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  1. Lol, clear pen for Napoli not given. But Uefa wants the Milan derby. They wants it. They needs it.
  2. If losing 0-3 to Benfica means the fraud Inzaghi is out, please do. Can't believe I'm at this point but words cannot describe how much I despise the cunt.
  3. Bayern Munich throws the league away, but Borussia D won't take it, shame.
  4. Would be nice no Sevilla and their antics in the EL final.
  5. Both teams can claim it's in their own hands now.
  6. Peak Lukaku & Inter moment Spoiler: he missed this
  7. Bayer Leverkusen - Bayern 2-1 with 20 minutes to go. If Bayern loses this it will get interesting.
  8. I'll be surprised if Conte gets another job at a big club. Maybe only Juventus since Agnelli left and they have a new management.
  9. I just wrote them randomly I wasn't paying attention to the home/away fixtures. Nothing there is intentional. The interpretation is left for the audience.
  10. It was unintentionally lol. But imo City -Bayern and Inter - Benfica are even matchings on paper and Benfica is having a strong CL run and are comfortably first in their league so they might be favourites to progress. I agree that Napoli and Real are clear favourites though.
  11. Yes that's how they're set up. Winner of Real/Chelsea plays Bayern/City. Winner of Inter/Benfica plays Milan/Napoli.
  12. City - Bayern Real M. - Chelsea Inter- Benfica Napoli - Milan
  13. They should've managed the whole situation better.
  14. Eintracht Frankfurt fans are fighting with Napoli fans during the whole day, not even banning the away fans prevented trouble.
  15. I don't understand why he gave it AFTER seeing it on VAR. I don't even know if he touched the ball and certainly didn't change the trajectory of the ball.
  16. Conte and Europe, nothing new here.
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