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  1. Tygett Lannister

    Robin Arryn's fostering

  2. Tygett Lannister

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    Aha didn't know that, thank you.
  3. Tygett Lannister

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    Easily taken compared to castles.
  4. Tygett Lannister

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Average citizen doesn't matters much, it is what nobles want that matters the most. And to them Renly is more suitable for the throne.
  5. Tygett Lannister

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Renly's claim is weaker than Stannis' but it is still a strong claim. Succession laws in medieval society were often broken and whole succession was messy and not perfect as the laws apply. Often whoever had a bigger army and more supporting vassals won the throne regardless of the strength of his claim. And Renly had exactly that, so him winning would be very much a stabilising factor. Who would go against Renly as a king? People that supported him in the first place? Why? North? Dorne? Vale?... Yes he would have to defeat Lannisters and Stannis and maybe North but I think Robb would have given up. The question is what would Varys and Littlefinger do in that case. Both had to have a plan since Renly winning seemed very likely. Littlefinger would probably continue to destabilise the Kingdom while I'm not sure about Varys, would Varys want Aegon so badly on the throne to continue disrupting the realm?
  6. Tygett Lannister

    Is there anything that points to what is Qyburn’s heritage?

    The Deeper Dorne: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMT6_80fxfFCDhQU15Ebjy8K4E7IJ9c08
  7. Tygett Lannister

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    Rock has a city with a port next to the Castle but I don't think they are secretly connected, Lannisport would be easy to take.
  8. Tygett Lannister

    Is there anything that points to what is Qyburn’s heritage?

    There is analysis that shows all his whispers come from either Crownlands or Dorne (he claims to have connection in Gulltown and Free Cities, but never tells any news from there). He also made Ser Robert Strong which will expose Cersei as a liar to the whole realm as she claims his skull was sent to Dorne. There is a theory on youtube by Jacob Peterson which not everyone likes he has some odd ideas sometimes.
  9. Tygett Lannister

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    Well Eyrie is impossible to take by force while defended by only a few soldiers. Problem is it is very cold there and no way of getting supplies in so it is easy to starve. Harrenhall is probably still best castle when you have 10k soldiers to defend it. With few it's like an open field. So it is hard to make a comparison. If you don't have soldiers to man the walls of Highgarden, Winterfell, Sunspear they are pretty shit castles and would put Dragonstone above them or any other smaller castle. So in a way Storm's End with Davos smuggling food is better than Rock which can be starved.
  10. Tygett Lannister

    About the Trident

    I would assume Robert and possibly Rhaegar as well were trying to find each other like Alexander tries to find Darius in his battles to kill him and claim Persian Empire. Robert wanted to find Rhaegar for personal reasons while Rhaegar would think he can't die because of the prophecy and he might as well take out their leader. I would assume once they found each other (both probably were surrounded by their banners so it wasn't hard to find) and both armies would make space for them to duel so basically people in the centre would see Rhaegar die and royalist center would collapse whole battle would be lost. But soldiers could hardly get lost in the battle since battle was two big lines fighting not some mess where lines and completely gone and there is meters of mixed soldiers (what you usually see in Hollywood). Also most of soldiers would usually have no idea what is happening on rest of the battlefield or would be misinformed. If your commander was fighting in a frontline, his banned falling wouldn't be a big deal. But usually commanders wouldn't be in front line. Only commanders really knew what was happening on the rest of the battlefield and not always as well. I think it was more common for an army to start running and their leader dying after that than him dying and his army routing as a result. As historically most soldiers would be killed after the battle was decided and one side lost formation and would be easy target to hunt down. So I think Robert was going to win regardless. Vale is supposed to have best knights and most heavily armoured and well trained, while Dornish would probably be armoured more poorly as an average soldier in both armies because they came from hot lands were heavy armour wouldn't be that practical (could be wrong about this). Riverlanders would be most used to the terrain while Northern, Stormlander, Crownlander and Reach armies wouldn't have any big disadvantages. Than there is argument great houses of Westeros were preparing for an rebellion though once rebellion started they weren't.
  11. Tygett Lannister

    Is there anything that points to what is Qyburn’s heritage?

    Isn't he Doran's agent?
  12. Tygett Lannister

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    No such thing as heros and villains in these books.
  13. Tygett Lannister

    Why did Hoster Tully throw his lot with the Rebels?

    If he were to oppose rebels he would also be surrounded by them, Vale to the East, North to the North and possibly Lannisters from the West.
  14. Tygett Lannister

    Great men and what they accomplished

    Tywin is a great man.
  15. Tygett Lannister

    Rhaegar's plan for Great council

    Aerys caused the war not Rhaegar.