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  1. GRRM robbed us of a Craster redemption arc. He should have played the role of the Last Hero in the fight against the Others.
  2. Why would he. He took the Throne by right of conquest just like Aegon did.
  3. He is bound to do something either horrible or stupid that will turn the realm against him when Dany comes so she can be seen as the savior the kingdom needs.
  4. Dany of Drogon, Moonboy of Viserion, and Patchface of Rhaegal.
  5. Also this probably isn't the right thread to mention this, but I don't feel like making a proper thread on it myself. But I have to give Arianne the silver medal for stupid political plays. It seems Feast really is the book for politically inept female characters.
  6. I love rereading the Cersei chapters in Feast and Dance. Cerseis stupidity is the greatest comedy GRRM has provided us in this story.
  7. If they do exist, it would be interesting to find out if they are biological giant spiders tamed by the Others, or are they the same sort of "life" as the Others, like seemingly made of ice. Add Ice Dragons to that list as well.
  8. What do you mean abandoned. You think GRRM just gonna come out and say he ain't working on Dream.
  9. Because they could never be secure in their throne as long as Targaryen claimants still lived. There is a difference between offering pardon to one of your vassals after their defeat, and a new dynasty offering the defeated members of the previous dynasty pardon. One is more politically disadvantageous than the other.
  10. Ned Stark would have cared though. I mean he was going over to lay down the judgment on Jorah Mormont for selling some poachers as slaves. And those people were technically criminals. He would have certainly given a damn about innocent small folk being tortured and hunted.
  11. I've never given it much thought. I've always assumed that it was just because Arys seemed like one of the more competent members of the KG. The others don't seem like people you would put much confidence in, both skill and personality wise.
  12. A small prediction, but I think after Dannys revelations in the dothraki sea, and her waking the dragon, she won't take Ben Plumms desertion lightly. Even after the second sons turned their cloaks again for her. I think she is gonna arrive back in Mereen, Ben Plumm is gonna present himself to her thinking he will receive a reward for betraying the Yunkish again, and Danny is just gonna roast him.
  13. I'm holding out hope for 2 more years, after that, yeah we ain't getting it.
  14. I mean wiping out the Baratheons just makes sense politically. Having any Baratheons left to make a claim for the throne would be bad. Leave no Baratheons for the Baratheon sympathizers to rally behind, if they ever try to plot rebellion again.
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