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  1. As an atheist, evangelicals are scarier than Catholics because they don't have some larger organization that can be used to negotiate or push back against. They just spread and then force everyone to live to their rules by taking control of local school districts and city governments.
  2. I think the problem is that the church is in a bad spot. It's got the deer in a headlights feeling of seeing mass-atheisms and general apathy heading towards it like a freight train. So its having to choose between evolving to stay relevant and losing the hardcore religious nerds of Ya'al'Queda, or watching an entire generation just ditch it completely. I think humanity is overall harmed by religion having any power over our institutions or culture. But there seems to be a large number of people who cannot make it through life without it as a core belief to center themselves on. Without an organized religion, that segment of the population just falls into any cult or personality worship they run into. Humanity really needs to figure this out, but we don't seem any closer to it.
  3. Its related to the number of seats, which is almost as much a problem as the gerrymandering in my opinion. My vote should not be worth 1/3 of a wyoming vote. Its enraging.
  4. This is why we absolutely have to get rid of the damn electoral college. As long as its in place we are fricking ripe for complete minority rule. And minority rule generally leads to massive unrest and violent oppression. Typically because once they take power, the minority becomes absolutely terrified of losing it (just like the GOP already is), because of how they think the majority will take revenge.
  5. I'd be surprised if any of them speak up. They generally prefer a "safe space" and this forum isn't one.
  6. In the long run, nothing matters and our sun is going to burn out. The important thing is to stick with things and fight for every inch anyway, for here and now is all we have. We haven't failed until we've stopped trying.
  7. Americans say they support health care. But for about 1/2 of them what they mean is they want healthcare for themselves, not for "lazy minorities."
  8. I have two kids, and my opinion is if someone doesn't want kids, they probably are right and shouldn't have them. its a huge responsibility and many people aren't up to it. The resulting demographic problem would only be a problem for a relatively short period of time, and would leave the earth better off after wards. If anything its OLD people who shouldn't be allowed to vote, because they don't have to live with the results.
  9. Canada has a lot of their own type of conservatives though. They're just different.
  10. During my deconversion, I still remember attending some bible study or another where we were discussing Luke 6-30. Which basically says: And it was jaw dropping to watch the other attendees, every one of them college educated with good jobs, tapdance around this because it make them uncomfortable. Seemed like a pretty clear and straight forward verse to me. But no. . . it had "deeper meaning."
  11. I'm curious what percentage of NFL's target market (the people they think they can get to watch football) are actually red hats. Football has always been a widely popular sport across a diverse spectrum. Catering too much to a small minority of loud angry bitter people probably just turned off a lot of other people from the NFL. For me its mostly the commercials that turned ME off. After I got back from living in Japan i couldn't believe just how long the commercials were now in a football game. Over there I'd watch the game on streaming after it was run and all the commercials were stripped out. So much better of an experience as a viewer.
  12. I find that I can sometimes have success with talking to my conservative colleagues complaints about "political correctness" and "wokeness" by telling them that, to me, those words just mean "being kind to people," which "Jesus would have supported." At the heart of it, that's all it is. Being kind and fair. They usually sputter a bit about it and try and find some other BS, because they don't actually know what any of those words mean. And playing the Jesus card is always hilarious because its one of their brainwashed points. The Right has given up on policy and platform, and all they have now are code words and memes to drive their moral panics. Its the same with "critical race theory" and socialism. None of them know what these words mean, to them it just means "bad thing." They've all been so brainwashed that they look for the TV before they make a decision on whether an event is good or bad. And if you haven't been brainwashed with all the code words, then you're more open to seeing what people actually mean by these words. Which, for the most part, is just "be kind to people."
  13. So the main motivation of the empire at this point is explained in the Krennic, Tarkin, and Thrawn novels. Its basically the military industrial complex leaders competing with each other to get favor and influence from the Emperor. Krennic wants more minerals for the Death Star, so he's instigating trouble on worlds with key materials so he can then have his friends in the military crack down and nationalize the resources. Then they strip mine it out. Meanwhile other leaders within the Empire are trying to sabotage him or syphon resources for their own pet projects. It's all just corruption and self interest all the way down. The Emperor is implied to enjoy all the chaos and backstabbing. Rampart probably saw an opportunity to increase resource extraction and eliminate any environmental requirements, and Taa wanted to sabotage a competitor for his leadership role. But in the end it all just comes down to a bunch of self absorbed jerks on Coruscant wanting to impress the Emperor.
  14. Reading things like this just makes me think of the final days of the Republic in star wars, where everyone is corrupt and no one cares about the people. And then it gets worse.
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