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  1. We saw giants quite competently handle bow+arrow (sometimes considered a "sissy" weapon) at the battle for Castle Black. They are obviosly used to weapons, even craft them.
  2. Gendry: If a powerful person wants you dead, hide as close to that person as possible by continuing to practice the only profession you are known for in public. Also, killing law inforcement officers in cold blood for doing their job is totally OK and won't be questioned by the "goog guys" you are with.
  3. Rhollo

    What's your favourite Reverse Honeypot?

    Great, so Jon's story is officially farcical
  4. Rhollo

    So, how did Ramsay go from a guy who

    He wasn't wearing his plot armor
  5. Rhollo

    What's your favourite Reverse Honeypot?

    My personal reverse honeypot is how Jon's whole arc can be seen as the story of a simple guy who is shoved into positions of leadership without any desire or qualification to be there. This makes him extremely uncomfortable and the only escape he sees is dying a hero's death. So he assigns himself stupid field missions and puts himself into unnecessary dangerous situations whenever possible (Hardhome, BotB, Wight Hunt). He even kinda get's his wish when he is killed by the NW mutineers, but as a cruel joke, Mel brings him back, which he clearly didn't want, since he straight up tells her to not do it again. At least he got to quit the NW because of this but, oh no, it get's even worse as he stumbles all the way up to being KitN despite desperate efforts to sabotage himself. But some 10yo girl thinks he is the bees knees, so you're it, Johnny. It's the gothic horror version of Forrest Gump.
  6. Because Stannis' motivation was super unclear. Even more so, since the BotB confirmed that he was already within walking distance of winterfell. So even the already pretty stupid "let's burn my only heir for the off-chance that it pleases the red god enough to influence the weather in our favor (even though I have no reason to believe he even has that power) so we can march on and don't become snowbound" rationale is out of the window. It was pretty much: Step 1: burn Shireen Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit ! P.S.: I think Bible stories are generally not a good example for "straighforward". They are pretty horribly structured and need a lot of favourable interpretation to make sense.
  7. Favourites: - Shireen Baratheon (just pure goodness, didn't deserve to be killed off in such a convoluted way) - Joffrey (thanks to Jack Gleeson) - Ygritte (managed to make even Jon Snow interesting for a time) Least: - Euron (comically try-hard "villain", every scene with him is cringe-worthy) - Ramsay (pretty much the same as Euron but at least his relationship with Roose was interesting) - Sand Snakes (do I really need to give a reason?)
  8. As did pretty much any side character that had some meme-worthy aspect. Bronn the mouthy commoner, the Hounds chicken jokes, Brienne & Tormund's "flirting", Lynna Mormont the sassy little girl, Pod's magic cock, ... They see that something gets a few laughs from the audience and then mercilessly repeat it as often as possible. Like a child who had a funny mishap and then imitates that situation everytime people are around in a cringworthy slapstick performance.
  9. Agreed. There is no way I could ever view Euron as a seriously menacing villain. He is more like Rafi from The League or Stiffler from American Pie. Just an irritating "who tf invited this douchebag to the party" character. Which works fine in a bawdy comedy/sitcom setting but feels incredibly out of place in a supposedly serious drama.
  10. Which would be quite risky (given the weapons immense value, the assassin might very well choose to just keep it) and also everyone with half a brain would recognize that it was left on purpose and someone is trying to frame the daggers owner. Maybe it's easier to assume that LF didn't orchestrate all this in detail but rather had a guy in the royal party with the general task to "fuck shit up between Starks and Lannisters if you see a chance" and LF just got lucky everything played out so perfectly. He's all about climbing that chaos-ladder after all.
  11. That would imply that LF not only set up the assassination attempt but also somehow made sure that it failed so that the weapon can end up in the Starks hands and gain attention due to its uniqueness.
  12. And send his valyrian steel dagger all the way from KL to WF to be used in the crime? Why?
  13. You are assuming that everyones rating is (or should be) in comparison to other TV shows. Which is not the case.
  14. Rhollo

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    Jon being on the northern side of the wall after Hardhome is a definitive plothole imho. I mean, there are some ways to explain this (more or less believeable), but we are given absolutely none of them. So it just makes no sense why he wouldn't sail to Eastwatch and go back to CB on the southern side of the wall.
  15. Because the Tyrells aren't good fighters, according to Olenna. It's a pretty stupid explanation, but it's the one the writers gave us.