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  1. I would say the North becomes independent. I do think Dany burns down KL but I don't think she "goes mad" but becoming a tyrant, maybe. I can't connect the dots on how she gets there yet. But I haven't thought about it too much. Jon ending up north of the wall I could see happening and I still think he kills the NK. The burning of the Iron Throne I could see. I do think there will be a fight after the battle with the Others, but The Others are definitely the main enemy and take up a lot more. The Iron Throne is an after thought. Arya I could see sailing away trying to "find her home" or a place where she belongs. Honestly, that's about it. I think the rest of it deviates from the show. I don't see how Bran becomes King of anything really. Though there is just so much unknown with the 3 Eye Raven and what he is all about so. His story could go so many directions. Sansa I could see becoming Lady of the North, in the books she is learning from Little Finger, and learning things in the background. I just don't know how she gets there yet. But someone has to rule Winterfell, but there is Rickon so.... I guess he has to die somehow. Stannis dies obviously at some point but is going to win the battle of ice so. I think Cersei dies much sooner and Jamie completes his redemption arc. Personally I see either Euron or f/Aegon sitting on the throne as the final enemy but again, it's not this long drawn out battle, it's more of an afterthought. Like the scouring of the shire.
  2. Ah I see you subverted our expectations, good job! High praises!
  3. Not really, I have considered this show fan fiction for a few seasons now.
  4. When did she address the commonfolk of KL to let them know that she was freeing them? I agree with the NK, and that's why northerners are now following her south to fight her war. She did something for them, they do something for her. I don't see at any point where you can say, she did something for the commonfolk of KL and them actually realize she did it or was a part of it.
  5. So she kills everyone because she wasn't liked enough? We were reminded constantly how much she did for the people of different cities, how she freed them and earned their respect and that's why they are following her to an entirely different continent. Why they trust her with their lives. But for the first time, she didn't do anything (yet) to earn respect of the people and so she snaps and murders them?
  6. This should have been a 10/10 episode. The cinematography I thought was well done (for the most part). The musical scores were good. The acting was good. And, the greatest event that should have ever happened on TV happened with Cleganebowl. Also, we all knew Dany was going to go mad and do this... so it's hard to be too upset and disappointed with a move that was telegraphed that far ahead. My issues were the GC were a big nothing. Apparently Euron's fleet was nothing as long as your back is to the sun. Castle walls are a bit nothing (which maybe, I don't know.) Arya still can't die. The girl has been stabbed multiple times, jumped off buildings, burned or very close to burned by dragon fire, had buildings fall on her, it's just stupid. Dany going mad because when she saw the red keep it "made it personal" so she slaughtered all these innocent people? Come on. That's dumb logic. Northmen suddenly just slaying innocent people... Cersei dying in the arms of Jamie from a tower... I feel like we all got short changed on that one. But they love Lena so they wanted to give her the best death they could think of. Oh, and by the way, Jamie is half Arya apparently, being able to get stabbed multiple times and walk it off. Why did Euron care so much that he was the man who killed Jamie, seemed weird. Cleganebowl is the one thing they could have done to really save their bacon and it was alright. Maybe it is because I built up too much hype in my head. But the cuts from that and Arya were annoying. Just stick with one. But it was a fitting end for the two I guess. So long story short, most of it was pretty predictable, Dany going mad, which I do think will happen in the books was VERY poorly executed in the show. My group could not agree on why she went mad during the episode and even during the Inside the Episode, none of us knew what, "made it personal" really meant for her as a character. I give it a 3/10. Really a 2.5 but I round up for Cleganebowl. Edit: Also, when did Tyrion become such a self sacrificing character? I get wanting to save Jamie, even Cersei, but all of KL. Didn't he just have a scene 4 years ago about wanting to watch them all burn? What changed? It seemed kinda abrupt...
  7. haha touche! That is very true. Though, I don't know if I have seen much raving in the past few weeks...... But it amazing how polarized social media has become. If you didn't know better you would think people are constantly yelling at each other in real life.
  8. This is part of the problem with critics, it seems there are only two kinds. One that go with whatever the popular opinion is. People love it? Then there is nothing wrong with it at all, everything is perfect! Or, I hate this show and it's awful and everything about it sucks, even if it's got some bright spots. We haven't had an honest critic (or very few I should say). But Episode 3 and 4, somewhere in there, seemed to be the tipping point. Now it will be interesting to see what happens if enough CGI dragon action/explosions can bring general audiences and critics back? Or if they are already at the point of no return.
  9. I guess I still have so much anger over the wight hunt from last season, that who season will always have that dark cloud over it. I am a book reader as well, and I just want to know how this crap ends. I really hope we get the books so I can get a true conclusion to it all, but I don't know....
  10. This season appears to be trying to contend with last season for worst one in the series. This episode was OK in my opinion (but I thought the other ones were trash so.) My main issue is that you could have cut this episode down a lot. They didn't need to make a 40 minute drinking scene at Winterfell. It could have been cut down by 20 minutes easily. There were some interesting moments as long as you didn't think about them too hard, though that's routine. I give it a 5. Way better than last week's episode, I will give it that...
  11. 2/10. The music was good and the beginning scenes with Mel lighting the Dorthraki swords and the far away shot of them charging, really good stuff. The episode started off so strong. Then went downhill fast. This was by far the worst battle sequence they have done, not the worst episode (there have been other more pointless ones) but there was so much hype for this, and it fell flat hard. I will save the rest of my ranting for the appropriate section.
  12. This was huge for me. At the end I didn't feel like this is going to be a giant epic stressful battle. They kept telling me it would be, but not showing. I am really tired of characters telling me how I should think and feel instead of showing me.
  13. If this was a 10 episode season I think I would have liked it a lot more. But as of now, we have spent a third of the season basically having characters catch up. That's a lot... I did like this episode more than last weeks though, less "stupid" scenes. I really think they could have mushed last episode and this in one like 80-90 minute episode and cut a lot of the filler between the two. 7/10 but barely a 7. It was borderline with a 6.
  14. I haven't been able to stand her for a while now (I never cared for her in the books... so maybe I was biased to begin with). But it seems like they are trying really hard to make her seem like a jerk, or more of a grey character. I think she will last till the last episode because of plot armor. But I hope she dies as the villain. It seems like the path she is going down.
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