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  1. A animated show about the rise or Valyria and their wars with Ghis would be cool. And while a D&E show would be cool I guess, I've never particularly had any interest in it becoming a show. Like there is other stuff id rather see like the Conquest, or other historical events.
  2. Also this probably isn't the right thread to mention this, but I don't feel like making a proper thread on it myself. But I have to give Arianne the silver medal for stupid political plays. It seems Feast really is the book for politically inept female characters.
  3. I love rereading the Cersei chapters in Feast and Dance. Cerseis stupidity is the greatest comedy GRRM has provided us in this story.
  4. I think she might end up giving up her life to someone else just like Beric did. A bit too romantic for ASOIAF I know, but I imagine maybe that after Brienne brings Jaime to LSH (which I assume will happen in WoW) Brienne might be able to convince LSH to spare Jaime so they could go out looking for Sansa or Arya. Maybe they actually succeed but one of them is mortally wounded, so LSH passes on her life to either Brienne or Jaime. A bit too soppy for ASOIAF I know.
  5. Its bad, I'm only here for dragon action at this point.
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