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  1. In reality with all the travelling a couple of years must have gone by
  2. that was the beauty of the earlier seasons - a slow development. I hated the years of Arya training followed by a sudden teleporting Frey Pie. Too fast. Ok we don't want to see years of travelling but then why is Gilly's baby still 6 months old?
  3. it's turned into a computer game
  4. agreed! some parts are rushed , but this, c'mon already!
  5. I thought I was watching a different show
  6. agreed. I think I read somewhere that they are getting rid of all the extra cgi expenses so that they can focus on the very expensive battle scenes to come
  7. Have you seen the Euron actor in Borgen? He is a fantastic actor. Maybe he doesn't look quite the right way for this part, I imagined Euron would look more like Benjen but he can sure act - if he is silly here it will all be about the direction. His co star in Borgen was that lovely girl in last seasons Hardhome that people thought may be Val
  8. Agreed, I was shocked at how terrible the writing was. Season 5 was dire (wolf) but this episode had the worst dialogue of any episode. The way Sansa talked of her injuries at the hand of Ramsay to Littlefinger was utterly appalling . I hated the whole episode. It felt rushed. A big reveal like this just hurried through. I did shed a tear when Hodor died but I was in shock. It was like watching an episode of Lost when the plot had clearly Lost it's way. And its one thing that Summer must die, but the one wolf in the show that wargs with Bran, that he hunts in at the start of his powers, just to die like that, it's totally wrong. The way Greywind died was somehow ok. Shocking like the Red Wedding but the scene build so slowly and ominously that it all worked in my opinion.
  9. Hello, this is a very good point. D+D left everything hanging, didn't spoil some plot lines - so that GRRM could be the first to tell the story. I am new and unsullied (have only read 1.5 books), but I have been reading this forum this season and I just had to join to comment - I have been reading over and over about the stabby stabby on here and then there is actual shock that he is killed and not coming backā€¦ of course he is spoiler alert - 'Jon always comes back' and besides if Jon and Tyrion turn out to be Targaryens they will be related to Dany and ride the other two dragons to fight against the WW And Sansa can't die, she must end up on the Iron throne with her husband Tyrion. I watched this episode twice and the second time it felt much better. I loved it when Theon suddenly pushed Myranda when she started to taunt Sansa about what Ramsay was planning to do with her private parts - that was too much for him to bear. Cersi's walk was fantastic. I hate Cersi but at the end I shed a tear for her, I think it was that lovely music, similar to the Red Wedding. I felt Arya's scene with Trant was rushed. We were straight in with the three girls and it was too fast - but see! No sex with young girls, no nudity or worse.. I was glad as there have been so many rape scenes. I really didn't want Sansa to get raped. Mainly because that really did break her marriage to Tyrion, and stopped her from ever being Elizabeth 1 the virgin queen.
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