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  1. I agree in main stream media it is dead and in most cases outside it is as well (since they don't teach how to interview anymore apparently). I do work in the field and there are a few that still ask follow up questions, not many of us though haha.
  2. I don't think anyone knows really. It was just a comment that Lena made at some convention (can't remember anymore) and since journalism is dead (not really... but kinda) the person asking the questions didn't think to follow it up.
  3. btfu806

    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    I think I agree to a point that the Long Night will be the more important thing to happen. But I do think it happens before getting rid of Aegon at KL. Getting rid of Aegon is more of an afterthought (the scouring of the shire if you will).
  4. The problem with Cersei's character, is Lena has come out and said a huge part of her season 8 arc was cut (losing the baby). I think Lena was playing the character as everything is going wrong all of a sudden and Cersei finally cracked. It makes sense the way it was but I think if that revelation was in there, it would have made a lot more sense and really driven the point home. I also think it helps make sense of her tactics in general leading up to the final confrontation and some of her other actions.
  5. btfu806

    How could we find out about Aegon

    I could definitely see parallels to the bible with this. It's been a while since I have read revelations (and it's not an easy read) so I would have to dive back into that a bit. So, Jon is Jesus, that's fine. I could definitely see then fAegon being the antichrist, or at least one that leads people away from their true savior (Jon). But didn't the beast speak against God? Did it come as the false savior? The Antichrist (or false teacher) is only in the book of John I think, which is kinda ironic with Jon Snow.. Also would the only Varys = Satan parallel just be that he brought fAegon?
  6. btfu806

    How could we find out about Aegon

    Well, we knew the mountain was going after Elia and her family right? Varys could make the assumption or come up with other ways to make the baby unidentifiable (paying a soldier to burn the bodies or something). And Elia must have known the war wasn't going in her favor... Raegar had just died at the battle of the trident and before the sack of king's landing happened she could have easily sent away her son. That's not that hard to believe in my opinion. But I do think we are supposed to believe that Aegon isn't real. And he may definitely not be, I could easily see that too. I guess I am fascinated with why he is even here if he is a fake.
  7. btfu806

    How could we find out about Aegon

    This is how I am leaning as well. I think the text will give us tons of evidence for both sides and it will be a debate. The more and more I think about Aegon/FakeAegon the more I kinda think the point of Young Griff is to show how people will follow an idea (made into man in this case). Maybe the word idea is wrong, but in general, they will not always need proof or reason to follow someone to a throne. I really see us getting more evidence that he is both real and fake and us never finding out since he probably dies. I do think he takes the throne for a bit though. His arc is honestly the one that fascinates me the most right now because I think it could so many directions.
  8. btfu806

    How could we find out about Aegon

    I agree. I don't think Varys would slip up or anything, but honestly, he would be the only one I really seeing that would know. Maybe Illyrio, forgot about him. It could be interesting if we are never told if he is real or not, just given both sides of evidence and we must decide.
  9. So first I was wondering, who would know the true identity of f/Aegon. I assume Varys, if the story that Young Griff tells is true. Then maybe JonCon? Though, it doesn't look like he will stay around much longer. That led me to think about, how would we/Aegon find out the truth beyond a reasonable doubt of his parentage. Or maybe .... we don't?
  10. btfu806

    Cersei will know about Aegon

    Agreed, I think when Aegon comes, he will definitely be in power when he meets her. Or you know, on the verge of power.
  11. btfu806

    Good news? Bad news?

    It would be really nice if one day we get the story of what happened with Winds that made it take so long. Was it just taking the gardener approach screws up what you want your planned endings to be? Or were there massive rewrites, working on two books at once (or really just an outline of the last so you don't box yourself in). I know it won't happen, but I can dream.
  12. I have not, I will have to take a listen.
  13. Makes you wonder what the original ending and scenes were for The Battle of the Bastards. Since Sapochnik has come out and said that was not the ending they were supposed to film (and a lot of those scenes were supposed to play out differently in general.)
  14. btfu806

    Good news? Bad news?

    Well, was it progress reports or him saying, "I will finish this by X date." Then not doing it. (I honestly can't remember anymore). But it shouldn't be too hard for him to say, I wrote 22 or w/e chapters but I still have more to write and edit them all. Or something basic. Doesn't have to be super detailed or anything. I get you can't please all the people all the time so I can only speak for what I would want.
  15. btfu806

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    I think Jon dying was/is the problem. Not that he can't resurrect him but he put himself into another Mereneese knot. Things need to keep moving on but at the same time Jon needs to come back and I would assume he spends about half the books dead, if he comes back sooner it will seem weird (I assume). So now you have to have Stannis fight the battle in the north, Jon come back to life, people to be like WTH, why is he alive, deal with the traitors at the Wall, get him to I assume lead the north and catch up with everyone else and team up with them to kill WWs and then deal with whatever issues at the throne that is going on. There isn't a ton of time left to do all of that. I think killing Jon was a huge mistake (unless there was a super important reason for him to die). I also think there is just way too much story to be told for two more books. I don't see how (if we even get that far) that a dream of spring isn't split into two books.