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  1. btfu806

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    You're probably right. I just always found it odd that GRRM just smiled and never told them they were right and this went to print. You could argue that for the book people who guessed R+L=J the show runners didn't want to confirm it or something. That would make sense. I don't know, it was always something that caught my attention and didn't know if there was another article about it, confirming it more or something.
  2. btfu806

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    Also (trying to do this from memory) he never said they were right, correct? He just smiled and then D&D just "knew" they were right. Unless there was another article that explained it better. I think ?+L=J is probably most likely but it's pretty heavy handed, in regards to his mother, not his father (in my opinion) in the books. I still wouldn't put it past George to be doing a sort of fake out on it. For what means and ends though? No idea. And couldn't begin to guess....
  3. btfu806

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    Don't get me wrong, I like Dorne in the books. And I thought Alexander did a good job with what he had. But it seemed pretty obvious that D&D just didn't know what to do with Dorne or the sand snakes or ... anything really besides oberyn. So after the handling of the sand snakes, I was ready for it to be over on the show....
  4. btfu806

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    Maybe a resurrected Jon has a magical dick? haha. I also think it would be a better story (overall) if she keeps going down this "bad" path. But personally I think D&D don't like to piss off their pop culture base and I don't see her getting redeemed by a man. That wouldn't go well with this character that they have built to be a "OMG Girl Power/bad-ass" character. She either has to come back on her own (which I am not sure how they do, but D&D may be able to "creatively" justify it) or she keeps going down this path, which may upset some people but the story I think would be better.
  5. btfu806

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    This was the turning point of death scenes to me. I didn't care for Doran's death either but I was ready for the whole sand snake issue to go away so I didn't really care at that point how they did it. But the blackfish dying off screen. Awful. He should have gone out like a badass. Then it seems like every death after that one was just awful.
  6. btfu806

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    Who is worshiping the army of the dead? That wouldn't make the NK a deity would it? But anyway, not super important. Also, we haven't seen the WW's point of view (supposedly it will all be explained and according to GRRM they are not just a walking WMD. There is a reason for who/what they are and it's not to just kill. Now, who knows if the show will actually go that way....) I believe the general conclusion of the theory was that Dany is the threat, intended or unintended, that will destroy Westeros. End of season 6 (very end) and season 7 showed her becoming a "mad queen" or at least on the path of the mad queen. Now that path slows down because she falls in love with Jon. My best guess is she is going to be pretty pissed when she finds out that he is a Targ. Besides the whole incest thing, her whole identity in the beginning was that she was the last living Targ. I assume that Jon will be one of her betrayals (I know the show doesn't talk about this but I could see it with the books). On top of that, this whole army of the dead is making it down south of the wall now because of Dany (and Jon's awful hunt, so if you want to put more blame on Jon, that makes sense). People love Dany and see her as the hero of this story. It wouldn't be completely out there to think that she ends up doing the most harm (intended or not) and isn't the hero when this story is done. I agree Cersei should bear more of the blame, but you can keep taking this argument back further and further. Should be on Tommen for killing himself and letting her usurp the throne. Should be on Robert who married her in the first place/drinks and hunts. Should be on Catelyn for telling Ned to go to King's landing in the first place. We can keep going back in time. In the end, Dany's actions are her own and if she destroys Westeros, that's on her. In the end, you're right, we won't really know till the show is done and we have context for everything. But the theory isn't blatantly wrong, it could be right. We just don't know...
  7. btfu806

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    Yes. Please enlighten us.
  8. btfu806

    Book & Show

    I know we all are supposed to hate books 4 and 5 (I think they are just fine, but not great). To me, Euron is what made book four interesting (and how truly insane Cersei is). The one thing I have really enjoyed about Euron is that he appears to be a simple character, just wanting power. But I think deep down there is a lot more there. I think he has even bigger/greater aspirations than that. Hopefully his character development really comes through.
  9. While I thought pretty much all of season 7 was a train wreck, this whole thing pissed me off. The whole, only Sansa and Arya are in the room together, bickering, constantly. Then all of a sudden, just kidding! We are really on the same side. So stupid. Purposely misleads the audience in a completely unnatural way. It was all such clunky writing and such an old writing cliche.
  10. btfu806

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    That in the show is most likely going to be the case. You are correct.
  11. I am going through it now. I am going to be honest, 5 wasn't as bad as I remembered. It's still not great, but I thought it was worse for some reason. Maybe it's because I now have season 6 and 7 to compare it to, which may be the biggest train wrecks ever.
  12. Tormund/Brienne is happening just as sure as MissWorm happened. Same way Cleganebowl is going to happen and all these fan theories are going to end up happening. And of course, get ready for more Michael Bay explosions to take place with the always general fan favorite dialog of, dick jokes...
  13. btfu806

    Hardhome moment (as told by the NK)

    I would assume there is a battle at Winterfell and the WW kill a ton of people, Jon and named characters run away. NK raises the dead. Maybe the dead lords would be in that too, who knows. Wouldn't put it past D&D to raise popular Starks.
  14. btfu806

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    In the show? I think we know nothing about it. Sam found a horn in season 2 and it's never been mentioned since. I don't even remember in the show the words "horn of winter/joramun" being mentioned.
  15. I thought Bran would be Dany's father. He is already part of a time paradox that makes no sense with hodor, might as well add another one onto it...