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  1. argonak

    Repopulating the New Gift?

    I think it implies that the original gift was meant as maintenance for the night watch. Most likely the nights watch used to operate more like an anglo saxon burg, where they spend most of their time doing normal work, but also bear the responsibility for maintaining the defenses and being ready to fight the invaders when the time comes. In most theories, the Night's watch was only meant to fight wights, and they only seem to come as winter aproaches. Whereas with the new gift, they became more like a monastery, supported by taxes on others while focusing on their personal mission (defending the wall). And that was given by the Targeryens who considered the Night's Watch to be border guards against barbarian invasion.
  2. argonak

    Next POV to die

    Aeron is clearly Azor Ahi reborn. Note how all three words start with A. There can be no doubt!
  3. And if GRRM had been more careful limiting the scope of his work, rather than rapidly expanding it in books 4 and 5, he could have finished his primary story successfully. Then he could have gone back and fleshed out side quests and secondary characters, and people would have drank it up like a fine arbor gold. My wife is reading a book series right now thats exploring a minor character of a different series's own dramatic adventures. And GRRM may still finish the series, he's got a lot of life left in him. Hell, my own dream of spring is that he finished WoW several years ago, and has not yet released it because he's waiting for the show, and is finishing Dream of Spring now. Anyway, I just want him to finish this great project he's started. And its easy for me to criticize as a reader since I don't have to do the hard work. But from where I'm standing his biggest problem is a relatively recent lack of self discipline when it comes to recognizing what to keep and what to chop.
  4. argonak

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    Oh yes, the GOP majority in the House and Senate will be very quick to punish Trump for disobeying nepotism laws! Just like they were quick to punsih him for the emoluments laws. Nothing matters anymore to the GOP. They're completly corrupt and morally bankrupt.
  5. argonak

    Marriage Double Standards

    Tywin saw advantage to a close alliance with Swyft at the time. Since Swyft doesn't appear to be paticularlly. . . swift, or rich, he must have a reasonably valuable strategic position with the territory of Cornfield, or a decent number of troops. Baelish is one of the poorest of lords possible to still be a lord. He was only fostered with Riverrun because of his father's personal connection with Hoster.
  6. argonak

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    Wait, are we still pretending confirmation hearings matter?
  7. argonak

    Stannis army losses and future battles

    If its really Ramsay who has suddenly inherited apparent control of the north sending the letter, then I think it makes perfect sense. It fits Ramsay's personality very well. Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar. Ramsay is smart enough to know he needs that fake Arya back, or else the North will completly abandon him. its the only thing legitimizing his rule.
  8. Yeah its quite crazy how willing Tywin was to loan money to the Iron Throne. What was he expecting out of that? Joffrey, for all the ways that matter, was a Baratheon. Even if Tywin succeeded wtih all his hands and became Hand of the King and Regent, the best he could hope for was repayment of the debt. We never see him itching for new lands or revenues, (like maybe becoming lord of the riverlands in addition to the westerlands), so what was his plan supposed to be?
  9. argonak

    the mad Cersei's plan to kill Trystane

    So its definitely a Cersei plan then?
  10. argonak

    Stannis army losses and future battles

    I still think Stannis beats the Freys (with Manderly help), then loses when Roose's real forces come out of the snows and ambush him. It would be just like Roose to sacrifice the Freys and Manderlys just to put Stannis in an easily defeated position. Roose thrives on letting his "allies" take the blows while he takes the rewards. But I also think Roose will die with Stannis, leaving Ramsay sort of in charge, and sending his pink letter. It would be just like stannis to take his foe with him to the grave.
  11. I'm not saying the Ironborn should go away, they fulfill a major part of the plot, but we don't have to read it in such ludicrous depth. Most of what we see in all these Ironborn chapters is just fluff and some character building. It doesn't accomplish anything that couldn't be accomplished some other way. Look at the first battle of Mereen. We hear about it in very light detail as folks talk about it afterwards. GRRM didn't feel the need to give us an RA Salvatore blow by blow run through of Jorah's adventure. And he very well could have, because it sounded EPIC to hear about. But he skimmed over it instead. In my opinion, the whole of Drone could have been that way. (Other sections too) "Myrcella went down to Dorne. Her Kingsguard was seduced by a Dornish princess. The Princess attempted to start a rebellion in Myrcella's name, but Myrcella was greviously injured, her Kingsguard was killed, and the Dark Star of Dayne is all to blame." This could all have been revealed by some plucky spy. Sure it skimps out an a lot of cool background info. But which would you rather read, bulky character background material or the actual story getting finished? If Tolkien had only ever finished FOTR and TTT because he spent too much time writing encyclopedias of Elvish history, do you think anyone would still remember it? GRRM is a great writer. he could write all these side story expansions after he finished ASOIAF and people would eat it up. He could write history book after history book and people would eat it up. But in my opinion, his great tradgedy will be if he never finishes his main series because of those distractions.
  12. argonak

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    Just giving birth is brutally expensive. When my first son was born, everything was reimbursed because I am blessed with an employer who provides good insurance, but it was AFTER I had to pay the hospital. I was out over 20k for the two days we stayed in a military hospital, which really brought home how insanely expensive it was. After we brought him home, I noticed how all our other expenses also went up, water, gas, even electricity went up some prior to the previous. It was very enlightening how adding a third person, even a very small person, has a lot of extra costs. And then once he started eating food on his own, that was a surpisingly large increase to our grocery bill. And just today I looked at what my alma mater is charging for tuition and about had a heart attack. I graduated 14 years ago and its increased at least 5x since then. I can't imagine what it will be when my son is ready to go in another 15 years. We're solidly middle class for our area and I'm already worried i won't be able to put him through college, tuition and housing would take up like a quarter of my pre-tax income at this point.
  13. argonak

    How do you harden men up during peace time?

    When your neighbor burns your village over a percieved slight and steals all your cattle, you're going to have a terrible time waiting for them to get back from across the entire continent so they can go back to doing their real job. Westeros, especially at the current time frame, seems to be a barely held together land of strongmen. There's no serious traditions of law and order, and you only have the security you can enforce. Lords need to have men on hand at all times to guard their territory and enforce their will. A lot of those men are landed knights, who are expected to use the income of their lands to maintain themselves and a small entourage in a ready state for combat. Those men are responsible for the low level protection of their territory. Banditry is common, and even 9 years after the last major war, there's sellswords wandering all about the countryside, which speaks to me that westeros by and large suffers from great instability. Westeros seems very different from other medieval countries that had more settled law and order system in place in that way. In many regions unlanded or unatached men were considered barely above outlaw status, and would likely have been driven out of the region for vagrancy.
  14. I think it would have made a lot of sense if Tywin had been exposed as having a deal wtih Littlefinger to arragne the assasination of Jon Arryn, and keep the Vale out of any succession crisis. The way they bumble into the war of 5 kings makes a lot more sense if it was Tywin's plot to sieze control through his grandchildren, than Littlefinger's plot to create chaos.
  15. But we have seen Cersei's POVs and so far she's been outed as a complete narcassist and utterly incompetent at the game of thrones. That's not to say she hasn't been successful, but all her successes are just steps on the way to ultimate and utter failure. She's setting the house on fire to kill bothersome pests, not realizing the whole building is going to collapse on her. Now if GRRM wants to, she has an opportunity moment at the end of DWD to get some major character development and learn from all the failures that culminated in her walk of shame. But we'll have to wait until the next book to see where that goes. But I suspect that Cersei is on her final downward spiral now, and WoW will be the book she dies in. She won't get her trial by combat, and Taena will betray her just like Shae betrayed Tyrion, and Cersei will do something so reprehensible that she'll be killed by Jamie.