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  1. ShimShim

    House of the Dragon Series Order Announced

    I'm looking forward to more Dragon action. I'm just hoping the dragon designs in term or their color and the color of their fire is close to the book descriptions. I didn't like the color they gave Rheagal and especially Viserion in GoT, it was so muted. And they didn't even bother with the dragon fire being different colors in GoT. So I hope this new show fixes that.
  2. ShimShim

    Chances of Martin hiring a team of writers?

    How was The World of Ice and Fire written. Didn't he give some notes to Elio and Linda and they wrote some of the parts of the book? Maybe it could work like that, give some notes he has on some of the houses, lets say Stark, and have some writers expand on it.
  3. ShimShim

    The unknown parts of Planetos

    Im not sure about the one described as official. For now, for my official maps, ill just stick with the one from Lands of Ice and Fire,
  4. ShimShim

    Varys' Letters

    Sweet Robin will arrive at KL, not to make Daenerys fly, but to marry her, and become King of the 7 Kingdoms.
  5. ShimShim

    Now what? [Spoliers]

    Arya kills Daenerys, bakes her into a pie, and serves it to Jon during his coronation.
  6. Westeros is gonna ban bells after this.
  7. ShimShim

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Its bad, I'm only here for dragon action at this point.
  8. So I've been thinking about this for a while, and I don't think that spells/blood sacrifice/dragon fire are the only things that probably go into making Valyrian Steel. My thought is that Valyrian Steel isn't just normal metal that's been transformed with magic and dragon fire, but a special alloy that needs magic and dragon fire to be formed. What I mean by this is that to make Valyrian Steel (that might be the same as Dragon Steel that was mentioned in the books) I think you need to incorporate dragon bones. The way Dragon bone is described "Dragonbone is black due to its high iron content. It is as strong as other metals, such as steel, yet lighter and more flexible." It matches some of the properties of Valyrian Steel, particularly the lightness, and it being black, we know Valyrian Steel tends to be darker than normal steel, usually dark grey or black. It is also stated that Dragon Bone is "impervious to fire", and so is Valyrian Steel. My thought is that magic and dragon fire are needed in order to incorporate Dragon Bone into the metal which forms the Valyrian Steel alloy. I think with dragon bone being a resource needed for Valyrian Steel, it might also explain why Valyrian Steel might have been so rare, since I imagine Dragon Bone is a very scarce resource, even during the height of Valyria. So components of Valyrian Steel in my mind. 1. Iron/Steel 2. Dragon Bone 3. Dragon Fire 4. Blood/Fire Magic
  9. ShimShim


    Euron is gonna be taken out by a Theon, who has been revived and his ashes reconstituted by the the Squisher King.
  10. ShimShim

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    If God is good, then a significant amount of difference. I'd be seriously disappointed if the events end up having many similarities.
  11. ShimShim

    Is the quality of this season low?

    I mean when they outright go and say in the after the episode that Dany "Forgot about the Iron Fleet" I mean that's just them admitting that they are shit at writing right? I mean what kind of retarded excuse is that, she forgot about her enemies? In what world does that happen when a person is involved in a war.
  12. ShimShim

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    Arya's botched storyline with the Faceless men.
  13. ShimShim

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    From interviews he has given, he seems against the idea of being unpredictable for its own sake. So i'm really hoping not.