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  1. We know history muddles stories. Could the Night's King have been the one to lead the Others during the Long Night? First of all "Long Night" "Night's King" "King of the Night". His name hints that he could have been the one leading the invasion of the long night. I think before the Long night, the Others were a creation of the cotf, or maybe just another magical species like dragons and giants. The Night's Queen could have seduced him, and gotten him to build an entire army of Others and had him lead them against mankind. History says he was the 13th lord commander. I think that was probably just a spooky number they gave him on purpose (Which will come into play later in my theory), or maybe the night's watch existed before the long night, we don't know. I also think the night's king's story ties into the whole azor ahai/last hero tale with the Night's king's brother Brandon the breaker (iirc), being the one to take him down. I think this particular Brandon was was the prince that was promised, hero/savior of the long night. We know the tale of the last hero, involves a man going to the lands of always winter with 12 other warriors making 13 and facing off against the Others. I find it very odd how both tales involve the number 13, I think it's because their connected. Anyway, what I think happened is Brandon the Breaker went to the Night Fort or wherever his brother was with Northmen and wildlings and killed his brother. An observation- I find it interesting how a Stark led the Others on an invasion in Westeros (a Stark who joined the night's watch, and whose name has been stricken from all records, remember Ygritte telling Jon he has an evil name?) and his brother named Brandon was the one to take him down. I hadn't been on the side of this theory before but it would be a good set up for the 2nd long night. So maybe Jon is wighted or somehow turned into an Other and leads the Others, while Bran is the one who leads the charge against him. There are lots of times in Bran and Jon chapters when they think of each other, while something weird is happening. Bran's first dream sees him looking to the wall and seeing all warmth leave Jon. Jon also has a dream where he sees Bran's face on a weiwood tree. They seem to have multiple connected wolf dreams. Does the theory sound reasonable?
  2. You are right Stannis does have a lot to do at the moment. He has to defeat the Boltons, and take control of the North. Which I think he'll be successful in, but he'll probably need Jon's help taking care of Ramsay or something involving Jon. Once he wins, I think Jon will be crowned King in the North. After that Stannis can't go south, because he has to deal with the Others. He'll likely go back to the Nightfort and strategize what needs to be done next. I think Stannis will be jealous, if the northern lords decide to praise house Stark, and forget about him. And while Stannis is at the Nightfort, I think things will start happening there. We know the Night Fort is a creepy/magical place. I think Stannis could start to go a little crazy up there. On the topic of the Theon chapter. I read a theory that when Asha calls to have Theon sacrificed to the old gods, Stannis will learn ice magic to help him defeat the Boltons. Which is reasonable, and if he starts doing ice magic, it could lead him to becoming the next NK. One thing I forgot to mention in the post is the possibility of Stannis writing the pink letter. Ramsay definitely didn't write it. I think the mystery will be solved if Jon brings it up during a confrontation at the wall. After the Boltons are taken care of, Jon is crowned KITN he might ask Stannis about it, and it'll be revealed he was behind it. This would cause a HUGE rift between the two, and could lead to Stannis being an outlier later on, and causing him to turn.
  3. Yes that's a very good one as well. A lot of people think of him as a foil to Dany, but he's even more of a foil to Jon. This makes Jon even more fascinating to me. Ramsay-Jon-Aegon. Ramsay being the evil side of him, and Aegon being the good leader side of him that he could have been if things were different.
  4. No, I don't think Jon will be come a rapist serial killer who skins people for fun haha. I just mean Ramsay will probably tempt Jon, calling him a monster like himself. And with Jon being resurrected, more wolfish, and less of himself it could hit at Jon's internal struggle and cause for good drama with his character. It's like Jon is a monster in a physical sense, knife wounds all over his body, loss of memory, his face will probably be pale, with hollow eyes, and his eyes will most likely be fiery like Beric's. Ramsay on the other hand will be a monster in a mental level. With how fucked up he is. That's what I was trying to get at.
  5. I'm not going to go through every little detail that shows how Stannis mirrors the Night's King, but mostly I want to talk about how him becoming the 2nd Night's King makes sense for the story going forward. 1. The Dark lord Trope- This is a good way of reinvinting this trope. We're not getting the Night's King from 8,000, who's been hiding in a deep dark cave. This is an active protagonist in the story, who will be corrupted and become a big villain of the story. I know some people like that the Others don't have a leader, but it doesn't seem practical to me. An army with no leader, just a bunch of knights leading soldiers (wights)? I don't see how that would work on a narrative level. 2. There isn't much room left for Stannis in the story as a protagonist. This may anger some people, but it's true. After Jon is resurrected, Dany comes to the 7 kingdoms, and Aegon takes the throne (or at least fights for it against the Lannisters) where does that leave Stannis. Melisandre will probably realize Jon was the hero in her dream when he is resurrected, and join him instead. Stannis will help win the north back, but a Stark will be named Kitn. Chances are he won't make it South of the neck again. Many people say he'll just die, and then everyone will realize he's not azor ahai, but I think there's more to it. Grrm has built up Stannis too much to just have him be revealed as a fake. 3. The obvious parallels- No one can deny the similarities between Stannis and the night's king. They're almost like copies of each other. The only difference is ice and fire. They both set out to oppose the Others. They sold their soul to a witch that represents ice/fire, and they started making shadow babies for them. They both stayed at the Nightfort. 4. Dany's dream- In book 1 she had a dream that parallels Robert vs Rhaegar, but she's riding a dragon and killing enemies made of ice. Plus the enemies are the Usurpers forces (Baratheons), on top of that if Stannis opposes Dany as he likely will she would consider him a usurper as well. 5. The blue eyed king with a red sword who cast no shadow. There's no doubt this is Stannis. And this is one of the three "lies" she must slay. He is obviously going to be her enemy, and them fighting just for the sake of who will be in charge is dumb. They both would put aside their feelings to fight the greater good in that situation. 6. Justice- This is Stannis' number one goal, but his flaw is what he sees as just. He almost burnt his nephew to get a dragon out of it. His vision is definitely skewed. At some point when Stannis loses all hope, he realizes that no one wants him as their king (as Renly says), and he's tired of the corrupt politics of Westeros, who's to say he won't side with the Others to bring "Justice". Grrm has said the Others are not "evil". If Stannis were to see their side of the story, I could understand him joining them. 7. Davos- With Davos off looking for Rickon, Stannis has lost his moral compass. Who's to stop him from making a bad decision like sacrificing Shireen? Or making a deal with the Others? 8. Fire to Ice- This is what stumps most people. Why would he join the people he's trying to destroy? It's not that hard to believe. He's not a die hard fan of the red god in the books. He follows because he believes it will make him the hero to unite the 7 kingdoms, and become king. If a better option came to him say, an army of ice soldiers instead of just 1 fire witch it's possible he could take it. 9. Unintentionally? This is a theory of mine, that I've posted before. That maybe Stannis sacrifices Shireen/Mel to try and stop the Others, but what he really does is begin the long night. The Bloodstone emperor supposedly began the long night by sacrificing a woman close to him, and azor ahai forged lightbringer by sacrificing a woman he loved. I believe Azor ahai is the person who started the long night, and a seperate entity to tptwp and the last hero. 10. Familiarity- We know nothing about the Others. At all. We don't know what they even want. In this story of poltics and corruption, it's weird to throw in a plot of ice demons overthrowing the world. We need some familiarity with the Others to get onboard with what they're doing, and I think Stannis joining them would be just that. I mean if they have no leader it's like watching a faceless army. Which leads me to my last point. 11. Communication- How will the Others communicate with men? They speak a completely different language. How can we know what they want, if he can't understand what they're saying. If Stannis joins them, we'll have a voice of reason. One thing I forgot to mention in the post is the possibility of Stannis writing the pink letter. Ramsay definitely didn't write it. I think the mystery will be solved if Jon brings it up during a confrontation at the wall. After the Boltons are taken care of, Jon is crowned KITN he might ask Stannis about it, and it'll be revealed he was behind it. This would cause a HUGE rift between the two, and could lead to Stannis being an outlier later on, and causing him to turn.
  6. Grrm is good at making charactaers who are parallel to each other in a lot of ways. Sometimes it's a darker version of a character, and sometimes it's a character who has the same beliefs. To add on to this post I want to talk about mirror characters who are likely to have a confrontation in the next books. I find it interesting when you have similar characters oppose each other. 1. Ramsay and Jon Snow- Both are bastards to Northern Lords. Ramsay is basically what Jon could have been if he didn't have Ned. He's a perfect foil to Jon. There should definitely be a battle between the 2 at some point in the story. I think Ramsay will come to the wall, and Jon will have to defend castle black against him. And if Jon is resurrected and a darker character than he was before it will be interesting to see their interaction. 2. Dany and Stannis- This is a confrontation I'm dying to see. I am going to make another post involving Stannis, so I won't dive too deep into how I think their interaction will go down. But the'r parallels are obvious. Both are very entitled, and believe themselves to be the rightful heir. They could never be allies because neither would bow to the Other. Stannis believes in the red god, and Dany likley will too after meeting the red priest. Both believe in fighting for the greater good, but will they agree to work together, or will they fight over who's in charge. These are the main two I want to talk about, because I find them fascinating. I know Jon and Dany, and Dany and Aegon are mirror/foils as well, but those conversations have been done to death. If there are any other couples like this post them.
  7. Azor ahai is not the man who ended the long night, but the man who caused it. He plunged his sword through his wifes heart. I believe the theory that forging lightbringer cracked the moon and ushered in the long night. The story of how once there were 2 moons, but one traveled too close to the sun and cracked. It wasn't dragons that came out, but meteors from the moon that crashed down onto the earth. The moon being destroyed is perfect reasoning for the long night beginning. Now we know that the bloodstone emperor killed the Amethyst empress which started it all. It seems very odd that azor ahai and the bloodstone emperor have so much in common. They sacrifice a woman they care about with some sort of dark magic. I think they are the same person, and history has muddled the stories. Some of this info, I've gotten from LmL. Now Lucifer means Lightbringer the phrase is something very important to consider. Why would Grrm choose that name. Lucifer is the angel who convinced adam and eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, and ended up cursing the world. I think this is equal in translation to the event of the long night, and the sun hiding it's face for an entire generation. So if Azor ahai is supposed to be evil, what does that mean for the story? Many people question how the long night will begin. Something will have to happen to usher it in. I believe Stannis will burn Shireen as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light, and become Azor ahai, ushering in the long night by accident. He is the one who will start all of it. (A second theory could be he stabs mel). This will cause the second moon to crack as well. Which is why the prophecy states after the second long night there will come a summer that never ends, because only the sun will be left. I also believe Dany will be the prince that was promised, and Jon is the last hero. They will both end the long night together.
  8. What if the Ice Dragon isn't a literal dragon, but a "term" for the long night? I don't know if this is a theory or not, but I wanted to hear your thoughts. I don't see there being a literal ice dragon in the story I think the Others are the "Ice" and the dragons are the "fire". I think in the stories that were passed down people associated the long night with something dangerous and deadly, and since in Essos there were literal dragons, maybe their stories were mixed together. IMO the Ice dragon breathing ice and a chill that can freeze a man solid is supposed to represent the terrible snows. I think the wings being translucent is a hint that it could be fake.
  9. I'm actually planning on doing a post on how the original outline relates to the story, and if there's anything else we can predict from it.
  10. I did not mean to call the original outline "abandoned". I just wanted to mention I already knew about it, because most people would have brought that up if I didn't. I just want "fun facts" basically about chapters or plot lines that Grrm left out. Like the Tyrion meeting the the Shrouded Lord one. Thank you. I didn't know about that.
  11. Has Grrm ever mentioned storylines that he was planning on including in the books, but ended up abandoning? I know his idea of the story has changed from the outline he gave to his publishers in the 90s. My question is are there any instances where George was thinking about taking a characters story in a different direction, like cutting out Dany's trip to Asshai? When I try to come up with theories, I always think there are 5 different ways a certain storyline could go, and all of them would work. So it's hard to believe he hasn't cut major storylines before. Especially with TWOW taking so long, he probably wrote it once, and then cut a lot of the storylines, and rewrote them.
  12. What characters are you dying to see meet each other in the next books. Not necessarily a reunion, but characters that have never met. Stannis and Daenerys- These two characters are very similar. Both feel entitled to be King/Queen by birthright. Neither of them would bow to another claimant, and both have a pretty ruthless sense of justice. (They like to burn things). Tyrion and Dany- Daenerys doesn't fully understand the world of Westeros yet. She thinks everyone is dying for her return, I can't wait to see how Tyrion reacts to this. Since Westeros pretty much hates him, and he's going through a tough time, he'll probably try to "put her in her place" a few times, seeing their visions of Westeros clash. Euron and Cersei- Both of them are mad, but in very different ways. Both of them want the throne, and would blow up the entire country to get what they want. I'd love to see Euron "handle" Cersei. If they ever get married, it would be very scary. Jaime and Lady Stoneheart- This is going to be exciting. I can't imagine his reaction to seeing her, if he'll be terrified, or if he'll make jokes about her appearance. It's going to be intense. Will Jaime outright apologize for everything, and do what she wants. I imagine Lady Stoneheart is going to hate him more than she did when she was Catelyn. Jon and Dany- I've been waiting for them to meet since the beginning. Both of them are similar in a lot of ways, but I feel like there would be a friction between them. Both of them would probably want the same thing, but go about it in different ways. With Jon coming back more wolfish, i imagine she would like that side of his character given she likes "strong ruthless men" for some reason. Arya and Lady Stoneheart- We haven't seen them interact before, which is weird, because Catelyn has interacted with every other Stark child. I think they will meet each other in the next book, and for One of Cat's kids to see a zombie version of herself would be great. Sansa and Cersei- I think everyone would love to see this reunion. Sansa with her knew confidence and power in the Vale against Cersei, who really isn't as smart and intimidating as she perceived her to be. Ramsay and Jon- These two characters mirror each other. Both bastards of northern lords. One is a good person and the other is straight up evil. I feel like this was does intentionally, and there is a good chance they will face off at some point. Reek and the Starks- Since Theon has taken a 180, I would love to see the Starks meet him. Would they resent him or feel bad for him. Lady Stoneheart and Jon- I don't think this will happen, but it would be intriguing . Does Lady Stoneheart hate Jon? I think if they ever met, she would be more sympathetic towards him. She could even help make him King in the North since she knows about the letter. Also, if she was the one to resurrect him by giving the kiss of life, it would be very ironic and a perfect end to her character.
  13. Sam will be leaving Old town at the beginning of TWOW. Euron is most likely going to burn down the citadel. Sam will take a book or two with important information then head north. It's not impossible for them to meet up again, before the story ends. Plus we know Bran can communicate through the trees. Theon heard him in Winterfell. If Jon hears Bran he will grow suspicious that he is alive. Another option is Davos bringing Rickon back and reuniting with Jon in Winterfell. Also, it's likely Jon could meet Reek again, and he would tell Jon he didn't kill Bran. If Ramsay is headed to castle black, well he knows Bran is alive as well.
  14. Thank you. Every time I make a post about one of these characters. Bran, Arya, Dany, most people don't like that I assume they are returning to the 7 kingdoms. I think these characters not coming into the fold when the Others attack, would be a huge disservice to the story and characters.
  15. I'm guessing this will be addressed in the next book, especially since it's called the winds of winter. I've always been curious what it is. Are there any major theories of what it could be? Is it a place, is it a weapon? When Bran saw it in his dream there was no description of what it looked like, he just cried when he saw it. I can't wait to figure out more on the culture of the Others. Do you think they have their own civilization in the far north or maybe a castle. Will the heart of winter be the key to defeating the Others. IIRC Daenerys saw a blue heart at the HOTU, I'm not sure if it is the same thing or not. GRRM has said they're not just mindless monsters, their being/lifestyle is unknown to men. What do you think we will discover about them? What is the heart of Winter exactly?
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