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  1. Euron Lannister

    9 Kingdoms instead of 7

    i don't think so, i think if we get an independent north under a stark the riverlands will again be part of it, if its sansa maybe even the vale
  2. Euron Lannister

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Where is Tysha? exactly where the sailor's wife is 2. Who is Mystery Knight of Harrenhall (Laughing tree)? lyanna 3. Who is the Harpy? skahaz 4. Who is Jon's mother? lyanna, but im not sure 5. Real identity of Aegon VI? rhaegar's son 6. Who killed Little Walder Frey? ramsay 7. Who wrote Pink Letter? mance or stannis 8. Who is Coldhands? benjen 9. Who is Hooded man of Winterfell? i don't know, harwin is a good guess, could be anyone from the north 10. Who is Azor Ahai? a tale born in the mind of a guy whos either mentally challanged or stood under drug influence or both, like all prophacy ------ 11. What happened to Tyrek Lannister? he got kidnapped by littlefinger 12. Where did Qyburn come from and what are his goals? hard to tell, i kind of like the idea that he works for someone, but im not sure 13. What is Littlefinger's full back story? im sure it will contain kinslaying and maybe the fathering of sweet robin 14. Where did Jaime and Brienne go? LSH, but both will survive imo 15. What happened to Gerion Lannister? he became the shrouded lord 16. Where is Benjen? in coldhands cloak ----- 17. Is Bloodraven working with or against the Others? hard to say, i think the cotf whant to play the humans and the others against each other, but i'm not sure about bloosraven 18. Is someone the 3EC? i hope so, it would make brans story much more interesting retroactively.
  3. Euron Lannister

    Which Frey would make the best King?

    his original heir, i always confuse their names, stevron i think it was
  4. i don't really belive in r+l=j at least its r+l=j&d but i think its more complex. i agot there is one missing baby and one mysterios baby, if it was joanne k rowlings work, sure missing=myterious baby, but i doubt george would do it like this. i always question theories that are belived by most of the fandom, most of the time they are way to easy and wouldn't provide a good twist
  5. Euron Lannister

    Poll on Greyscale

    i really like this one. it would make qyburn such a great charakter. maybe, and i hope so, i don't want arianne's story to end with greyscale after seducing aegon the undead or joncon. her discovering her immunity to greyscale and using it for doran's schemes would be cool to read
  6. Euron Lannister

    Why did Varys murder Pycelle?

    it seems like the small council picks the regent, not the boyking that doesn't mean she automatically will get the position. especially after she has proven she is unfit for it the have a strn grasp on her, but the fiath's power comes from the following people, they can't support someone who is against everything they stand for without loosing the public support. they would like to throw her iton blackwater bay. she is the reason for the almost broken alliance and if she becomes regent she would likely throw mace and randyl tarly out of the small council. and name some idiots again as she did before. their best option to get influence over tommen is margaery, cersei is the exact opposite, she would lower their influence.
  7. Euron Lannister

    Why did Varys murder Pycelle?

    i don't see a reason for that, noone exept of qyburn and swift would want her. but anyways that would mean varys was successfull cersei is not like kevan she would destroy the lannister-tyrell alliance, while kevan restored it to some extant.
  8. Euron Lannister

    Why did Varys murder Pycelle?

    pycelle and swift came up with the idea to name kevan regent. with pycelle dead the chances of just getting annother kevan-like lannister as new regent is much lower.
  9. Euron Lannister

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    which hasn't worked yet this does only proove he was sent because of the iron bank, but it does not proove he did not get a secret second mission after wards. also your quote took place before pycelle and kevan died, so before cersei could absorb the power vacuum. just think of swifts position, when the regent is dead, and the woman who is his liege lord and has a good chance to become regent again has a mission for him, he would follow, or at least fake it. and he would have sailed to braavos anyways not when he is beyond valyria. the bounty hunter would need to travel around half of the known world twice
  10. Euron Lannister

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    yes, but she is still his liege lord, so i think he would not refuse, although he might not go and just say the hobaw refused him. Yes i mean after kevan and pycelle died, the she is still his liege lord and when no new regend was picked yet, he could think she will become regent again after her trial and then he should follow her orders when he wants to keep his council position. and its not like it would take long to tell qyburn "and btw. when swift goes to braavos, tell him he should get a faceless man to kill the monster who killed my son" yes he is usefull to her, but him telling swift to hire a faceless man doesn't take so much time i doubt that, i think its pretty uncerseilike to decide against something, she is that mad about, because she thinks it costs to much, especially since i don't think the real cost, like giving a child away, is common knowledge, otherwise the small council wouldn't have considered it. this is more likely, but she shoul at least think about it imo. yes its not common, but if it popsup when daenerys is a threat to the throne, why didn't it when tyrion who is belived to kill joffrey is on the run?
  11. Euron Lannister

    Alternate Varys theories ?

    right, i always think of aerys much older than he actually was.
  12. Euron Lannister

    Would Robert marry Elia if Tywin didn't kill her?

    possible, it would have been a good move to make the dornish happy, and prevent a dornish-targaryen alliance
  13. Euron Lannister

    Alternate Varys theories ?

    its notreally a theory, more a non-believe: i don't think varys or aegon are blackfyres. but i like the idea, that Varys is aery's bastard [brother]
  14. Euron Lannister

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    Yes, but that doesn't mean cersei couln't have contacted hm to give him this mission. sending qyburn to talk to him for example or maybe swift spoke to cersei himselft after adwd ended. you might be right there, but i still think she should at least have thought about it, otherwise it seems a bit plot-forced to me.
  15. Euron Lannister

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    trying to hire a faceless man, in cersei's name, to kill tyrion.