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  1. I agree there isn't much personality to masters barely any have even names but I still don't think they are considered completely evil. I mean Dany's action did lead to destruction and a big chaos which was net loss for majority involved. I am not saying that her intentions are bad and that she is a psycho. I just think she is a stubborn girl with no experience in politics which led to her being unsuccessful at what she wanted to achieve.
  2. One of the main themes of the entire book series is that there is no black and white (bad or good) but every character and goverment in grey. Cities have income from other sources but they are a slave based society which existed in real life. Dany breaks this society and expects everyone will adapt to the new rule instantly and disregards that certain slaves just want to remain slaves. Slaves are mostly treated poorly by their masters but there are examples in the book where slaves are completely happy and not mistreated by their owners. Cities that she leaves soon become slave based again either with old slaver masters or former slaves become the new slave masters (Soviet Union is good comparison for this case).
  3. Kings Dornish / Targs / / Martells Blackfyre Rebels Renly Wildlings Stannis Slavers Vicatrion Aegon / means that I don't support anybody or just don't know much about it to decide. Yeah I support Slavers because things obviously went downhill for the majority since Dany took over, she can't handle the situation, it is kinda similar to NATO starting civil wars against middle eastern dictators leading to chaos and destroyed countries.
  4. Probably my favourite episode of the season (first two were a snoozefest, 3, 4, 5 were painful to watch). Here is why: 1. Regardless of Danys sudden madness making little sense, I liked Mad Dany more then previous Dany. Her speech was really epic, you could see her barbaric army cheer for her while Westerosi were shocked. She felt like somebody who fully embraced idea of Stalinism and will do everything to enforce it, burn the world to the ground and rebuild it exactly as they wanted it to be. I expected her speech to cringe me like they did in the past, but it didn't because in the past Dany would want to do good but would in the process make some really terrible decisions and people that watched show would praise her for it. Very well acted by the actress unlike some scenes with old Dany. 2. Seeing Tyrion sitting in the Hands chair and holding a Small Council meeting and just seeing interior of Red Keep quarters reminded me of seasons 1-4 when show was still great. Regardless of Sam the Breaker of Secret vows, Abandoner of his unborn child and Robber of Books being Grandmaster and Bronn the Cutthroat being master of Coin seating there, I liked it. 3. Let's forget how ridiculous Brans crowning was for a moment and think how suspicious it was. Bran seems to be gone and be replaced with some program created by Children of the Forest. All he seems to do is follow some plan that was premade for him. Remember him saying 'Chaos is a ladder.' to Littlefinger? Why this quote out of everything LF has said (lets ignore the obvious its supposed to be cool), this quote had nothing to do with the downfall of Ned or any other Starks it was used in conversation with Varys when LF found out that the prostitute that Joffrey kills worked for Varys. Children of the Forest created the White Walkers and programmed Bran into their weapon to manipulate the humanity into making him King. 4. I was disappointed with season 5 and had hopes s6 would be better, but it just upset me. But after Baelors Sept exploded in season 6 and half of the characters and plots died in it I knew and accepted things aren't gonna get better. Because of not having any expectations s7 and s8 didn't upset me they just made me laugh with stupidity it had. When the show that I watched ends even if its mediocre I can feel a bit depressed and empty few days afterwards, but not with Game of Thrones. It just felt like a nice calm 1 hour long ending and afterwards I felt good. 5. Even though Sansa being Queen in the North was cringest thing in the episode I was glad her black leather clothes are gone and ugly bald hairstyle. She had a great Northern dress and beautiful free hair. No woman has looked like an attractive lady in the show since Margery exploded in that Sept. 7/10 better than expected.
  5. No, books and the show will not share the plot, not even the main endings of each plot.
  6. Well at least story isn't complete cringe now, with incest baby going crazy. But logic kept failing. Why is there golden company with sweatpants in front of the wall looking like budget Unsullied when they are supposed to be knights. Why does dragon fire just explode stone walls, it is supposed to be hot not have insane force. Aegon didn't take Harrenhall in a day with 3 dragons. Arya has some high fire resistance stats. She also transforms back into a scared child after Sandor says a few words. She pretends to be horrified by what she see in the city when she happily baked people into pies, please. Why does it looks like common people were storing dragonfire under their roofs? What kind of Spymaster is writing letters to entire realm in his office and confronts Jon and just tells him to rebel (not to mention Jon doesn't even acts surprised that Vayrs knows about his parents) Sneak level 100. D&D: 'Euron kinda forgot he has hundreds of scorpions and not just one.'
  7. This is comedy gold post. Giving Dorne to a foreign professional soldier who knows nothing but military strategy and fighting and a translator. What makes you think Jamie and Brienne can rule the Reach?
  8. You should probably see a psychiatrist.
  9. Apparently fighting with a staff while blind of a few months makes you most trained fighters in the show. Unlike half the characters that trained fighting for their entire life. Nothing awesome about Arya, unless you think murdering people and baking them into pies is awesome.
  10. Or maybe not everyone is Targ and he is just one really Icey Boi that doesn't melts easily.
  11. 2 Melisandre showing up was pretty nice, rest was pure cringe.
  12. That makes no sense, if they wanted NK to come to Bran and kill him they wouldn't be delaying anything, since the sooner they kill NK less people die. So 'buying time to lure NK to Bran' is complete contradiction. Bring Bran to the frontline and wait for NK to come since he wouldn't let the dead kill him and kill NK. But I don't think that was their plan. Also fighting outside and then defending the castle doesn't really buy more time, if they were defending the castle with full force it would take longer.
  13. Stop defending poor writing. Frontal charge with light cavalry is pointless. They should send dothraki to the East or West wait for the dead to hit the infantry and then attack from a side. I mean in the end it really doesn't matters but they should at least try to use them better.
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