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    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Well that's it...more than ever I'm looking forward to getting back into reading and I hope GRRM gets the next book out in the next five years. D&D really are hacks who fracked up one of the best series in the history of television. Hopefully their next job will be writing a "Transformers" script for Michael Bay...other than that if anyone sees them with pen or a laptop with Final Draft on it...grab a gas can a lighter and scream "Dracarys!" at the top of your lungs just before setting them ablaze...fracking tragic!
  2. Sansa has, since the beginning of the series lacked spine. Granted, since season 6 the quality of the writing has fallen faster than lawn dart dropped into Jupiter's atmosphere, but her Machiavellian, or more appropriately "Balishillian" machinations are in keeping with her unofficial practicum under Littlefinger. However, Aegon (Jon) had better be appropriately pissed at her betrayal or Benihoff and Weiss will prove themselves to be hacks of the first order who should be stripped naked and paraded down the streets of Belfast with a Septa tolling a bell and crying "Shame, SHAME..." while a mob of revolting fans toss spoiled food and feces at them.
  3. zek76251

    Arya will die at the hands of...

    Except she is not one of the faceless men. In S06E08 when JHG says "...finally a girl is no one". Arya declines and responds "A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I am going home". Jaqen did not object nor did he seem surprised. What? Is he cleverly biding his time while he puts together an elaborate Dr. Evil plan to do away with her? I say there is good possibility that Arya kills Dany. I also think that Dany may try to have Drogon fry a stark or two but Aegon intervenes and Drogon sides with the true heir to the iron throne thus completing the Dragon(less) Queens abandonment.