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  1. I agree there isn't much personality to masters barely any have even names but I still don't think they are considered completely evil. I mean Dany's action did lead to destruction and a big chaos which was net loss for majority involved. I am not saying that her intentions are bad and that she is a psycho. I just think she is a stubborn girl with no experience in politics which led to her being unsuccessful at what she wanted to achieve.
  2. One of the main themes of the entire book series is that there is no black and white (bad or good) but every character and goverment in grey. Cities have income from other sources but they are a slave based society which existed in real life. Dany breaks this society and expects everyone will adapt to the new rule instantly and disregards that certain slaves just want to remain slaves. Slaves are mostly treated poorly by their masters but there are examples in the book where slaves are completely happy and not mistreated by their owners. Cities that she leaves soon become slave based again either with old slaver masters or former slaves become the new slave masters (Soviet Union is good comparison for this case).
  3. Kings Dornish / Targs / / Martells Blackfyre Rebels Renly Wildlings Stannis Slavers Vicatrion Aegon / means that I don't support anybody or just don't know much about it to decide. Yeah I support Slavers because things obviously went downhill for the majority since Dany took over, she can't handle the situation, it is kinda similar to NATO starting civil wars against middle eastern dictators leading to chaos and destroyed countries.
  4. Well Littlefinger is well aware of the Stannis' position, which isn't good in terms of becoming a king. He needed to take down the stable rule of Robert. If he was so scared of Stannis becoming a King he would be trying to stabilise Robert's reign not shake it up. Which we can all agree he does with many of his actions. Why would he be giving hints to Ned about the incest, show Robert's bastards ect.
  5. I never said Barristan knew, as he didn't attend small council. Littlefinger definitely had motive to tell Jon Arryn, since it triggers these events: - Jon Arryn doesn't trusts the Lannisters and doesn't wants to foster Robin with Tywin. - Jon Arryn wants to keep Robin safe and sent him to true heir Stannis to foster him. - Lysa doesn't wants to have Robin taken away from her so she is motivated to kill Jon Arryn and escape the city. If Jon Arryn isn't informed about it he lets Robin stay with Lysa in KL for longer and isn't killed. Stark-Lannister tensions don't happen ect. My point was Littlefinger was source of information that the rumor spread on the small council. Littlefinger has a pretty good spy network as well that's how he probably found out. He maybe hinted/told Pycell and Stannis. Stannis told Jon ect. Renly was probably also informed of it but he might not have believed it, considering he wanted to replace Cersei with Margery he probably did.
  6. Says 200k Crown soldiers. We don't know his thoughts and he has a reason to say its a ploy since Renly's claim to throne was being loved and having a big army not succession laws.
  7. Everyone on the small council knew because Lord Baelish found out and told everyone (Baratheon brothers, Pycelle, Vayrs already knew and at last Jon Arryn).
  8. Well hair colour and eyes most likely have nothing to do with dragon riding ability so why did you write this essay. You said it yourself that dragon riding gene is very dominant and you are now arguing as if it follows the recessive rules of blonde hair. Since you you claim that dragon gene is dominant that means 'pure' Targaryens could very likely have some non-dragon recessive genes in them that are not expressed which would mean they are not pure as their children could have recessive combination of bb. It is also very hard to believe that Plum being 1/64 Targaryen would still have that gene. Genetics are complex, what we are taught in school is just a basic simplest example possible and I don't think George would be putting complex genetics into the story. I don't believe that genes or blood matter for dragon riding in the first place anyways.
  9. This is not how genetics work though. If your grandgrandfather had blonde hair and all your other predecessors to that point had black you could still have blonde hair expressed or still carry that gene. So two people with black hair marrying doesn't mean their children will have pure black hair genes and no chance for anything other.
  10. This is assuming Rhaegar was 100% Targaryen which is impossible since Daeron II his ancestor married a Martell woman and so did many other ancestor mix with other Westerosi houses. So theory you need to be 1/2 Targ or more falls pretty fast.
  11. Makes sense of course, but it could still just be their superstition and not an actual thing. Zoroastrian kings would do the same to keep the blood of their family pure, which just led to inbreeding.
  12. Honestly I don't see any evidence for dragon breeds belonging to certain Valyrian dragonlord family. You can explain dragonhorns for stealing already tamed dragons or dragons that weren't tamed yet. Dany's dragon eggs are really old and I'm supposed to believe it just happened to be Targareyen dragon eggs? A bit too convenient.
  13. Umm where is that supposed to be said. Or is that just your idea?
  14. I don't think dragon riding ability is necessarily connected to genes/blood. Logically there is nothing that would prove it. You might say that every person in the books that rides a dragon has Valyrian blood, but there is Nettles, of course she could be a Targaryen bastard but there is no proof she is (you can't say that she is a Targaryen bastard because she can ride a dragon when you are trying to prove dragon riding and blood are connected, just not how logic works). There is actually more people that have Valyrian blood and failed to ride a dragon than those who do not have it and failed. I think that Valyrian dragonlord houses believed and wanted others to believe only them can bond with dragons. Why? Because that gave them special status and divine power over masses of people. Same way that nobles of Medieval Europe convinced small folk that their blood is special and are chosen by God to be something more than others. That is why they kept inbreeding and whenever a non Valyrian rode a dragon they said he must be a Valyrian bastard/have their blood. Now I'm not saying that dragon riding is not connected to blood, I'm just saying there is also decent possibility that it is not and I think it would fit the writers personality and themes he likes to write about. I don't think GRRM is someone that would have a them of blood meaning so much for the story. By saying 'Valyrian' I always mean Valyrian noble dragonlord houses of which only Targareyen house survived with a name. I am 100% sure that there is blood of other dragonlord houses in the world because they had bastards that left Valyrian before the doom.
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