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  1. Ebola. . Sars. . . its really too bad we didn't have a whole team of experts coordinating various nations to be prepared for just this sort of thing. Oh we did? He fired them? But he doesn't take any responsibility, oh no.
  2. Well I'm fine if you explain it to me, its not my area of specialty. But as I said in my uneducated understanding, just because the market is falling like a stone doesn't mean certain companies are sitting on piles of cash, and other companies are getting huge bailouts, and if you see a company with assets in the 500 million range being valued at 100 million, you'd be a fool not to buy it if you can finance it. Lots of folks out there smarter than me do that as their day job. And they've closed the stock market down for short period of times in the past. Just like they've shuttered banks to stop panics.
  3. While stock buybacks are an iffy thing, if they don't do it they risk being gobbled up in a hostile takeover and having their assets appropriated by some corporate pirates. I haven't checked them, but in stock free falls the "value" of the company can sometimes be less than the "value" of their assets, which leads to such take overs and then the pirates loot and pillage the company for a quick buck. In my uneducated opinion the Fed needs to shut the stock market down for a few weeks.
  4. As a Washingtonian, I would think this would be a good reason for everyone to ditch the polling booths and upgrade to vote by mail like we do.
  5. Meanwhile the federal facility of 15,000 employees in my county is still business as usual.
  6. So, would Stannis have locked all the infected in their homes, and then burned their houses down?
  7. I believe the documentary "Demolition Man" covers this subject quite well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGMa1Q-45ow
  8. If things get that bad, your dollars won't be worth anything, you're better off buying ammo. I think we're looking at a recession that's going to lag the stock market collapse by a month. The actual virus simply simply isn't that threatening to the bulk of the population. What we're seeing is simply the result of probably the most incompetent administration in history being faced with a real problem, and consistently making everything worse by their combination of actions an inactions.
  9. The ballots were a little weird this year. You had to pick a party on the same envelope where you sign, rather than on the ballot itself. Seemed very odd to me.
  10. The WH is handling things with their typical malicious incompetence. Its hilarious to me that things would be going much better if they just did nothing, than what happens when they do what they do. Trump could have just let the CDC handle everything, and then blamed then when they screwed up. Instead he has stuck his nose into it every step of the way and is now worried that its going to make him look bad when he lets his primary voting bloc (dumb old people) die from a disease.
  11. Okay. . . that's a bit extreme. How about we just make laws that require the companies regulate their emissions versus executing consumers who have zero awareness of what goes into producing the product their conusming?
  12. I personally really disliked Hillary, especially whenever I had to listen to her. I never was able to put my finger on exactly why. I think it might be related to growing up in a fox news household and not getting free of that brainwashing until GWB put the final nail in the coffin of fiscal conservatism, which was the only pillar of that tent that ever really held me in. But I held my nose and voted for her in the end, because I despise the GOP. I do still find her to come off extremely condescending and often insulting. I heard excerpts of her recent interviews on the radio, and the way she talks about Bernie Sanders is infuriating, especially because I don't recall Bernie bad mouthing other democrats, he has focused on policy differences when I have heard him speak. I don't dislike Biden really at all, I just think he's old, too wishy washy middleman, and lacks the kind of energy a President should have. Bernie may be old but he still has fire.
  13. Wouldn't it just be easier for states to ramp up vote by mail? My state already has vote by mail as the norm. I think it should be the norm nation wide, personally. Voting in person seems really stupid.
  14. Its a needed correction but a bunch of near sighted monkeys are driving the bus, so I expect it to turn into a recession at least.
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