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  1. Euron Lannister

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    how should mance have send the letter? the maester wouldn't cooperate and its unlikely he would have found the wall-raven by himself. i think it was either bowen marsh, stannis or even roose, who could blame it on ramsey if there would be a backlash for threatening the nights watch.
  2. Euron Lannister

    Chapters' predicitions for TWOW

    even if slavers bay/dany's story becomes the biggest one, which untill now always was kings landing, 30 chapters are way too much, i highly doubt there will be more then 12
  3. Euron Lannister

    Chapters' predicitions for TWOW

    Isn't there a thread for this already? thats way to many in slaver's bay thats way to many in slaver's bay
  4. Euron Lannister

    You’re Ned Stark: make marriage pacts for your kids

    Robb: Wylla Manderly Sansa: IF he was alive Domeric Bolton Arya: Robert Arryn Bran: Meera Reed Rickon: a Frey girl
  5. Euron Lannister

    Quentyn Martell is Alive?... Death and POV characters

    when you haven't watched the discussed matter, why do you take part in the discussion? you can say about him what you want and about his other videos theories and so on, but some points he makes are pretty good. if leather and flesh would burn, he would have died immediately, so he couldn't have recognized the burning, so no full power fire blow, and not directed at him, but hat his whip. so the flames would be survivable, tho he would have big scars. missandei says he looks like he is smiling, and quentyn doesn't smile that easily, especially not when he recognized the fire. the way arch and drink told it to barristan was a bit strange and why had drink his sword out? which is a big problem in the asoiaf comunity, the different groups pick on each other and everything becomes toxic as farc. when someone starts saying this isn't worth it because it's made by this guy, and everything he says is wrong just because he is who he is, whithout knowing what he said about that topic, or no this wll not happen, it happend in the show, which is an abomination, and the books will be different, it starts becoming like a religious discussion, and noone has fun in religious discussions. we as asoiaf fans should focus on what binds us together, the love for the great work of a great man, and if someone has a different opinion on a topic or likes a youtuber you dislike, either accept his opinion or stay away. have your own opinion and don't be just anti-someone
  6. Euron Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    why do you break it down to dany? every storyline needs to be finished and exept of dany's and her entourage's every one of them is set to be finished in westeros. Sansa, Arya, Bran, Cersei, Jaime, Brienne, the Greyjoys, the Dornish, Aegon, Stannis and so on, all of their storys focus on a westerosi solution, and would be completely useless if the story would end focused of Jon and Dany in Essos. i actually think there will be a refuge movement, but from essos to westeros, people from the free cities and maybe qarth fleeing from dany, as well as later maybe the dothraki hordes migrating to westeros on dany's orders, IF she will come to westeros, which isn't guaranteed but not unlikely.
  7. Euron Lannister

    So, what's your head canon?

    oh this will be fun: Rhaego is alive he is in Vaes Dothrak raised by the Dosh khaleen to be a Dothraki like stallion who mounts the world, and not raised by a woman, who ignores dothraki rules Quentyn is alive and riding a dragon there is too much wrong abut the story we are meant to belive Sansa will end up in a winning position link queen in the north, of the trident, mountin and vale or something similar Dany, Jon and Tyrion will die for good Robb lives in grey wind at least for some time The wall will do its job the others will not come through prophecies = lies thats how george wrote all his stories and asoiaf won't be an exeption Aegon is Real i don't see anything to belive the opposite, besides the Golden company, but they are no longer bittersteels blackfyre army, they are a bunch of homeless dudes who want to go home and a dragon is a dragon Arianne will play a big role Gerrion is the shrouded lord Victarion will ride a dragon at least one city at the rhoyne and its subrivers will be ruined
  8. Euron Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    you would miss who arianne is, who will play a role in aegons story in twow. also most of the dorne stuff is exposition till now, like the pre kings landig chapters in agot, there is more to come and it will come.
  9. Euron Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    no its not, i dont even know a single one about him. and as i said, speaking of "fan fiction" theories is pretty ignorant. btw. you speak of fAegon, which would a fan fiction as well and thats a pretty big one if you care about the secrets you mentioned yourself well i do, and i want to know more about them that why i want a pov to go to starfall. which luckily happens then take some galsses, if you think they are boring, thats your thing, but as a story they are interesting, because you don't know wherer they lead. and i really enjoyed the dornish story so far. but that would be boring if we would know all of dorans secret intentions. hell, do you know what secret means? thats what we were told, i think there will be more to it, since yronwood is such an anti-rhoynish house i could se the same code word meaning two different things for lord fowler and lord yronwood, to press the yronwoods in opposition of either aegon or the IT to get rid of them. if you think so you really have to reread that chapters
  10. Euron Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    thats all stuff that happend in the past, when he doesn't think about it, it doesn't appear in his POV chapter. Doran has secrets that are linked to the current story line of him, if we would know through him, what his palns and intentions are, all arianne chapters and quentyn chapters would be boring. that plans he shared with the povs, yes, but there would be no point in a dornish pov if that would have been all he planned. imo. there is at least something about the "war means wait and dragon means war" thing since one of the lords (yronwood) isn't a friend of house martell. knowing that would make ariannes chapters boring and useless, te same way knowing about arya being in braavos made Briennes search for her boring. 1. why did he attack myrcella (or Rosamund whoever was in the desert that day) 2. hes a dayne, which is an interesting house and connected to neds dorne secrets you mentioned 3. what are the sandsnakes/ obara up to, as she is with areo on this hunt. remember we are talking about Asoiaf. if someone told you about robb getting killed before reading if you would have considered it tinfoil, fan fic or whatever aswell, but it happend. thinking of a theory as rubbish, because it sound like fan fiction is pretty ignorant towards the way george writes stories imo
  11. Euron Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    you can't compare ned to doran, doran has secrets, plans and nothing he says can be taken forgrated, even his gout doesn't work the way it should. Ned was a naive hobor guy, who was played by everone around him, but doran isn't played, he's a player. the only one you could compare him to is Melisandre, but she wasn't a pov most of the time. also without Areo we would hav no POV hunting Darkstar, whos pretty interesting imo and a doran POV would make Arianne's POV boring, the same way that Arya's POV made Brienne's Arya search in the riverlands boring
  12. Euron Lannister

    Predicting the Future of Characters

    that doesn't matter, he was illegitimate, so Robbs crowning was rebellious
  13. Euron Lannister

    Predicting the Future of Characters

    thats wrong since joffrey was neither a Targaryen nor a Baratheon he had no right to rule them, neither has tommen. the act of subordination was made towards the Aegon I and his descendants ,so the targayen line, and later made towards Robert I and his descendants, so the Baratheon line. a Lannister bastard has no right to rule over them nor over the riverlands.
  14. Euron Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    do you have a source i can't imagine him giving something like this away
  15. Euron Lannister

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    i'm sure Qohor and Norvos will fall. i think Essaria (or however it was called) the 10th free city destroyed by the dothraki is a foreshadowing for what will happen to Qohor, and Croyane is the forshadowing for Norvos. The Rhoyne was never a good place for a city which brings us to Volantis, hey might go down as well, but i'm not entirely sure-. As for Areo, if he survives Darkstar, he will be our Doran Cam until Dany burns Norvos, i think then he will either seek revenge or he will Join someone who is in open opposition to Dany. like Aegon. i would like to see Areo in his Kingsguard for example i highly doubt this, george would ruin all the plots and make it an escape apocalypse story i think there is a reason why there are so many Meereen POVs atm. i think the Dothraki Destroying Qohor will happen mostly offscreen Dany will pass through Valyria in one chapter they arrive in Volantis in a Tyrion or Victarion chapter Dany will fly to Norvos in one chapter and destroy it in a second after Mellario betrayed her Tyrion will have annother Volantis chapter where he learns more about Gerion and maybe one in Croyane with the shrouded Lord, IF the shrouded lord is Gerion Battle for Volantis will start as a Victarion POV and end with Dany chapter Tyrosh and Lys will be attacked by victarion, while Myr will capitulate to Dany in her chapter and in the final two chapters she will conquer Pentos, rally her forces and sail to westeros. Braavos and Lorath will not be on her list, i hope we will see the latter through Arya's eyes though this would be 7 Dany chapters for Twow 1-3 for Tyrion and 3 or 4 for Victarion. And especially Tyrion will have more Chapters. so as you can see a Free Cities Campain could work in one book, especially in a big one as twow will likely be.