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  1. I'm not giving a rating, since I only watched bits an pieces of the previous episodes, so I can't speak to how well it was really set up. But the finale felt quite lazy to me, because it was mostly just Peter Dinklage monologuing the plot into the camera. This is a series where the conflicting motivations of dozens of characters was always the driving factor and in the end, one dude comes up with the solution to everything and everyone else is just going along with him. No one at the election council felt like a character except for Edmure, who did what I would have expected from eveyone: Making a case why they should rule or what they want. But no, he gets shut down after 10 seconds as a quick joke. Stupid Edmure, this is the Tyrion show, sit down and listen.
  2. Yes, that was a plot point in the books but not in the TV show. Dalla was cut entirely, so there is no Mance baby.
  3. Isnt't he also still a sworn brother of the Night's watch?
  4. No problem, thanks for the correction. So, actually even less pro Jons legitimacy here
  5. Good points but even if Bran proved his abilities beyond a doubt, people who just don't want Jon as king could still make a pretty good case that Bran is simply lying about Jons parentage to put his brother on the throne. And iirc the diary from the citadel only mentions a wedding (which should also be heavily questioned as illegal) between Rhaegar and Lyanna, not that they had a child.
  6. The gray area is getting the Lords of Westeros to actually (wanting to) believe that Jon is a Targ and even a legitimate one. As pointed out in the show, all his proof comes from his brother and his best friend, which is rather weak. So Jon being a man is certainly a selling point in this society, especially when it comes to the Iron Throne where inheritance is even more unfavorable towards women after the Dance of Dragons.
  7. Rhollo

    Starkbucks Cup?

    But you made it sound like criticism was especially harsh in this case compared to others and or that it is a matter of "forgetting reality outside of the internet" to be focusing on something like that. When it's just: They made a stupid mistake and people are having a bit of fun with it for a few days.
  8. Rhollo

    Starkbucks Cup?

    And all of these productions have been so thoroughly ridiculed for these things that we still remember them after 10+ years, as demonstrated by you being able to cite them after a quick google search. GoT is no exception to making these mistakes, GoT is no exception to being made fun of for them.
  9. Rhollo

    Starkbucks Cup?

    It was "Kelly C.", of course
  10. Rhollo

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    Arya might not even have to impersonate anyone. Don't forget, Varys is also on their side and could tell her all about the secret passages in the Red Keep (something that allowed Tyrion to get directly into Tywins chambers and kill him) AND they have Bran who can do magical recon missions to find out where and when Cersei is the most vulnerable. Honestly, Arya should just stab Cersei and Euron in their sleep and be out of the city again before anyone even notices. Any other approach would need to be explained. (e.g. Jamie and Tyrion arguing against killing her)
  11. He actively refuses to be knighted
  12. Rhollo


    Valyrian swords are canonically neither plenty nor unaccounted for. They are priceless artifacts, so rare and expensive that not even Tywin was able to buy one. Even ones that were lost decades or centuries ago are still remembered.
  13. Rhollo


    He might have shared the knowledge, but you can't really learn a craft just in theory, you have to practice it and there is no valyrian steel just laying around to train on. As I said, if Gendry was still Tobho's apprentice while he forged Oathkeeper and Widows wail for Tywin, he might be able to repeat/reverse that procedure. He would still need to be a really, really, really gifted blacksmith to pull it off first try on his own, but I could buy it in a TV series. But alas, he was already gone at that point. So to me, this would feel about as ridiculous as Sam curing Jorahs greyscale.
  14. Rhollo


    But it is quite unlikely that Gendry ever actually worked with Valyrian steel. He was already on the run when Tywin had Ice split into WW and Oathkeeper by Tobho Mott and VS weapons usually don't get modified. Tobho being able to work VS was already quite the plot convenience imho, Gendry having that skill would feel like straight up cheating by the writer(s), although at least the show most likely wouldn't care making that logical leap.
  15. You are assuming that everyones rating is (or should be) in comparison to other TV shows. Which is not the case.