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  1. When she got on the medicare-for-allish train, she had some verbal gaffes and didn't have a clear plan (not that anyone else does either, but the media pounced on her about it). That's when I recall her numbers dropping. Also it seems like any woman who takes the lead and starts talking a lot generally loses points. In my (admitably male experience), its hard for women to take leadership roles without perception of them becoming negative in a way that doesn't happen to men.
  2. Well first he has to pack the supreme court, or impeach trump's unqualified judges. Which a lot of folks are clamoring for after the way Moscow Mitch has behaved. Good for the goose good for the gander and all that. If he does that, I'm envisioning an executive order directing medicare to permit sign up via any american citizen regardless of age. By the time it wends its way through the court its so popular that the House and the Senate have to bow under pressure and put it through anyway. If he needs money he can just declare a state of emergency with regards to the nation's health and take it from the military. There's a lot smarter people than me out there, I think they can probably make it work, for a while anyway. And like Obamacare, once people have it, they won't want to give it up.
  3. Governing by Executive Order fiat and ignoring the Senate and House to the maximum extent possible has been completely normalized. I expect this to get worse no matter who is elected, because it will be what the supporters want.
  4. argonak

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    That "tough on crime" stuff still sells with his base, most of whom are living in fantasy land, or their dementia makes them think its still the 70s. Its not going to get wide acceptance. Especially in blue states that are finding decriminalization a better path to success than persecution.
  5. argonak

    Why does anyone like the idea of "the Singularity"

    In star trek canon, the transporter converts your body from its current state, to a form of energy. All your atoms are the same, they're just juiced up. It then shoots that energy through a metaphorical cannon, and when the energy comes down, you re materialize in the same fashion you were before. That's normal operation. You are as you as you ever were. Naturally there are weird and wacky accidents because its scifi entertainment. There were also some writers who didn't understand this and wrote some episodes that don't work, but I just ignore those. Generally speaking though, its a safe and convenient method of moving your atoms around.
  6. argonak

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    The senate super majority is not going to happen. Even beating trump in November is looking increasingly unlikely to me. I'm willing to bet he loses by at least 5 million in the popular election, but still scrapes by in the electoral college, further cementing the GOP's minority domination over our country. And then they'll use the bogus 2020 census results to strip blue states of congressional seats, which will give them easy control over the House in 2022. They'll claim previous census results were wrong because of all the illegal immigrants or something like that.
  7. argonak

    Gun Control

    In those cases I think the government's actions had the support of the majority of the population. Even after the Kent state shooting the public opinion was largely against the students. If the government wants to enact tyranny that has the majority population's support, typically suppression of a minority, there's not a lot the minority can do about it. Even if the supreme court rules on your side, they don't have the power to enforce anything.
  8. I'm not from the UK so maybe i'm wrong, but don't the Tories have a guaranteed majority for 5 years until the next election? What does it matter what happens in 21 if they're in charge until 25?
  9. No, I've given up on convincing them of anything. They're willfully ignorant. Doesn't seem like there's any point anymore. if you try to explain reality to them they get mad, so whatever. Today I listened to some guy on the radio defending trump while whining about how trump had hurt his soybean market, and then complaining that trump wasn't forcing the oil companies to buy his corn anymore. They're a bunch of whiny welfare crybabies who are mad when they don't get all their farm subsidy welfare. And they hate how other people get welfare. The old folks get mad that anyone other than them might get help with their healthcare, while screeching about their drug expenses. I frankly don't have much hope for the future of this country anymore.
  10. I really enjoy all the anti-socialists demanding the government protect their medicare and farm subsidies.
  11. What's going on is that Biden is an old and somewhat out of touch politician. He hasn't had to stay current with his voters for a long time. He's getting old and a bit clumsy mentally. it happens to most people as they age. Bernie seems to be a bit sharper. Frankly why we elect people to LEAD A NATION, who we'd force into retirement from our daily grind offices is beyond me. We need some new young blood up there, but oh well.
  12. As I recall California has plenty of rare earths, they're just expensive to process cleanly so we get them from china who doesn't care about their environment as much.
  13. Given the shift in oil production that's occurred, that rapid rise of renewable energy, the economic aspect doesn't even seem to make much sense anymore. Imagine how much better everyone would be if we'd spent all that blood, sweat, and treasure shifting the economy off oil rather than invading iraq.
  14. argonak

    Gun Control

    Ironically, tombstone had a ban on guns and large knives in the city limits. A large portion of america has a bit of a fetish of the idea of self defense. However, there are areas of the country where it is still very dangerous, and home invasion or mugging is a real possibility. Additionally, a lot of people still living went through the America's period of extreme violent crime (from 60s to late 80s). Violent crime has drastically decreased since then (for reasons that we're still arguing about), but a lot of people haven't really internalized that.
  15. argonak

    Gun Control

    Ammunition control would actually be more effective in that environment. The supply chain for the chemicals associated would be easier to control.