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  1. cirah1712

    Bran's Final Purpose

    He definetely must play a part somehow. I really don't think they'd have bothered keeping him alive if they didn't have a reason for him to be alive. He could be very important going forward, in fact they should have used him to help with this war, but they didn't.
  2. cirah1712

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    I would have loved her to kill Cersei, but shes not an idiot, she knew if she went into the Red Keep she wouldn't have made it back out. She may have got to and finally killed Cersei, but she would have died in the process, she would have basically been walking to her death, as the Hound and Jaime both did. And I don't think she'd want to die in Kings Landing! Enough Starks died there already. She now has her sights set on someone else.
  3. cirah1712

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    Nice thought but I doubt Arya would have too much difficulty killing Daenerys, she's taken on far more tough things than her, all Daenerys has is her dragon, if Arya gets to her when she is alone, she doesn't stand a chance.
  4. cirah1712

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    I agree, I dont agree that Jon is a coward, he just wouldn't be able to bring himself to kill her, He's never been great when it came to killing, he doesn't enjoy it. He will hate her for what she did, but I think he'll leave the killing to Arya.
  5. Same, I'm pretty sure Daenerys destroyed it anyway, she certainly won't be Queen and I really don't think anyone else wants it. Its caused nothing but death and destruction, what's wrong with democracy.
  6. Some people don't seem to realize that everything that happened, was always a possibility. I didn't like Jaime's death, I thought he deserved better than to die unnecessarily with Cersei, however, it makes sense that he just couldn't let her go. She's like a drug, no matter how hard he tried to get away from her, he always ended up back in her arms, he fed his impulses and allowed his biggest weakness to prosperous, something that has happened throughout the show, do I wish he had a different end? Yeah, but I'm not going to whine about it either .
  7. There was always evidence of daenerys possibly being like her father, as much as I didn't want it to happen, I knew it was a possibility. In S1, she watched her brother, the only family she had left, get his head melted off and she didn't care. At the end of that season she burned a witch who followed her orders to death just because she didn't get exactly what she wanted. The idea that she could go full "Mad Queen" faded in the middle of the series Bc she had what she wanted for the moment. In Meereen she was a Queen, she was loved by the people at the start, they welcomed her because she liberated them. Daenerys loved feeling like that, she loved the power. She had a naive view that when she returned to Westeros that the people would welcome her just like the people of Meereen did. But she didn't realize that Westerosi are different. They all still remember what her father did, did she seriously think they would just accept a complete, foreign stranger as Queen just because she declared it? She can't turn up in Westeros and declare herself Queen and expect everyone to just accept that, she realized that soon enough. Then, when she found out that Jon was a direct threat to her throne, things got way worse, she became obsessed with trying to keep it a secret, she was jealous of him because he was already loved by the people of Westeros. She knew if people found out who he really was they would prefer him to her. Then of course, there is her loosing all her allies, first Jorah dies and then Cersei executes Missendei, all her enemies were still alive but her friends were getting smaller and smaller, that was the final straw. It became more about avenging Missendei death than conquering Westeros. She had the city, they surrendered, but she carried on burning all those innocent people anyway Bc she no longer cared about them. She even said as much to Jon, they don't love her, so why should she love them. She became everything she always triednto avoid, its very sad but its not unforeseen. She destroyed the city she wanted to live in, she destroyed the castle her ancestors built, she destroyed the throne she wanted so badly for so long, and she definitely gave up being Queen, because there is no way that will happen now.
  8. cirah1712

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I think Arya may kill her. Does daenerys have green eyes, Bc if so her prophet could actually be referring to Daenerys and not Cersei, either way, she has seen what damage she done and she knows the truth about Jon, she would have no problem taking her down
  9. cirah1712

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    This episode was very revealing for me. Firstly, it was another visual masterpiece, and the direction as far as visuals go was top knotch. I disagreed with some areas of the plot, but they are never going to please everyone so I'm not gonna get all defensive and critical. Im glad Cersei is dead, but I do wish it had happened in a different way, and as much as I knew Jaime was always going to die with her, I wish he didn't. I'm sad Jaime is dead, he really was an incredible character, and I went on quite a journey with him. He didn't deserve the end he got after everything he went through. Didn't expect Varys to die so quickly, it did seem a little rushed, but I guess everything has to be on the show. I have so much respect for Tyrion for trying everything he could to stop Daenerys burning the city, he even betrayed her to do it, and he tried to spare Cersei, even after everything she done to him! He is a truly good person who genuinely cares about people, and not just people he knows. I just hope he doesn't die because of it. I think Jon has finally realized that Daenerys is beyond help. She doesn't care about anyone. She wants the throne and she will do anything to get it, too bad she pretty much destroyed it. There will be a stand off between those two in the next episode, Jon needs to stop hiding behind her, he knows who he is, he knows he could rule far better than she ever could and people will follow him. No one will follow her after she burned an entire city to the ground when she didn't need to. She lost the minute she decided that a burnt city with dead people was better than a practically untouched city with people who hated Cersei almost as much as she did. I'm disappointed that she done this. Shes no better than Cersei now in my eyes. I think Arya could be on her way to kill Daenerys, she missed out on Cersei, but she saw the damage Daenerys done to that city and she believes Jon will make a better King! If anyone can kill her she can, and I hope she does!
  10. Re- Dragon stone. I don't know why they didn't occupy the castle, meaning Daenerys would have to flee elsewhere, further from KL. Rather than just ambushing them on their way, it would seem more tacitical to occupy it.
  11. She may be trying to protect Jon, but it won't. And it does put him in danger. Say the like of Cersei found out who he really was? He would be in serious trouble then. A secret like that can be fatal if it ends uo in the wrong hands. I known she only told Tyrion but word spreads. It also goes against Jons wishes, he doesn't want the throne, it seems like she is trying to push him into being King so she can have sole power over the North without interference from the South. She's not doing it for Jon, shes doing it for herself.
  12. She has repeated the same mistake as her father. I'm not saying she will lose her head for it, just maybe her family. Then again, I don't think she really cares about that part, as long as she gets to rule the North.
  13. Breaking her oath is dishonourable, even if it was for the right reasons. Yeah, shes not like the other Starks, but breaking an oath is sonething no Stark would ever do. I think her loyalties lie more with herself and the North then with her family. Bc Jon is still her family, and she betrayed him.
  14. Sansa shouldnt have broken her oath. Arya, Bran and Sam can keep their mouths shut about it, I don't see why she couldn't either. She did it to strengthen her position, since The North have sworn to Daenerys, that is treason, she's made the same mistakes her family made in the past even though she always said she wasn't going to be like them. When Jon finds out, he won't forgive her either. Shes become so obsessed with ruling the North alone that she's forgotten about her family. Its not going to end well.
  15. I don't want Daenerys to sit in the throne. But I do want her to win. Cersei is all that bad, she will destroy anyone, innocent or otherwise to get her own way, in some ways Daenerys is quite similar. But Daenerys winning means Cersei is off the throne. With all of the people fighting on Daenerys' side, one of them would make a much better ruler. Cersei doesn't care about the 7 Kingdoms. She cares about herself and her power. Thats it. Daenerys claims she does care, but its hard to know she means that right now.