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  1. La Liga is probably a good fit for Greenwood based on what we're witnessing these few weeks, isn't it?
  2. 01.09. 1785 Mozart publishes 6th string quartet opus 10 in Vienna 1939 - Germany invades Poland and World War 2 starts 1954 - Rear Window by Hitchcock is released 1962 - The UN announces the Earth's population has hit 3 billion 1969 - Gaddafi deposes King Idris in Lybia 1972 - Bobby Fischer beats Boris Spassky in Reykjavik (chess) Birthdays: 1923 - Boxer Rocky Marciano 1966 - Basketball player Tim Hardaway Death: 1914 - Martha, last known passenger pigeon in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  3. PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Milan and Newcastle is the toughest group I guess? Still not quite the group of death we usually have every year.
  4. Somehow pot 4 in the CL looks pretty strong.
  5. The Saudis started signing even young talents from Europe. Al-Ahli hijacked Gabri Veiga's transfer to Napoli.
  6. Bayern want to replace him with Geertruida from Feyenoord.
  7. If no one signs him these last 10 days of the window there's the Saudis until September 20th.
  8. Plus Turkey, its lion share of territory is geographically in Asia.
  9. What about surprisinininining? That's a new word?
  10. Samardzic to Inter is off. Problematic agent (father) but looks an interesting player.
  11. Partly yes, but for all kinds of reasons. They might not fit in, they might want to leave themselves due to lack of playing time, or they earn too much just to sit on the bench. For every financial, sporting or human wise aspect possible.
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