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  1. btfu806

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Ha! Hopefully with all these leaks they are just trolling us all at this point. I mean, it is still going to be awful most likely. But at least a different awful.
  2. btfu806

    My ratings of all the Game of Thrones episodes

    I really loved season 2, still my favorite. I am rewatching it now (on season 6) but the early seasons special effects were really rough at times. Bran the first episode running on the roofs, ugh that was bad haha. Heck, even Season 5 Dany riding Drogo out of that fighting pit, was really rough at times. It's cool to see how far they have come along now.
  3. The one thing I really like about Lena, is her resting bitch face. I think it nails Cersei on how I picture her and honestly I have a hard time picturing anyone else being Cersei now ..... But if you asked me before the show came about, I could see Viva being the role.
  4. btfu806

    Which questions need to be answered in season 8?

    We should rescue Edumure! Oh no, Edmure is dead .... *insert dick joke*
  5. btfu806

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I remember when the season 7 leaks were coming out and I thought, there is no way that is what's going to happen. Then it did. I am having deja vu with that now.. I can see them doing a Tyrion betrayal but I feel like it's going to be rushed and not make a ton of sense.
  6. btfu806

    Which questions need to be answered in season 8?

    Who was the younger more beautiful queen? Who is AA/TPWWP? How is Robin Arryn going to take LF's death (in the show he seemed to like LF quite a bit...)? Why are there WW, what is their purpose? Why did the WW just ignore Sam in season 2? Have the Warlocks just given up trying to get revenge on Dany? Seems strange... Will Sam ever share is knowledge that he "cured" one of the worst diseases to hit Westeros? What's going to happen with Mel and Varys, things were left pretty iffy about them... Why did Jaquen (not really Jaquen) not care that Arya killed his star pupil and just left.... Is Edmure still locked in a prison somewhere? Someone should probably get him... Probably the most important one, when will Cleganebowl happen. It's not even a matter of "if" anymore...
  7. btfu806

    Season 5 vs Books 4 and 5

    In the books The Hound and Brienne never fought. But I definitely see your point with Oberyn issues in SOS. Tyrion's whole purpose so far, besides being interesting, is to kill his father and introduce us to Young Griff. Hopefully there is a lot more to him in the future books...
  8. btfu806

    Season 5 vs Books 4 and 5

    You bring up a good point here with "what does it mean to fail" because obviously, we are all going to have different opinions on this. The show did win awards and did squeak out of having slightly higher viewership numbers than the previous season. So in that way it didn't "fail." Issues with pacing and plot and other things, some would argue that it failed (though maybe failed is a harsh word for that). But I think in my other arguments on this thread I have failed to properly define the flaws of season 5 because you're right, fail may not be the right word... Going back to the OP, I think also the biggest problem with books 4 and 5 is we still have no idea what they are leading to. 1-3 did a great job of kinda tying up some plot lines and giving closure while starting new things. 4 and 5 I feel like started a TON of things and we have no idea where a lot of it is going...
  9. btfu806

    Season 5 vs Books 4 and 5

    Fair enough, I did lead with that. That's my bad. I was trying to make two points at once, obviously just failed twice.... I would say since it's numbers fell quite drastically that season about 20 percent there in the middle and in the end barely increase, it wasn't as much of a success and calling it breaking its own records is true, it is. It's just sounds like it had a much better season numbers than it did. But! that's just my interpretation and that doesn't make it true ... obviously. Ok ok I gotcha. One was to OP one was to me (more or less) and I thought you were doing it all to me. Fair enough. I mean, they wrote things where they had no idea what to do with them. The entire end of Season 5 was that since I assume they were counting on the sixth book to come out. But Arya just gets her eyesight back after a few episodes, no real reason to take it away. Jon pops back up two episodes later, nothing really changed. Bran becoming the three eyed raven still really serves no purpose yet besides that he is there to explain R+L=J ? That's insanely stupid.... Those are all situations of writing yourself into a corner and then just blowing up the corner and saying w/e with the consequences. Yes, the plot has moved forward but they stretch it at times... And with GRRM, only time will tell I guess.. But GRRM could do that as well, but it just wouldn't make sense. The same way it doesn't make sense on the show. I get it, I am right there with ya. Hopefully one day we get the full story of why this delay has happened. I assume (and obviously can be way wrong) there is much more to it than what happened in feast and dance. Personally, and maybe because I am an optimist when it comes to this, I think we will get a GRRM tWOW and possibly a Dream of Spring but I don't think the series will end. No way two books can end this and I think that's part of the problem. But yes, the show IMO is probably the best fanfic version of the books we will get for quite some time. Until someone else tries to do it better and we end up with what we have with LOTR now.
  10. btfu806

    Season 5 vs Books 4 and 5

    I get this information from watching the show. You're right in the end, it's all subjective but that's my subjective opinion of it. Ratings did dip in season 5 (though some of that was due to controversy) but obviously ratings are now up because people don't want to miss out on this final season. It's all that everyone talks about and they want to be part of it. But ratings did dip in season 5 and the overall season did BARELY any better than the previous season (considering each season previously was getting about 2 million more viewers on average). It appears that you literally used viewership numbers and critical acclaim to suggest that the season was good by all standards. It also appears you used that in your argument above. But, I could be reading it wrong (which often is the case). But yes, you're right, let's agree to disagree. I would argue they have already. But it's a very fair point you are making. Ah I gotcha. Dorne will be interesting to see if it has a bigger role in all of this and if there was a reason why it was added. I would assume the chapters about the Iron Islands is to help explain Euron and that he will be very important for the plot (of course, this is a huge assumption). The Brienne chapters I agree with, they really, really dragged. Cersei, I was a fan of, we really got into her head and understood pretty much how psycho she truly was. But yeah, I get what you're saying and you're right it did drag a lot. I guess I am just optimistic that there was a reason for all of it haha.
  11. btfu806

    Season 5 vs Books 4 and 5

    This is an old debate at this point but a general consensus among viewers is season 5 started the crap train we are riding on now. Where a complex story became simplistic "OMG BREAK THE INTERNET" moments, let's just have constant explosions and make lots of dick jokes. Are there good parts to season 5, yeah, absolutely. Same with season 6 and with season 7. But there are a lot of plots that start season 5 that really are a mess and just really hinder the show, some of it I don't think the show has been able to really come back from. If you want to hold critical acclaim, and use Emmy wins as a sign of a great show, sure you can do that, that's your prerogative. But I would also argue they (the Emmy people) realized how much of a mistake it was to not give GOT the best drama Emmy earlier and saw how it was starting to go downhill and wanted to make sure it got it in before it was too late (a Return of the King type moment ... but ya know ... for Emmys). Could a word for word adaptation work? Maybe, maybe not. Sure you can trim out filler but they have done that since season 1 and it caused issues in later seasons, such as season 5. Looking at Sansa and Ramsey primarily with that. out of curiosity, what book concentrations on side characters are you talking about?
  12. God that was a painfully long read and my brain is fried. But there is a lot of good info in there. I always thought ?+L=J was painfully obvious in the first book and seemed a little ... too obvious. I will have to ponder on this theory for a while, but awesome job with this. Really well thought out.
  13. btfu806

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    Dany's pieces have a lot of movement left to do still. I think by the end of TWOW she is either going to be landing on the shores of Westeros or on her way. So her plot I assume will take up a ton. Jon won't take up too much since he will spend most of the book dead or in Ghost. I think most of the book will be what's going on at the wall, either through Davos or Mel or whomever else up there. The winterfell battle and the falling out of that is going to take up a lot of the book and I think Stannis is going to be moving around the pieces up there for a long while. Other than that, Young Griff has a lot of pieces to move around and I personally think will help lead to the downfall of Cersei in this book.
  14. One of the thing I always found interesting (and I assume will keep happening in the books) is the way we put this halo around certain idols. It seems most people talked about how great of a guy Rhaegar was and how well liked he was, etc, etc. When in truth, probably wasn't that great of a guy ha. Especially if in the books he ends up doing what he did to Elia in the show.
  15. btfu806

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    This goes with pretty much all of your comments you mad, but I agree, Dany's arc toward the "mad queen" to me makes the most sense for her overall. Especially in the books. I think the books will do a better job of showing her descent into madness that will make a lot of sense, while it seems like the show just flipped a switch in season 7 (they seemed to do that with a lot of the characters, which was annoying). But when you look through her arc and what she does through the first five books, the foundation is there for a mad king in the making and it makes sense for her arc. Also, side note, the whole "breaking of the wheel thing" when people think it's to add some kind of democracy to Westeros has always been an amazing conclusion to me. It always seemed to me that the breaking of the wheel was to put her family on in charge of everything (since each spoke was a different family that ruled Westeros and all she wants to do is rule what's "rightfully" hers).