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  1. Insularity and racisms are festering cancers at the heart of america, and they've been there for centuries. One feeds off the other. Trump has to walk a fine line of leading the racism parade without being too completly obvious about it or he might lose more of what remains of the moderate GOP voters. And he has to continually push for the things that keep the big money folks happy. To give him his due, Trump is a pretty slick con-man if you're the kind of person who falls for his type. His wierd way of speakly is oddly effective as long as you're not trying to read written transcripts of it (at which point it looks like he has dementia).
  2. argonak

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    Historically, most lower tier landholders spend most of their time busy working, managing, and defending their lands and trying to survive. Its only really high level nobility who can afford boredom. The Gift belongs to the Night's Watch, why would the Stark's expend resources defending it? Its a crazy distance from winterfell. Defending holdfasts and local towns is the responsibility of the locals. Thats why they're allowed to build defenses and have arms.
  3. The baby doesn't have any control over the circumstances of his birth, nor does he bear any guilt. We also haven't see anything about how Bronn feels about the child, so its hard to know whether he meant it as an insult or a memorial. If Bronn raises the child as his own son, then I think we'll know he meant it as a positive. Hah, maybe we'll get a spinoff HBO story about Bronn someday. Dude has a more interesting story than Brann at least.
  4. argonak

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    Medieval laws are pretty harsh and often unfairly administered. Often times people become criminals more because of circumstance than because they are paticularly evil. (That said, Jaqen, Biter, and Rorge were heading for the wall which would have been interesting to say the least). The Night watch uses military discipline and situational control (you're stuck at the end of nowhere with nobody but your brother's in arms) to keep things under control. They don't have a 1000 year old border dispute. None of the brothers of the night watch have any sort of ethnic genetic history. They're just dudes living whats left of their lives, earning their bread and salt and trying to stay warm. The nobles keep them pointed in the right direction doing their duty because thats what keeps the folks south of the wall sending them food and supplies, and because they joined the watch due to a desire to fulfill that duty. The North certainly defends its lands when raiders come to it, thats why they have castles and men at arms. But they don't go around patrolling the gift and the hundreds of miles south of the wall that are barely inhabited. We're told thats why the gift in fact is largely desolate, because of wildling raids that the night watch hasn't been able to prevent.
  5. If I was a biblical lunatic, I would say Trump is checking off a lot of boxes to meet the requirements of False-Prophet from revelations, often commonly called the anti-christ. I seriously am starting to wonder if he's practicing some form of mind-control on my religious extended family. He's everything they've claimed to be against for decades, short of being gay and a democrat. And they love him.
  6. argonak

    Dany and child murder

    Well obviously I agree its child murder. So what? Yes Dany is naive, she's also barely educated and barely out of childhood. She's making a mess of ruling a city, although less so than I think some would make. Are you trying to argue something? Yes she's hypocrytical and indecisive, that's the point. I'm not excusing her actions. She's no Solomon the Wise, certainly, but he was probably as fictional as she is. She's a child thrust into responsibility and power. She's GRRM's play on the heroic savior trope, if you ask me, and he's trying to be semi-realistic in the actual consequences of this sword-in-the-stone style deciding of the queen. Joffrey wasn't nearly as bad a ruler as some make him out to be (that doesn't mean i agree with his actions or choices). His Regents weren't actually much better. Cersei is arguably WORSE than Joffrey if you ask me. Actually, in my opinion Dany has been absolutely thrust into roles of leadership. She was made into Khaleesi through no actions of her own. Suddenly she had responsibilities and duty, and even some power. Then after her husband died, she was thrust into responsibility for hundreds of desperate people. And then power in the form of her dragons was thrust into her hands. She's never had the option of retiring to the house with the red door. Sure. But that would mean abandoning people who depend on her. Abandoning duty and responsibility, whether she wanted it or not. Now I won't argue that she's greedy for the iron throne. And I think that greed is going to ultimately be her downfall.
  7. argonak

    Dany and child murder

    1. As far as I know, it was the garment worn by free people. A lot of whom own slaves, but treat them in different ways and have different numbers. 2. Counter question, responsible to WHOM? to Dany, she seems to have considered anyone over the age of 12 and male to bear the responsibility for perpetrating the system. 3. Yes, they would possibly have been killed. But age in those days is a sometimes vague thing that not all societies really tracked carefully. 4. Dany is herself still very young, and she's pretty inconsistent about her decisions. She pretty obviously doesn't really know what she's doing most of the time. She didn't recieve training in leadership or ruling, and has largely made a pretty big mess of it. So she was likely just speaking from her emotions and feelings, without trying to come up with a reasoned response. 5. Me? Yes. All these societies are hypocrtical and self centered. Something you should remmeber, is that Dany was herself sold as a child bride, and was previously to that physically abused by her ownly caretaker. She's had a horrifically unstable family life growing up. And in the books she's thrust into a position of responsibility and extreme power without any preperation or (for most of the time), good advice. So of course she makes a mess of things. Imagine giving any 15 year old girl you know 3 WMDs and making her responsible for the survival of several hundred people, and seeing how that turned out.
  8. argonak

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    Well it will probably be valuable real estate after climate change. Maybe we can relocate all the floridians there.
  9. I'd agree with that. By putting Aegon and co in chargeo f Westeros when Dany arrives, it turns her savior trope on its head and gives her an opportunity and reason to lose her cool. To have everything she's gone through be for nothing, especially if King Aegon is like, "Welcome home Aunt Dany! Would you like to get married and have my babies? No? that's cool. Want to live in the red keep?" I mean it'll just break her mind. Plus she'll have a huge army that's expecting to get paid in loot and pillage, who won't be all that excited to turn around and go home, so they'll be motivated to start the war regardless.
  10. argonak

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    I mean, of all the idiocy and evilness Trump's been up to, it seems pretty harmless. Although I'm more surprised he hasn't suggested we just take it.
  11. argonak

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    So if the october Brexit is a no-deal, won't the UK just go back to the table and make new deals right away anyway?
  12. argonak

    Rhaegar wins alternate history scenario.

    Ok, so what? I hate green peppers but I don't shout at people for eating them.
  13. argonak

    Dorne and Landed Knights

    As far as the military aspect of the vassal duty goes, it will likely be her husband's responsibility. Or she'll just pay to outfit a warrior (or more than one depending on her amount of support owed to her liege lord) to protect her estate and serve in her family's place, that was common historically also. There's a differnce in Westeros between a man armed as a knight, and one who is actually a knight. The North has men who might as well be knights, but they don't follow the seven and thus aren't "westeros knights."
  14. Huh the pie thing. I did a search on that and found some real rabbit-hole discussions from a few years ago on it. it was actually really intriguing, thanks. I always assumed it was the wine also.
  15. argonak

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    The Night's Watch infantry are made up of common men, some of which are from the dungeons. Their leadership is almost entirely knightly or nobly, and the organization is run as a tight ship military, much more so than any other organization we've seen in Westeros. There's no way the Lord Commander would be able to effectively run the Night Watch if his rangers were out reaving amongst the wildlings. You'd get mutinies and desertions quickly. Discipline has to be maintained or the whole thing falls apart. The majority of Night Watch don't even go on rangings, mostly they just sit around and guard their ice wall. They do counter raids against known hostile forces of wildlings, but their relationship is not entirely violent, as can be seen by their behavior with Craster. They're also aware of various wildling villages (and not as targets), because they visit them on their 300 man ranging.