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  1. Hi - If she does a league, would you mind asking her to sign me up please? My yahoo email handle is either [email protected] or [email protected] I don't come here often so will probably miss it if she creates one. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. Life's great bro, am really happy right now. Hope all's well with you too!
  3. Seems I'm too late to join again. Damnit Whiskey, if any spot opens in a snake draft (preferably expanded roster), please sign me up. Thanks
  4. I'm going to have to pull out of this league. It's just too late before the season starts, none of those dates/times work for me, and the draft lasts so damn long. Sorry and good luck to everyone
  5. I put up a decent fight and am quite happy with 2nd place for a team that limped into the playoffs at 6-7. Congrats on the title, Bronn.
  6. Thanks but it was a weak win. My team actually sucks - all my big purchases in the draft were duds - I only won because of Atlanta D. I figured any team playing the Rams were going to get a shitload of points and was right for once As a general rule, I hate giving Bronn any compliments, but he really does have a monster team and is set up in dynasty for years to come. Bastard
  7. Not really a big fan of my team either, I faded big time down the stretch. Somehow won this week despite a grand total of 25 points from my QBs and WRs. Thank you Atlanta D in both this league and my work league
  8. Can always count on bronn and groz to temper my enthusiasm! No worries, I'm still convinced Jones is the steal of the draft and that I'm going to kick groz's ass this week!
  9. Ok so I got 3rd, 2nd and 1st in 2007-2009 when I got Moss for peanuts. Wasn't 2 championships like I thought but still pretty great! Bronn - (Insert Bah humbug gif)
  10. God I love Marvin Jones. Went into the draft with WRs being a weak link for me, and so far it's looking like my strongest position with him, Robinson, Landry, Amari, Fuller, etc all producing. Got almost 80 points from my WRs alone this week. Getting Jones locked in for $7 long-term could be like the Randy Moss pickup from years ago when he first went to the Patriots. Think I leveraged that pick into a couple championships in this league... (End humble-brag)
  11. My teams off to a great start in this league (for once). I've got some good young talent long term for cheap at WR - Will Fuller, Tyrell Williams. Looking for a good TE in return, Barnidge doesn't seem to be the answer this year...
  12. Made a couple small tweaks to contract years. Just listing here instead of on previous page: Lamar Miller - $29 (3 years) Deangelo Williams - $4 (2 years) Allen Robinson - $29 (3 years) Marvin Jones - $7 (3 years) Will Fuller - $5 (3 years) Tyrell Williams - $1 (4 years) Bilal Powell - $4 (4 years) Brock Osweiler - $4 (4 years) TE Gary Barnidge - $6 (2 years) Sam Bradford - $6 (1 year) Arizona - $2 (1 year) Graham Cano - $1 (1 year)
  13. I'm pretty sure I've had my name for as long as this league has been in existence - going on 10+ years? Not changing it, buddy (groz - I updated my contracts on previous page)
  14. Felt I did pretty good in addressing my needs, primarily RB1 and WR1. Am stoked I got Robinson and Lamar Miller for under $60. I like my starting lineup, my team should be competitive Tentative contracts on new players in (): QB Russell Wilson QB Derek Carr RB Lamar Miller - $29 (3 years) RB Deangelo Williams - $4 (2 years) RB Latavius Murray WR Allen Robinson - $29 (3 years) WR Marvin Jones - $7 (2 years) WR Amari Cooper WR Jarvis Landry TE Gary Barnidge - $6 (2 years) D Arizona - $2 (1 year) K Graham Cano - $1 (1 year) Bench Brock Osweiler - $4 (3 years) Sam Bradford - $6 (1 year) Tevin Coleman Jeremy Hill Bilal Powell - $4 (4 years) Cody Latimer Phillip Dorsett Will Fuller - $5 (2 years) Tyrell Williams - $1 (4 years) Antonio Gates
  15. Nothing gets by groz. He's super anal awesome like that
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