this, but if it's true, that could imply Stannis really is Azor Ahai. I have a feeling he will survive the battle at Winterfell and ride back to the Wall after he hears about the mutiny, and we all know death pays for (possibly Jon's?) life, and Shireen has King's blood...
  3. The North Forgot

    Common names in each region and for houses

    Anything starting with Ty- in the Westerlands
  4. The North Forgot

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    I just stumbled upon this on a reread of AGOT, Daenerys IX The red door was so far ahead of her, and she could feel the icy breath behind, sweeping up on her. If it caught her she would die a death that was more than death, howling forever alone in the darkness. She began to run. "… don't want to wake the dragon …" I'm a believer that the red door actually is in Dorne, could this be another foreshadowing of the War for Dawn? Something like one of the dragons has been killed/wighted and Dany has to retreat to the south, hence the red door ahead of her, which means she's flying south, and the icy breath is a wighted dragon?
  5. The North Forgot

    Aegon VI Targaryen

    Regarding the mummer's/mummers' dragon, I think that's GRRM using the unreliable narrator to make us question what the real meaning of the prophesy is. Whichever is correct, anyone can misunderstand it when they hear it and not read it like us.
  6. The North Forgot

    Minor characters you found yourself liking

    Dolorous Edd - As above, the humour Patchface - I really love the way any and all of his rhymes can be a prophecy, still can't figure most of them out Wylla Manderly - Badass speech when Davos visits White Harbor